Notice to My Readers About Censorship of My Blog

Cutting and pasting has been my joy, but alas, it’s not working. Making PDFs was fun, but that’s gone. Images won’t upload, documents won’t download.

So I think my work here is done.

I hope to return soon, so I’ll check in everyday to see if these basic editing tools are back.  If not, I’ll be  busy with something else.

I can be followed on Twitter @beausoleil2012


One thought on “Notice to My Readers About Censorship of My Blog

  1. Hi Suzzane, I am sorry to hear that this is happening to you. It seems to be the only way that the Globalist Cabal think that they can win. I have a naval intelligence background so I am familiar with their tactics. I hope to see you back soon.
    Regards Darrell

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