Notice to My Readers About Censorship of My Blog

Cutting and pasting has been my joy, but alas, it’s not working. Making PDFs was fun, but that’s gone. Images won’t upload, documents won’t download. So I think my work here is done. I hope to return soon, so I’ll check in everyday to see if these basic editing tools are back.  If not, I’ll be  busy with something else. I can be followed on … Continue reading Notice to My Readers About Censorship of My Blog

Wandering through Lafayette Bakery Shops, Fitness Centers and Oil Field Service Companies

Who was arrested in Palermo? Since the names match up with Lafayette and New Iberia families, let’s take a very close look at the faces of a few Lafayette business owners. The Gambino name in Louisiana is associated with bakeries.  So looking at images of bakeries online using search term ‘Gambino’  we get several relevant connections and images.  I notice sacks of sugar in a … Continue reading Wandering through Lafayette Bakery Shops, Fitness Centers and Oil Field Service Companies

The Strategically Neglectful State

  The rest of this article is from an old draft that I had decided not to publish.  I wanted to copy and paste the final paragraphs to the beginning. Since I cannot do that, you can go to the end and read it now. I’m glad it was already written, I’m being highly censored today. $$$$$$$$$$$$ Hillary Clinton communicated with Egypt during her false … Continue reading The Strategically Neglectful State

Jean Edmond Broussard’s Wife

Proof doesn’t exist that the Jean Edmond Broussard was married to Emilie Patin.  Is this name also Patout?  Sounds like the exact same in French. The Broussard Family Book is wrong about that.  There is no proof that Ozeme Leblanc of Lafayette was related to Jean Edmond Broussard of Loreauville. The lineage of Jean Edmond Broussard is from Camille Broussard, male, whose marble grave stone … Continue reading Jean Edmond Broussard’s Wife

‘Space’ = Witches Coven

This is an overview of previously posted photos, with new comments and some newly posted pages from the Broussard Book.   Oubre is also Huber I keep seeing this next man in news hoaxes and at Clinton functions, even photographed next to Hillary.  Posted below is information published in the Class of ‘57 reunion booklet for Scarsdale High, an Intelligence community training center pretending to … Continue reading ‘Space’ = Witches Coven

El Chapo Crying, Etc.

  This is a film of El Chapo’s reaction from 2017 after his arrest, or that’s what is reported anyway.  I’ve never seen this before, even after extensive research on him.  This is a link to recent  tweet: Las imágenes corresponden al momento en el que El Chapo desciende de una aeronave acompañado de varios agentes de la Administración para el Control de Drogas que … Continue reading El Chapo Crying, Etc.