I’m seeing many attempts to outlaw what I’m doing here by prohibiting the sharing of images that are copyrighted even for non-profit educational purposes.

Of course no one owns copyrights but gangsters, at this point.

I have no interest in paying a lawyer get my work copyrighted. I would never have enough money to make an infringement claim anyway even in small claims court, and I speak for lots of people, I’m sure.

The idea of a copyright was invented by thieves in the first place.  It’s no wonder that this is still a tool for criminals.

However, if decent people control the process, laws against intellectual property theft are an example of boomerang. The laws could actually stop the wholesale theft of intellectual property by huge foreign owned conglomerates.  This would happen only if people with absolutely no money ever have access to a court and assistance with discovery and only if the courts cease to be the criminal domain of Freemasons and such.

The anti-Brexiteers or let’s just call it the European Union has filed a civil lawsuit in England claiming that it was illegal for Boris Johnson to publicly over-estimate the amount of money that staying in the EU would cost.  Basically making a law against lying to the public when you hold office; incredibly, the courts agreed to hear the case in hopes of preventing British Independence from unelected bureaucrats.


The document is publicly available.  Imagine the legal precedent set by this, if John Fenstermaker, oops, I mean Boris Johnson loses.  The claim is that he misconducted, by lying about publicly relevant information, while he held his office of Mayor of London and then MP.

Never mind that he lies about his identity and nationality.

The advantage of having multiple identities is that criminal charges and lawsuits become unenforceable because the person charged never existed in the first place.

So Boris isn’t worried, but imagine how this will end up when all the other liars are held to this legal precedent.

Boomerang for sure.

As it stands now, multi-generational gangster spy families are deciding what we get to see, hear and read.  This is of course the destruction of America, however, media darling fakes like Judge Napolitano say laughingly that because it’s “legal”, we have to let this continue.

I hate to mention the secret assassination of copyright holders, or the talented people held hostage in order to steal their every creation, but there it is.  The copyright business is Satanic.

So speaking of stolen copyrights and talented people taken hostage…

Remember the azaleas on the Sargent Pepper album cover?

The Fuscia Lavender Formosa is the Azalea.  Supposedly it was christened, (by whom they don’t say) “The General Lafayette” in the 1950’s as the city flower in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, the notorious Freemason.

I remember that the Azalea Trail was originally around St. Francisville, Louisiana.  It’s now claimed to be a Lafayette thing, not just the place, but also the General. These Turks steal everything.

“A springtime attraction since the 1930’s, the Lafayette Historic Azalea Trail is a winding drive through historic districts, downtown, the university and oil center, and neighborhood garden districts with grand boulevards for approximately 25 miles of the city’s urban core.

Mid-century, it was reported that over 40,000 visitors drove the trail each year!”


There appears to be an effort online to take attention away from the St. Francisville connection to Azaleas.

The fake obituary of Jules Schwing mentioned that he lived in St. Francisville.  I was like, “oh no, not that place again.”

St. Francisville is now associated with crazy houses, that’s what children used to call them.  Today they’re called Mental Health Clinics.  I found a list of the 22 best of them in the small rural town of St. Francisville and nearby.

22 best mental health clinics St. Francisville – Jul 25, 2019 at 6:10 PM

Since that’s the location of a very old settlement, once known as Cabanotsky it would be interesting to do some courthouse research there.  The truth about early Louisiana is one thing that doesn’t fit the False Narrative.

False River in St. Francisville is an 11-mile long oxbow lake, covering 3,200 acres, and was formerly the main channel of the Mississippi River until the early 1700s. It has an average depth of 21 feet.

False Lake is significant because it provides proof that the Mississippi River once flowed by St. Francisville.

The name Francis has huge historical significance.


The name Sewing is used for the spokesperson for Deutsche Bank.  It sounds and looks like Schwing.

I forgot to post the interesting banking shenanigans in a published court case concerning New Iberia Bank and Jules Schwing.

The 1994-95 events are detailed here:

Schwing Vs Bancorp- Jun 10, 2019 at 4:11 PM

He forced the sale of a small community bank to a global conglomerate, against the wishes of the board of directors.  It should never have been allowed by the courts, but it was.

Would it be any surprise that this first manuevre by Schwing ultimately became the Deutsche Bank fiasco.  It could have been nipped in the bud.

Funny thing is, that if anyone of these crooks had only just let me have a simple job or business to distract me, to have a normal life, or an extended family,  I would not have had time to expose them.

But here I am with no running water and only an outhouse and a grill, no car or license, unable to keep my garden produce, basic tools and  identitfication papers from being stolen constantly and now my water tank has been yukked up by someone…so that you know what they intend to do to everyone else.



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