Weill E. Coyote


Gus Weill.

Multi generation election thieves operating worldwide have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.  This is what they look like…


This is what they produce, for example, a fictional book about cannibalism entitled “Flesh” written by Gus Weill, Sr., who was born in 1933.

Gus Weill trained James Carver and together they practiced election theft worldwide, demonstrating their techniques to outlaw groups from Afghanistan to …

Two years before I was born: 1958, Weill established the first advertising/public relations firm in Baton Rouge. In 1963, he was introduced to Louisiana Public Service Commissioner John McKeithen, a member of the Freemasons of Columbia in North Louisiana. This is, culturally speaking, Arkansas.

Judge Edmund Reggie, a member of the  Dudney family that had settled  in Crowley, Louisiana made the introduction.  Weill took over the management of McKeithen’s campaign. From 1964 to 1968, Gus Weill served as executive secretary to the governor in McKeithen’s first term.  McKeithen spoke after his retirement about an identified campaign contributor who expected the right to appoint every appointable position available to be appointed.

McKeithen refused, but the next governor accepted, obviously.  This is how the taxpayers are saddled with the salaries of mafia staff support.  It’s not difficult to figure out that the unidentified money men were Edgar ‘Sonny’ Mouton and Gus Weill because they assumed powerful background positions for the next few Cosa Nostra governors, none of whom gave a damn about Louisiana.  But they’re everywhere, not just Louisiana.

The continued mockery of the people of Louisiana by Freemasons and foreign enemies, is evidenced by the present Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards.  His identity in Lafayette is Dr. Boustany, but his bid for office under that name began to bring up his hefty malpractice past.  This is another family of the Saloom Turks of Lafayette that, after three generations, now control absolutely everything because they’re basically just lawless mafia using mafia tactics. Once in control, I promise you that they don’t let anyone have a piece of anything.

In fact, the critical issue at the time of these three post-McKeithen faux-governors, was the mass exodus of educated people out of Louisiana, which is exactly what these traitors wanted. The best job opportunities were given to foreigners brought in by these Turkish Trojan Horses disguised as Catholic refugees from Lebanon.

Gus Weill is called, by fellow Mafiosi, the “father of modern political public relations in Louisiana,”  so we can see that election theft has become a profession dubbed “Political Public Relations”.  No one else knows much about him.

Weil handled campaigns for the next three Louisiana governors, McKeithen’s predecessor and successor, Jimmie Davis and Edwin Washington Edwards, and Edwards’ successor and second predecessor, David C. Treen, all fraudulent identities. Treen then became George Bush, Jr.

Gus Weill then trained the Democratic strategist James Carville.  Carville is dubbed the “mastermind of the 1992 election of Bill Clinton, governor of Arkansas” into the U.S. presidency.  That’s what was so funny to them.  Insiders knowingly supported these fraudulent identities, including that of foreigners, which is one of the activities that qualify for legitimate FISA warrants, by the way.

Weill also “groomed” (they like that word) other election thieves, such as Raymond Strother, manager of the Gary Hart presidential campaign, and Roy Fletcher, affiliated with Patrick J. Buchanan’s insurgent Republican campaigns.

Weill managed some 350 election campaigns. He was the one who promoted the Superdome in New Orleans which McKeithen mentioned in an interview now available on Louisiana Public Broadcasting film archive.

It’s very significant that Weill convinced McKeithen to implement the state agency, the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, or CODOFI.  This was originally proposed by U.S. Representative James Domengeaux of Lafayette.

Domengeaux was another associate of Randy Whatley in Louisiana.  It’s called DiMaggio in Italy, same pronunciation, different spellings.

This recently arrested Gambino Crime Family Parade photos included a man called by the same name, Italian spelling: DiMaggio.


His photo appears in the article, identifying the man as DiMaggio.

GusWeillexpwikiMar 23, 2019 at 4:25 PM 3

Gus Weill. The others aren’t identified.
This group of relatives is from the family called “Landry” in New Iberia with lots of positions in the Catholic Church, but who are secretly Jewish.  Perhaps Turkish is the better word at this point in time.
Identified as Gus Weill, but it’s just one of his many names.  He falsely claims to be Ezzio Pinza.
James Carver and Arnon Milcan are just two of this man’s identities, but he’d still be the man trained by Gus Weill. The lessons were all about lying to you and I about absolutely everything, using public airwaves to create divisions that result in total chaos and destruction.

January 1, 1962, on Page F20 of the New York Times edition with the headline: Laurence Aurbach Weds Agatha Weil.

A relative, or is his wife named Weil and his name is Auerbach? Just speculating for now.

Gus Weill, Sr. was born
March 12, 1933 in Lafayette, Louisiana.  He worked in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a Political consultant.  He married Leanne Svigel Weill. I know about him through Randy Whatley/Bibi/Larry Nichols.

They claim that their son, Gus Weill, Jr. (1962-2004) died young.

That may not be true.

Arnon Milchan might be James Carver and Bryan would be the grandson of Gus Weill, or some other close relative.

This is Bryan Lourd, described as the “kingpin”, who sponsored a party for Michelle Obama recently:

His birthdate would be the early 1960’s.



The Beach Boys drummer Bryan Wilson, looks like a family member of the Weill branch.

Other interesting faces in the family:

On July 10, politicians, lobbyists and diplomats gathered at The Society of the Cincinnati at Anderson House in Dupont to celebrate the French National Day and bid adieu to Ambassador of France François Delattre and his wife Sophie L'Helias-Delattre as they prepare to move to New York City to begin work with the United Nations.JOn July 10, politicians, lobbyists and diplomats gathered at The Society of the Cincinnati at Anderson House in Dupont to celebrate the French National Day and bid adieu to Ambassador of France François Delattre and his wife Sophie L'Helias-Delattre as they prepare to move to New York City to begin work with the United Nations.


What ties these people together is the Sultan Selim, signified by the hand gestures shown here:


The 666 is something we’ve also seen on the sleeve of the traitorous “Confederate” General Alexandre Mouton, and at the Kaaba in Mecca.  It’s the number of a man:


The is the symbol for Sultan Selim.


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