William Schwing Patout III

Since my cut and paste function isn’t working today I’ll just direct my readers to the Wikipedia entry for William Schwing Patout III. His career finds him in both Louisiana and Hawaii running sugarcane plantations. There’s much that I could write about what I learned when I was briefly friends with the eldest son of this man.  William Patout IV is the most likely candidate … Continue reading William Schwing Patout III

Michelle Obama’s Party at Bryan’s House This Week

In response to a recent article entitled: Michelle Obama Wows A-List Crowd at the Home of Bryan Lourd ”, which appears on yet another website that doesn’t allow itself to be copy and pasted, this comment, which did copy and paste, sums up my thoughts exactly: Dennis Jensen on July 9, 2019 4:57 pm How does Michelle Obama ‘wow’ anyone? Her skill set seems to … Continue reading Michelle Obama’s Party at Bryan’s House This Week


Going back to one of the first people ever I wrote about on this blog, here’s an online article about my New Iberia high school “friend”: “Bryan Lourd is the managing director and the co-chairman of the Creative Artists Agency. He is also a talent manager and has a hand in bringing a number of stars into the limelight, most notably Brad Pitt, George Clooney, … Continue reading Bryan

Hosea’s Message to Chuckles

The destruction of the bloodline of Ephraim is the subject of Hosea Chapter Seven. Like a cake unturned, God’s plan for the development of each tribe as a unique entity is not able to be completely finished because the tribe of “Ephraim hath mixed with the Heathen.” Since this has been foretold, the survival of a very small Remnant is worked into God’s plan.  All tribes, … Continue reading Hosea’s Message to Chuckles

Where Did Epstein Get His Startup Capital? And Browder?

This is where we begin to see that Putin and the Russians are looking for the exact same crooks that we’re finding. It’s not so much Trump that the Drug Lords fear, as Putin.  The two of them together is even scarier. I remember reading that Putin had set as his mission to find every  last person responsible for flooding Russia with dangerous street drugs. … Continue reading Where Did Epstein Get His Startup Capital? And Browder?

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Made Sure That They Were Dead

  I’m taking a closer look at the family tree that was put together by some relative of mine who uses the first name ‘David’.  No one in my family has ever had the name David. This name belongs to the Jewish Gangster tribe of David, according to my friend Jack Fine/Jacob Schapiro of Algiers, Louisiana.  He explained to me how, as a kid, he … Continue reading Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Made Sure That They Were Dead

Ghislaine Maxwell in Arlene’s Photos

These photos show family and close friend connections around Ghislaine Maxwell. In this photo, Ghislaine Maxwell is called Judy.  The one called Lisa is now known as Hillary.  Both of these girls have alternate Asian identities in these photos. My Uncle AP Broussard was prominent in cooperating with the fake history promotion in Louisiana. Ghislaine Maxwell today: Continue reading Ghislaine Maxwell in Arlene’s Photos