The Strategically Neglectful State


The rest of this article is from an old draft that I had decided not to publish.  I wanted to copy and paste the final paragraphs to the beginning. Since I cannot do that, you can go to the end and read it now. I’m glad it was already written, I’m being highly censored today.


Hillary Clinton communicated with Egypt during her false flag attack on the Benghazi facility.

A parallel society establishing itself in Egypt was reported back in the 1960’s. It was allowed to develop by a neglectful State initially under Hosni Mubarak. It’s called Informal Cairo.


George Papadopoulos character was fake arrested for lying about the time of his fake meeting with other fake identities  Then he served 12 days in a fake jail. This is to make it appear that Trump associates are bad guys.  The actual Bad Guys are all meeting in London and Italy at a spy school called Link Campus. Spying today means gang stalking and assassination. That’s what they were doing to Trump, and still are.   Manafort and Flynn were part of the gang of stalkers, it appears. However, they might all be surprised at being moved to real prisons, like Manafort/Stuller reportedly was recently.

Who can verify whether any insider ever goes to prison?

It will likely also turn out that the Dovey company was tasked with the take down of America.

Their primary weapon: The Media.

The owner associated with the spy school is named Peter Dovey, and his blurry photo online looks like Mitch McConnell who I see as playing Chris Wallace also.

Besides all that, McConnel looks like one of those Mouton who own rental houses near the University and downtown Lafayette, my old neighborhood. This is the family who owns Chase Bank, which is so tied into Deutsche Bank. Many pension funds are also tied in.  The owners are  all professional multi-generational thieves with no banking in their blood.

After several generations in Louisiana, they’re also judges. They convict us for petty crimes even while they themselves run international criminal enterprises and steal daily from the taxpayers in countless scams.

The Fakirs

Fake news, fake charities, fake genders, fake diversity called “Busing” legislated by Judge Haik, another Turkish subversive in South Louisiana…everything fake with these traitorous descendants of Rose Tascher Pageur. The name Pageur is important because of the fake sale of America. The Louisiana Territory was all of America, not just the present State. of Louisiana.  This Pageur family was mentioned in the earliest Q posts. The name has roots to the word Pig.

The Terror is what happened after the trials and carrying out of sentences in France. The Great Terror was in reaction to real Justice. The same thing happened in Minsk, Russia in the early 1900’s.

Descendants of the families who profited from the Great Terror:

The Krewe of Bonaparte was created by the immigrant  Abdalla family in Lafayette.

Censorship and lying propaganda during the Napoleonic era reached proportions that we’re seeing today.

Napoleon and Josephine were big fakers who profited from the ongoing pillage of Europe. So Krewe of Napoleon is the perfect name for this internationally traitorous  mob of fakers.. The Mardi Gras Krewe is another one of their hangouts besides a variety of charities for children. Like all Mardi Krewes, it is a year round social club with very expensive entrance and maintenance fees.


Here is a quote of Popodopoulos telling lies that he didn’t get arrested for:

”Professor Mifsud is a Maltese professor. Just so everybody understands – he’s not a Russian.

I was working at this organization in London – the London Center for International Law Practice (LCILP) – that unbeknownst to me at the time was apparently some sort of front group…

As well, the legal counsel for the FBI in the UK, Arvinder Sambei, just happens to also be a director at this organization I used to work for. I tell this organization ‘Look, I’m joining the Trump Campaign, I’m leaving. I’m going back to the U.S. I’m leaving London.

But they all of a sudden tell me, ‘before you leave, you really need to come to Rome with us. We want to introduce you to some people there.’..

They introduce me to Josef Mifsud at this university in Rome called Link Campus…At the time I had no idea what this place was. But apparently, it’s a training ground for western intelligence operatives in Rome. The CIA has held symposiums there. David Ignatius from the Washington Post has actually written extensively about this place. They have connections to the FBI and other groups.

I also saw many Italian diplomats there. The ex-foreign minister of Italy was the director of this university…”

End Quote

A historical fact:

“Forces led by Generals Mikhail Skobelev, Ivan Lazarev, and Konstantin Kaufman spearheaded the campaign, with Persia unable to react. The immobilized Naser al-Din Shah Qajar sent foreign secretary Mirza Sa’eed Khan Mo’tamen ol-Mulk to meet Ivan Zinoviev and sign a treaty in Tehran.
By virtue of this treaty, Persia would henceforth cease any claim to all parts of Turkestan and Transoxiana, setting the Atrek River as the new boundary. Hence Merv, Sarakhs, Eshgh Abad, and the surrounding areas were transferred to Russian control under the command of General Alexander Komarov in 1884.”



The following is from a private letter written a long time ago:

Wickham Steed quotes a letter written in 1905:

“There is a Jewish question and this terrible race means not only to master one of the grandest warrior nations in the world [Germany], but it means and is consciously striving, to enter the lists against the other great race of the north (the Russians), the only one that has hitherto stood between it and its goal of world-power.

Am I wrong? Tell me. For already England and France are, if not actually dominated by Jews, very nearly so, while the United States, by the hands of those whose grip they are ignorant of, are slowly but surely yielding to that international and insidious hegemony. Remember that I am half a Jew by blood, but that in all I have power to be I am not. (The Hapsburg Monarchy (1913) p. 169.

“In Austria-Hungary”, the author observes on page 155, “the spread of Socialism has been largely theresult of Jewish propaganda. Dr. Victor Adler, the founder and leader of the Austrian party, is a Jew, as are many of his followers. In Hungary the party was also founded and inspired by the Jews.”

On page 292, Webster begins a good point: “If the history of World Revolution related in this book does not prove that the revolutionary movement for the last 140 years has been the work of a conspiracy whose aims are entirely unconnected with the interest and demands of the people, how are we to account for the following undeniable facts?


1. That although the grievances of people over the centuries have varied, the slogans and mottoes usedhave not. Each uses the same catchwords. [The word ‘freedom’ is always used.]


2. The leaders of the movement have never been workers, but have been supported by wealthy patrons.


3. The movement has never been concerned for the suffering of those who end up victims of Terrorism


4. That each outbreak has occurred not when the cause of the people was hopeless, but on the eve of great reforms. [Barras especially took note of this phenomenon in the French Revolution.]


5. That each has been followed not by reform, but by repression, censorship and imprisonment or death to potential real popular leaders. In other words, conditions worsened, but the means for correction were no longer there.


6. New jobs, institutions and innovations end, and the old ones are taken over by invisible forces.” On page 237: “The war on the bourgeoisie waged by Marat, Robespierre, Clootz, and Hebert under the influence of the Illuminati is again declared by Freiheit for Dec. 18, 1880:

“It is no longer aristocracy and royalty that the people intend to destroy. Here perhaps but a coup de grace or two are yet needed. No, but in the coming onslaught the object is to smite the entire middle class with annihilation.” Or again: “Extirpate all the contemptible brood! Such is the refrain of the revolutionary song…Science now puts means into our hands which make it possible to arrange for the wholesale destruction of the brutes in a perfectlyquiet and business-like fashion,” etc. (Zencher, Anarchism, p. 231)
After the French Revolution left everyone working 12 hour days on starvation wages, the good working people tried to organize for change, but Marx, secret agent for the industrialists, infiltrated to undermine their efforts by introducing violence:

“The revolutionaries of all countries are uniting into an “international Social Revolutionary Working Men’s Association” for the purpose of a social revolution. The Headquarters of the Association is at London, and sub-committees are formed in Paris, Geneva, and New York…it is their duty to collect money for the purchase of poison and arms, as well as to discover places suitable for the construction of mines [bombs], etc.


To attain the proposed end, the annihilation of all rulers, ministers of State, nobility, the clergy…any means are permissible, and therefore great attention should be given specially to the study of chemistry and the preparation of explosives, as being the most important weapons, etc.” (Zacher, Die Rothe Internationale, p. 27)

On page 191 is an excerpt from a letter to Gouginot Des Mousseaux received from a Protestant statesman: “Since the revolutionary recrudescence of 1845, I have had relations with a Jew who, from vanity, betrayed the secret of the secret societies with which he had been associated, and who warned me eight or ten days beforehand of all the revolutions which were about to break out at any point in Europe.

I owe to him the unshakeable conviction that all these movement of “oppressed people”’ etc, etc, are devised by half a dozen individuals, who give their orders to the secret societies all over Europe. The ground is absolutely mined beneath our feet, and the Jews provide a large contingent of these miners.

The Jewish bankers will soon be, through their prodigious fortunes, our lords and masters. All the great Radical newspapers of Germany are in the hands of Jews…

The ruse of the conspiracy is to use words with a double meaning, and not only this, but with meaningsdiametrically opposed to each other. Thus freedom means slavery, equality of the sexes means degradation of women, democracy means dictatorship, communism means the seizure of all private property for the Jewish elite.” Confiscation of property is an essential element of ‘engineered’ revolution:

“The following is a quote from a [an official] Cheka announcement in the Kuban region: “Cossack villages and settlements, which give shelter to Whites and Greens [Ukrainian nationalists], will be destroyed, the entire adult population — executed, and all property — confiscated.” (Solzenitzen at

How does a revolution play out? Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, unabridged version describes what came of it in France. Here is the short version: Pg. 65:

“Food, owing to four years of war and seven of revolution was at famine princes, the destruction of commerce…had raised all the commodities of life to the same prohibitive level and created vast unemployment. Meanwhile the newly rich, the war profiteers, the army contractors, the adventurer who had made their fortunes out of the Revolution, reveled in luxury, their wives and mistresses swathed in pearls and diamonds, and little else besides, flaunted their charms and opulencebefore the hungry eyes of the poor.”

In the book “Strange True Tales of Louisiana” by George Washington Cable, Alix de Morainville is the character. Her mother, for fear of arrest could not withdraw the jewelry and savings that were deposited in the Bank of France before she fled. This was right after both Alix’s father and husband had been among the very first victims of the guillotine.  Barras points out that Alix was actually guilty of fraudulent activities concerning the issuance of money.  The guilty were sentenced to death for treason.  The aristocrats were the nouveau riche, as described here:

“For every aristocrat thus victimized, the Bank of France confiscated the private wealth of the nation. In Russia, while Marx was promoting Communism, his employer Engles was investing confiscated wealth in the New York Stock Exchange.

In France A secret Directorate had been set up to butcher the actual Directorate along with anyone who tried to resist. They had on their side 4500 soldiers and 6000 police who had been promised ‘booty’, that is, they could keep what ever they stole during the chaos.

All supplies to the capitol were to be seized, the wealthier people were to be driven from their homes which would then be given to ‘the poor’. All was then to belong to Babeauf and his cabal. It is thanks to a man named Grisel, who had unintentionally been drawn into this, and feared to make himself known as an enemy to the conspiracists, who discovered the plan and informed the Directorate and averted the massacre.”

Paul Barras, member of the Directory, describes in interesting detail how he averted this coup in his ‘Memoirs of Barras’. He writes, “The conspiracy intended to destroy industry in order to own it after the smoke cleared. Already the destruction of the nobility had thrown numberless workers on the streets so that by 1791 nearly all the hands that had provided hairdressing, gilders, bookbinders, tailors, embroiderers, and servants wandered about Paris and collected in crowds. The unemployment of these people led to the unemployment of others.

Church holidays were abolished so that about 40 more workdays were added to those who still had work.” A correspondence discovered stated: “Monsieur de la Metherie assured me that during the time of the Revolutionary Tribunals, it was a serious contemplation to reduce the population of France to 14,000,000.

Dubois Crance was a very distinguished and enthusiastic partisan of this human and philosophical policy (France in 1802, Letters of Redhead Yorke, edited by JAC Sykes (Heinemann,) 1906, pp. 102, 127

“The actual goal was to bring the population down to 8 million, from 25 million at that time, or as it was said, to 1/3 of the present at that day.”

On Page 31 is recorded early use of false news as a means of agitating war: “The most remarkable instance of engineered agitation during the early stages of the Revolution was the extraordinary incident known to history as “the Great Fear”, when on the same day, July 22, 1789, and almost at the same hour, in towns and villages all over France, a panic was created by the announcement that brigands were approaching and therefore all good citizens must take up arms.

The messengers who brought the news poste haste on horseback in many cases exhibited placards headed:
“Edict of the King” bearing the words, “The King orders all chateaux to be burnt down, he only wishes to keep his own!”.

And the people obedient to these commands, seized upon every weapon they could find and set themselves to the task of destruction.”

Pg 126: Marquise de Custine who traveled Russia after the Dakabrist uprising wrote: “Well informed people have attributed this riot to the influence of the Secret Societies by which Russia is worked…

”The method that the conspirators had employed to rouse the army was a ridiculous lie; the rumor had been spread that Nicholas was usurping the throne form his brother Constantine, who, they said was advancing on Petersburg to defend his rights by armed force.”

This is the means they took in order to decide the revolutionaries to cry under the windows of the Palace: “Long live the Constitution!”

The leaders had persuaded them that this word Constitution was the name of the wife of Constantine, their supposed Empress. You see that an idea of duty was at the bottom of the soldiers’ hearts, sincethey could only be led into rebellion by a trick.”

Pg 131 is quoted another intercepted letter written by secret agent: “…the fall of thrones is no longer a matter of doubt to me now that I have just studied the work of our societies in France, in Switzerland, in Germany and as far as Russia…In order to kill the old world surely, we have held that we must stifle the Catholic and Christian germ…”

Webster concludes that: “The corruption and arrogance of government officials is an absolute necessity for these destructive policies to work. In vain de Tocqueville warned the Chamber of Deputies wither this state of public affairs would lead them. He wrote in 1846: “Let us seek in history the efficacious causes that have taken away power from the governing classes; they lost it when they became by their egoism unworthy to retain it…The evils I point out will bring about the gravest revolutions.” “Corrupt and selfish politicians will always be the most useful allies of Anarchists.”

In the year 1916, the Lieutenant-General of the Imperial Russian Army, A. Nechvolodof, described secret information which had been received from one of his agents, which on the 15th February of the same year reached the supreme command of the Russian General Staff and read as follows:

“The first secret assembly, which reveals the beginning of the acts of violence, took place on Monday, the 14th February, in the East Side of New York. Of the 62 representatives gathered, 50 were veterans of the revolution of 1905, and the others new members. The greater part of those present were Jews and among them many educated people, as for example, doctors, writers, etc… Some professional revolutionaries were also found amongst them…

“The first hours of this assembly were almost exclusively devoted to testing the methods and the possibilities of carrying out a great revolution in Russia. It was one of the most favourable moments for this. “It was stated that the party had just received information from Russia, according to which the situation was completely and absolutely favourable; for all previously agreed conditions for a favourable rising
were present.

The one serious hindrance was the question of money; but scarcely was this remark made, when several members at once answered that this circumstance should cause no reflection, for, at the moment when it was necessary, substantial sums would be given by persons who sympathised with the movement for freedom. In this connection the name of Jakob Schiff was repeatedly mentioned.”


Woodrow Wilson, 28th U.S. PRESIDENT 1913-21 In reference to passing of the Federal Reserve Act said: “A great industrial Nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world-no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” “I have been deceived.” “I have betrayed my country.”

 Pg. 24: “It was on the 11th of October 1786 that the Bavarian authorities descended upon the house of Zwack and seized the documents which laid bare the methods of the conspirators. Here were found descriptions of a strong box for safeguarding papers which if forced open should blow up by means of an infernal machine. Of a composition which would blind or kill if squirted in the face. Of a method forcounterfeiting seals, recipes for a particularly deadly kind of “aqua toffina” for poisonous perfumes that would fill a bedroom with pestilential vapours, and for a tea to procure abortion [miscarriage].”
Many will recognize in politicians worldwide the following:

Weishaupt told his initiates that they must acquire the habit of talking “backward and forwards, sometimes in one way, sometimes in another so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors…Behold our secret…If in order to destroy all Christianity, all religion, we have pretended to have the sole true religion, remember that the end justifies the means, and that the wise ought to take all the means necessary…”

Once the initiate,who began with the intention of promoting Christianity, reached the highest degree, he was informed that the real purpose was destruction of all religion and after being questioned as to his intention to betray the Illuminati, the Initiator, “taking a naked sword from the table, the Initiator held the point against the heart of the novice with these words: If you are only a traitor and perjurer learn that all our brothers are called upon to arm themselves against you. Do not hope to escape or to find a place of safety. Wherever you are, shame, remorse, and the rage of our brothers will pursue you and torment you to the innermost recesses of your entrails.” Pg 25: “ The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.” (Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy, p. 195)

Once the Elector of Bavaria understood the danger to the established order, he published an edict forbidding secret societies.

In 1784, four of the Illuminatus were summoned to court to testify. “All religion” they declared, “all love of country and loyalty to sovereigns are to be annihilated.” Thesewitnesses also testified that effort was made to create discord not only between princes and their subjects but between ministers and their secretaries, and even between parents and children, while suicide was to be encouraged. “Espionage extended even to the post offices by placing adepts who possessed the art of opening letters and closing them again without fear of detection.” The writer Robison who studied all the evidence sums up the plan of Weishaupt as revealed by them: “They intended to root out all religion and all morality, to break the bonds of domestic life by destroying veneration for marriage vows and by taking the education of children out of the hands of the parents, abolish inheritance, private property, monarchy, government, in short, civilization.”

In reading their documents, one learns that an infiltrator gains control over a politically powerful individual (or group) by slow poisoning either of the body or the mind, and thus the gradual transformation from a functioning government to a kleptocracy begins. Poisonings of royalty are a regular pattern throughout history. Leaving a lone small child of the royal family alive is a repeated pattern. It enabled the secret murderers to secretly control government for about 20 years, introducing gradual innovations, at the same time raising the child without proper moral guidance and education, to be used as a puppet.

The following item reveals the poisoning King George III at a crucial time during the colonization of North America:
[Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 July, 2004, 23:36 GMT 00:36 UK] King George III: Mad or misunderstood? Wigs King George’s wigs were laden with arsenic. Last year a remarkable exhibit came to light. Hidden in the vaults of a London museum was a scrap of paper containing a few strands of hair. The paper was crudely fashioned into an envelope but the wordson it immediately caused a stir: “Hair of His Late Majesty, King George 3rd.” For Professor Martin Warren, it was the clue that would help him finally solve the mystery of King George’s illness. His investigation is featured in a BBC documentary, Medical Mysteries.

“King George is largely remembered for those periods when he lost his mind. But it’s been difficult to explain these attacks, so I was keen to analyze this hair sample,” said Professor Warren. When the hair was tested by the Harwell International Business Centre for Science & Technology in Didcot, Oxfordshire, the resultswere surprising. The king’s hair was laden with arsenic. It contained over 300 times the toxic level. “This level is way above anything we were expecting – it’s taken us completely by surprise.”

In King George’s time, his bizarre behaviour and wild outbursts were treated as insanity. He was bound in a straitjacket and chained to a chair to control his ravings. Today, this strategy is global. Evolution of Poisoning as a strategy for murder or genocide: Sodium fluoride has been shown to cause a dose-dependent decrease in the amount of DNA replication in cultured WI-38 (human) cells (Skare et al.,1986b).

Fluoride ion is known to inhibit many enzymes, and any effects of fluoride on DNA or chromosomes are likely the result of fluoride inhibition of DNA repair or replication enzymes… (Cole et al., 1986; Skare et al., 1986b). In 1786 or shortly thereafter, The Bavarian Government printed all of the papers that were discovered into a publication entitled: “Original Writing of the Order of the Illuminati” and forwarded it to every government in Europe, but apparently the schemes were too outrageous to be taken seriously at the time. Weishaupt took refuge with one of his royal adepts, the Duke of Saxe-Gotha, ancestor of the present day British Royals. Zwack went to Britain. On page 292, Webster begins a good point:
“If the history of World Revolution related in this book does not prove that the revolutionary movement for the last 140 years has been the work of a conspiracy whose aims are entirely unconnected with the interest and demands of the people, how are we to account for the following undeniable facts?

1. That although the grievances of people over the centuries have varied, the slogans and mottoes usedhave not. Each uses the same catchwords. [The word ‘freedom’ is always used.] 2. The leaders of the movement have never been workers, but have been supported by wealthy patrons. 3. The movement has never been concerned for the suffering of those who end up victims of Terrorism 4. That each outbreak has occurred not when the cause of the people was hopeless, but on the eve of great reforms. [Barras especially took note of this phenomenon in the French Revolution.] 5. That each has been followed not by reform, but by repression, censorship and imprisonment or death to potential real popular leaders. In other words, conditions worsened, but the means for correction were no longer there. 6. New jobs, institutions and innovations end, and the old ones are taken over by invisible forces.”

When Tsar Nicholas of Russia refused to heed warnings, and instead naively continued to give protection to undermining forces, he is described in this way by Mikhail Rodzianko, Russian, 1959-1944:

“There is not one honest man in your entourage; all decent people have left” …The Tzar is said to have pressed his head with his hands and said “Is it possible that for twenty two years I have tried to do some good, and that for twenty two years I have failed?…Yes Your Majesty, for twenty two years you have followed the wrong trail”.

In a letter of Quintin Crawford to Lord Auckland on May 23, 1793, he describes the confusion that began to reign once religion began to be abandoned:

“Hitherto, the basis of human polity was religion, the Supreme Being was everywhere adored, and the great maxims of morality respected; but when the order of civil society had attained a degree of perfection unknown in former ages, we see endeavors almost everywhere put into practice to destroy it.Atheism rising against religion, anarchy against government, vagabonds against the industrious, men who have nothing to lose against those who enjoy what they received from their ancestors or acquired by their labor, and this conflict brought at last into the field to be decided by the sword.”

Karl Marx, was an Illuminati infiltrator agent working for the wealthy capitalist and industrialist Frederich Engles. These traitorous secret agents today are deemed to be important historical figures whose plagiarized ideas are a basic requirement for a University degree at presen.

This is a big clue as to who is in control of our upside world: “…On what did Marx live? On the bounty of Frederich Engels, described by the Socialist Guillaume, Secretary of the Internationale, as ‘a rich manufacturer accustomed to regard
workmen as machine fodder and cannon fodder.’ (Guillaume, Documents de l’Internatonal, iii. 153)

Part of the strategy was to do away with Feudalism, which was based on humanitarian and direct cooperation between people who shared blood ties and common history. To destroy the concept of Feudalism, the very definition of it has been changed over time. Largely discredited today, in reality it was a functional system for many centuries which allowed France to become the greatest nation on Earth at that time.

Only in the latter days was it corrupted by usury, through the purchase of titles which had formerly been limited by bloodline, and because of illegitimate children of the nobility and their descendants who often assassinated members of the legitimate families in the competition for wealth and power.

A gradual migration of these legitimate families contributed to the erosion of Feudalism which led to introduction of Nationalism, whose ties are not dependent on deep intertwined family roots, but rather on an elected central government.

Weishaupt, in a direction given to the Heirophants of the Illuminati writes: “At the moment when men united themselves into nations they ceased to recognize themselves under a common name… Then it became a virtue to spread out at the expense of those who did not happen to be under our dominion.” (Nachtrag…Originalschriften) des Illuminaten Ordens), Zweite Abtheilung, p. 65)

Weishaupt further explained to his agents that by replacing Feudalism with Nationalism, it becomes permissible to despise foreigners, and to deceive and to offend them. This virtue is called Patriotism. Practicing justice towards your own people, while unjust to others, blinded to the merits of foreigners, Patriotism is an element of centralized states or governments, something that did not exist in its present form during Feudal times. “In these words”, writes Webster, “are the purest expression of Internationalism as it is expounded today.

Rousseau had merely paved the way for revolution; Weishaupt constructed the actual machinery of revolution itself.” Patriotism is nothing more than the Talmudic doctrine of tribal supremacy and moral relativism, the exact opposite of the Christian doctrine.

. The difference between Nobility and Aristocracy is what? The aristocracy can be traced from the emerging branch of illegitimate children of the Nobility. These families intermarried over time, and had the interesting commonality of all being Rothschild/Rasheedi family members on the mother’s side. The power of the Aristocracy derives from those who control the fiat money supply which is the raw power of a mercenary army, whose only allegiance is to the entity that signs his paycheck.

The Nobility, by contrast,  relied on a voluntary army whose allegiance was to the survival of the community. The success of the Feudal system rested on the willingness of the Nobility to act in a Christian manner. It was this Nobility that the Illuminati sought to destroy, as part of the effort to destroy Christianity.

When the Russian ruling family began making concessions to integrate the Jews into Christian society, the results were a genocide of 60 million Christians, whose deaths at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks occurred in a variety of ways over a
period of several generations. This is censored history.

The immediate result of this welcoming of Talmudic Jews into a Christian society is described here: “See the account given on his journey through White Russia in 1816 by the Grand Duke Nicholas, who, remarks: “The general ruination of the peasantry of these provinces is attributable to the Jews… [non-Christian money-lenders], who are second in import to the landowners only; by their industries they exploit to the utmost the unfortunate population. They are everything here—merchants, contractors, pothouse-keepers, millers, carriers, artisans, etc., and they are so clever in squeezing and cheating the common people that they advance money on the unsown bread and discount the harvest before the fields are sown. They are regular leeches who suck up everything and completely exhaust this province.” (E.A. Brayley Hodgett’s The Court of Russia in the Nineteenth Century, i. 161).

After he was denied broadcasting time in the U.S., Dr. Ezra Pound broadcast from Italy in an effort to persuade people of the United States not to enter World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt personally ordered Pound’s indictment, which was demanded by his three personal assistants, Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie, and Alger Hiss, all of whom were subsequently identified as being connected with Communist/Jewish espionage.

It was Dr. Pound, while imprisoned in a Federal mental institute, who paid Eustace Mullins to do the first research on the origins and true nature of the Federal Reserve. The resulting book could not be published in the United States due to the powers that be so Mullins went abroad to have it published. The burning of the entire editiotn of 10,000 books in Germany was upheld April 21, 1961 by judge Israel Katz of the Bavarian Supreme Court.

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