General Bill Quinn and His Daughter Sally

Brief shining moment: the Bradlees and the Kennedys at the White House, May 1963.5AC3ECD3-9DFD-49C3-8D33-BCD2D6B01DA9

The Bradlees, Sally Quinn, wife of  Ben Bradlee and the Kennedys at the White House, May 1963.


Sally’s father, Lieutenant General William Wilson “Buffalo Bill” Quinn (November 1, 1907 – September 11, 2000)  was a United States Army officer, who served in intelligence during World War II.

His title was Director of the Strategic Services Unit, high in the Pentagon.  He was in office
April 3, 1946 – June 30, 1947 under President Harry Truman.  He was preceded by John Magruder.  After Quinn, the position was abolished, according to Wikipedia, right.


Without any research at all, my eyes tell me that this man looks like General Michael Flynn.

It is sickening to think of how many Americans have died due to the machine of death that men like Quinn and “Maxwell” created.

They called it the CIA.

Quinn is credited with being the creator of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Their job, obviously, was to make certain that America never wins a war.  Their mission was also obviously to increase casualties  and soldier discomfort to the maximum.

The only thing that saved us was the disobedience to suicide orders given by men like this.

His career reads like a typical gangster Capo, where other gangsters give each other awards, positions of power and cover to accomplish the complete Gangsterization of the world.


Look at the power that this man wielded since the time of my grandfather:

Quinn graduated from Crisfield High [Funny that he’s not mentioned among the Crisfield High ‘notable alumni’ in the Wikipedia article on that school, last edited 2 years ago.  I’m sure it will be added now that I mentioned it.] with the class of 1925 and then from United States Military Academy with the class of 1933, and in 1938 attended United States Army Infantry School. In 1942 he graduated from Command and General Staff College. In August 1947 he graduated from the National War College.  [I doubt most of this]

Commands Held

From 1933–1935 at Fort McKinley Quinn was the commanding officer of Company L, 5th Infantry Regiment. 1935–1936 General Quinn was assigned to Company D and then from 1936–1938 assigned to the Headquarters Company of the 31st Infantry.

In 1940 he was the Command of Headquarters Company of the 4th Infantry Division, and the Commanding Officers of Company D, 8th Infantry Division.

In July 1942 he became the Chief of Staff of the G-2, IV Army Corps. In 1949 Quinn was the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment.

In April 1949 he became Chief of the Training Sub-section, I Corps.

In January 1950 he became the Assistant Chief of Staff of the G-3, I Corps from February to March.

In January 1951, Quinn was the Commanding Officer of the 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Division in Korea.

In 1952 Quinn became the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pentagon and Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning Coordination of the Office of Chief of Staff, and then eventually became the Chief of Staff of the Pentagon.

In 1953 Quinn was transferred to Greece and to be the Head of the Army Section, Joint Military Aid Group to Greece. In January 1957 he was the Commanding Officer of the 4th Infantry Division of the Strategic Army Corps at Fort Lewis.

In July 1958 he became the Deputy Chief of Staff for the G-2 Intelligence of the United States Army.

From 1959–1961, Quinn served as the Army’s Chief of Information, and in 1959 he became the Chief of Public Information of the Department of the Army.

In 1961 Quinn became the Deputy Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency and promoted to lieutenant general.

From 1964–1966, Quinn was the Commanding General of the United States Army Europe and Seventh United States Army, commonly referred to as 7th Army, in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany.

On March 1, 1966 Quinn retired but became Honorary Colonel of the 17th Infantry, The Buffalos. He was chief of operations of the CIA.[

World War II
Quinn participated in the Battle of the Bulge, Operation Dragoon and on January 1, 1945 he was part of Operation Northwind.


Quinn was in Korea from 1951 to 1952 and in August 1951 Quinn was wounded in Korea. While in Korea he won and was awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star with the “V” Device.

He was also in the Battle of Inchon.

While he was in Korea he was the commanding Officer of the 17th Infantry Regiment which was part of the 7th Infantry Division (the 17th Infantry was, and still is, nicknamed “the Buffalo’s”).

He was in Vietnam also, but no details are given.


He was Vice President of the Aerospace Group program at Martin Marietta Corporation until 1972; and then afterwards he established Quinn Associates, a consulting firm.  Of course.

He could not have avoided being involved with, if not the director of, both the Kennedy Assassination hoax and the moon landing hoax.

Wherever you find Americans dying due to “Intelligence Failures”, there you find General Quinn.  He’s master of The Strategically Neglectful State.

General Quinn’s daughter Sally was married to the publisher called Ben Bradlee, of the Washington Post.

Washington Post publisher Ben Bradlee, the son in law of General Bill Quinn.  It may be that the surnames Bradley and Bailey are both used by this family.  Sally Quinn, a self confessed witchcraft practitioner, was a journalist who wrote about religion.


Quinn’s daughter Sally is the one we know as the character called Joan Rivers, especially noticeable in this interview which I’ve referred to before.

She’s interviewing the author of a book about Johnny Carson, written after his fake death.

Joan Rivers’ online images include many lookalike transvestites.  My conclusion is that she was the first wife of “Johnny Carson”, which is just one of many identities held by this man.  The reason I posted the film of Lee describing his father’s scars, is because I suspect that he’s describing the same man as “Johnny Carson” and that this woman could possibly be the mother of my ‘friend’ Lee.  Lee says his mother’s name was Joy and that the name Bailey was in his family tree, Bailey having been the publisher of a San Francisco newspaper.  I’ll call Lee’s father ‘Lee, Sr.’ and I see him as both George Friedman and George Bush, Jr. but he’s got more identities than that even.  There would be no way to prove him unless you have knowledge of his scars.

The author of the book about Johnny Carson is named Henry Bushkin as a code for insiders.  He looks like he’s the same man who I’ve identified as the husband of Julie Oubre and as Ricardo Villa Franca formerly of Grupo Saret.  He’s shown here in a photo with Hillary Clinton, pretending to be a policeman.

Hillary with the man whose face keeps turning up everywhere.   The man shown below from the Scarsdale Reunion could be his father, or him, depending on when this photo above was taken.  Hillary hasn’t looked that good in a long time.


From the Scarsdale Reunion Booklet.

Vanity Fair magazine has an article about Sally Quinn that brings up the Kennedy Assassination and Watergate, both now outed as hoaxes.  She’s not well liked by anyone, except the powerful man whose marriage she busted up.  It’s worth the tedious task of reading it.

Published in 2010.
“Something About Sally”
“Sally Quinn hit the nation’s capital in 1969, becoming one of The Washington Post’s most glamorous stars; sweeping Ben Bradlee, its legendary (and married) editor, off his feet; conquering Georgetown society—and making serious enemies along the way. Now the scandal over Sally’s final “The Party” column suggests that her worst offenses, as well as her greatest achievement, may have taken place beyond the limelight, inside the fractured, often tragic Bradlee-Quinn family. As an era ends, the author profiles its prickly, power-loving queen.”




2 thoughts on “General Bill Quinn and His Daughter Sally

  1. I served in the 17th Regiment, Company l, when Col. Bill Quinn came into the Regiment, in Korea in 1951. He pushed the “Buffalo” status in the Regiment, to the point where we got a Buffalo from the States. In September 1951, I was involved in a skirmish that resulted in a friends death. While returning to the rear with my friends body, I came in contact with Col. Bill Quinn. We talked, and he found that I was way over the points to be sent home. Within a short time he had me sent home.
    Many years later I attended the 17th Regimental Reunion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in which Gen. Bill Quinn attended. We talked and remembered the incident of which sent me home.
    Wonderful Officer and a Fine Gentleman Gen. Quinn always was.


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