‘Space’ = Witches Coven

This is an overview of previously posted photos, with new comments and some newly posted pages from the Broussard Book.


More of this family tree at end of article.

Oubre is also Huber

I keep seeing this next man in news hoaxes and at Clinton functions, even photographed next to Hillary.  Posted below is information published in the Class of ‘57 reunion booklet for Scarsdale High, an Intelligence community training center pretending to be a public high  school.  I think he’s Millard Perrin, married to Juliette Broussard.  This Juliette is the same Julie Oubre that hijacked my mother, so this man is also an Oubre from Loreauville.  Also in this family is an architect named Steve Oubre also once called Bubbles.  He also looks like Don Edwardo Villafranca, who I knew briefly at Grupo Saret in Costa Rica, but could be just a relatives.

His work history is noteworthy.  


The next photo is Bibi’s grandmother, doing a Witch thing in an 8×10 black and white processed photo from Arlene’s collection. The Space Program is a Witch Thing.

I haven’t identified these people yet, except that the woman in front looks like the mother of Madeline McCann. The man next to her is someone whose face has the classic snake profile, with no frontal lobe.

This is Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco.  Her family owned Babineaux’s shoe store on Main Street in New Iberia.

She’s also in a photo with Mike Carr at the reunion.

This next photo is Sonny Mouton of Lafayette taken around the 1980’s, at the time I knew Randy Whatley/Bibi Netanyahu.  This is probably Sarah’s family.  He resembles Julian Salomon. This is the man who hired actors to run for political office.

Senator Sonny Mouton, Louisiana 
Eric Holder looks like the man on one of Arlene’s music albums, shown further down.
Warren Perrin is the same as Millard Perrin, I’m fairly certain. His name is on the Broussard family tree married to Juliette Broussard.
This is Millard’s daughter in a photo taken at Arlene’s house in Hawaii.


Millard with Chet who’s in drag.  These photos were in the collection of Cathy Flynn Carr, from the class reunion collection.


From the Monterey Jazz Festival booklet, I thought this looks like El Chapo, maybe related. 
Arlene’s notes list Gary Huffman as one of her husbands.  Perhaps the adopted son of Perry Segura is a child of Arlene’s by this Gary.  That child would be General John Brennan, if I carry this theory through to logical conclusions.


The Silsbey woman. This is from the magazine published by Gary Hoffman.


Because this man resembles General John Brennan, I’m speculating that Perry Segura, Jr. is this man’s son or grandson.


This could be the Gary Huffman listed in Arlene’s notes as one of her husbands. This may be the man she was married to, or perhaps she married his son. 
This is the musician who looks like Eric Holder. Maybe this is Eric’s father, Mayor MAC Willis, who was a musician whose name came up in the McCarthy era concerning black listing of folk musicians.

This next photo could be Wallace H. Gallup, arrested in Palermo, Sicily.  He’s so many people…but I call him Tony.




Linda is surnamed Rattray is Jane Curtin, of Saturday Night Live.  Arlene had many photos of her.

The next few pages are for extra detail about the family.  Watch for these names among the arrested.


Guerrero is Guerreo.  Maybe also Reo and Reaux as surname alternatives. This name appears in Maduro’s Venezuelan criminal list.
This is the family involved in the Broussard Family Association which promotes Fake History.

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