Wandering through Lafayette Bakery Shops, Fitness Centers and Oil Field Service Companies

Who was arrested in Palermo? Since the names match up with Lafayette and New Iberia families, let’s take a very close look at the faces of a few Lafayette business owners.

The Gambino name in Louisiana is associated with bakeries.  So looking at images of bakeries online using search term ‘Gambino’  we get several relevant connections and images.  I notice sacks of sugar in a photo with the youngest son of Al Capone.  I see twin sons of a bakery family starting a business and though the photos are old, they do match up with the three lookalike Inzarella mafia arrestees.   I see Keller’s Bakery near the Cedar Grocery downtown and the name Koehler on the Fake Family tree of Emma Patin.

I need to mention here that the name Patin has the French pronunciation and so does Patout. This makes the two names sound almost exactly alike because the final consonant in both names is silent.  Emma is a favorite name for these mafiosi.

Here is a quick overview of faces:




With some hair dye and a shave, he could be this man below  named Saloman, below, or a brother.

Journalist John Soloman

“John Solomon is an American media executive and columnist. He is currently vice president of digital video and an opinion contributor for The Hill. He is known primarily for his tenure as an executive and editor-in-chief at The Washington Times.”  (Copied from Qmap.pub)

Another famous Lafayette face lately is Boris Johnson, shown with Joseph Mifsud below.

Boris Johnson is a Conservative lawmaker and former journalist. He is known for being a former Mayor of London and a leading figure on the “leave” side of the 2016 Brexit referendum, the side that is losing the battle to actually leave.

Boris was installed as Foreign Secretary after the Brexit vote and if his job is to fail at exiting, then he’s been successful so far. 

Using the Neglectful State strategy Boris’ tenure is characterized by his mistakes so he stepped down in July 2018 supposedly over May’s Brexit negotiating strategy. Now he’s called a “backbench” lawmaker who doesn’t hold government office, but is still somehow being called a leading Brexiter. 


John Fenstermaker, another New Iberia family with offices around the world.  CH Fenstermaker is an oilfield service company involved in surveying.  Isn’t that surveillance?
Relax that face and what do you get?  John Fenstermaker of course. But the real question is, who is Mike Pompeo?

All I can say about Mike Pompeo is that neither his images nor anything written about him can be cut and pasted onto this article.  So please do your own search and compare.

Boris Johnson is trying hard to not look like John Fenstermaker.  The Fenstermaker name is related etymologically to Feinstein.  Fein is related to Shapiro in the sense of both words meaning ‘sharp’.  Feinstein means Schapiro-Stone and probably represents two family names intermarried.  Stone is also the same as Di Pietro, called Pitro in Lafayette.  They own a Pizza Shop in Lafayette called Bisbano’s.

The next three arrested members of the Inzarella mob in Palermo, Italy could easily substitute for each other, especially on camera and with makeup. They all resemble Kashoggi.   This would explain why I keep seeing Kashogi everywhere playing different roles, especially on History Channel and Netflix.

Keller’s Bakery is across the street from Borden’s Ice Cream Shop, going towards downtown Lafayette.

The bakery connections go from Gambino’s to Keller’s, to Twins who own a bakery and to a bakery in Dubai.  The name Keller’s is from Koehler which is grafted fraudulently onto the Broussard family tree here:

Koehler in Fake Broussard family tree





This is the one most likely to be the Washington Post journalist Kashoggi that was supposed to have been murdered in a Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey, according to Tayyip Erdogan.  So who is Julie Erdogan?

I have a legal document downloaded yesterday that won’t upload or cut and paste.  It’s about Julie Erdogan acting as a pimp for underage girls in Turkey.  Supposedly this document, a legal paper which calls for indictments of Erdogan and others that was translated into English, so say.  It seems to me that some of the recorded conversations are actually in English because of the slang used.  This is the legal document that describes the recordings of negotiations of price and sale of young girls, some of whom are sent to “the island” and Miami.

It’s been made public in an attempt to tie Trump in with Epstein, but there’s actually no connection.  The computer whizzes who only know destruction have arranged so that I cannot share it.

The only way to see it is on an anti Trump website called Trump-Russia.com file extension content/uploads/2019…and I’m prevented from even seeing the entire web address.

The key name to look for is Tevfik Arif.

Seth Hettena is on Twitter at seth_hettena and I cannot even cut and paste his Twitter name.

This one looks more like John Soloman the journalist.
Are these three brothers? Watch the Bakery connections.  You’ll find a Three Brothers Bakery, Keller’s Bakery and Twin’s Bakery. You’ll find a Keller’s Bakery in Dubai.  You’ll find Gambino Bakeries in several Louisiana cities.

Take a look at this pdf about twin boys from a family of bakers:

Twins Bakery old photo – Jul 22, 2019 at 11:44 AM

Another Baker who looks exactly like the youngest son of Roy Breaux, this one is Roy, Jr. next three photos.  He’s definitely not a real baker.


This individual is Royce’s brother, Roy, Jr.  That’s another way of saying that he’s the youngest son of Al Capone. Notice the bags of sugar?  What’s the hint here?  Perhaps moving drugs hidden inside sacks of sugar. A bakery is a good cover for smuggling white powdered substances.  The next question is, in which direction is it going?
The Inzarella Accounting firm in New Iberia, La. This is the family business of a classmate of mine at Mt. Carmel, Maria Inzarella. She and her mother lived in a huge expensive home until the early 1980’s when they had to move to a humble apartment complex on Darby Lane.  Maria said that her parents divorced and that her mother had basically been kicked out. I’ve never seen her father and he sounds like a jerk.  Maria and her mother moved to Spanish Lake Apartments, which became known for being a drug infested slum starting around that time.

The next few photos are from an online search for Red Lerelle Fitness Center, Lafayette, La.

This old photo shows Red Lerelle far left. The woman looks like someone who recently made a video about disguises for spies.
This is Red all dressed up.
This woman with Red May be his sister Khaki, who owns Borden’s Ice Cream Shop which is next door to the Cedar Grocery on Jefferson at Johnston Street.  Khaki normally has black hair though.


In this photo he looks like Henry Kissinger a bit.
This one photo of Red makes me wonder if he’s the one playing George Soros.  I always thought it was Chet, but this looks like a good match. I suspect that they are relatives.


Notice Red’s unique physical structure.

The next photo is an arrestee in Palermo. What I notice is the exact same bandy legs and physical structure overall as that of Red Lerelle. The photo isn’t clear enough to study the face.


The next few photos are the same man as Red Lerelle, only he’s much younger and he’s since had a nose job.  These are images from Arlene’s collection of Mr. America magazines.


There’s a framed gold album on the wall and he calls himself Joe Gold. What other identity would that be? It appears that they want the reader to think that he’s older than he actually is.


I’m fairly certain that the man on the left is a member of the Frank Sinatra/Walet family.  He’s in the movie “Girl in the Invisible Bikini” as the leader of the original Rat Pack, a motorcycle hoodlum gang used for comic relief who had nothing to do with Dean Martin.


Kashoggi’s body never was found.

There are two names that these drug cartels use often:

Felix/Felicia (felatio?)


Emma/Emmy or Emile

“Emma Coronel, Guzmán’s current wife, introduced a line of El Chapo clothing and accessories last week, also using the 701 brandname.”

Note to Self:  The Alain family appears to be an alias for the Slim/Sliman/Selim/Saloman crime cartel.  That’s for another post.


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