Selling the Fort


I found a thread on Twitter that has to be translated first, which is tedious, but the faces were so familiar. It was worth the trouble.  Samples of some of the awful translations are below, but the gist is that there is a young Deputy German Chancellor who is Vietnamese. Maybe he is only pretending to be Vietnamese, we don’t know anything about him other than what his face looks like on photos.


And this man below is Geicke in a photo published on the Twitter thread in question. This face looked like the man identified as Eric Rothschield on an old Scarsdale newsletter. This is why I bothered to translate the thread.


Eric Rothschild, graduate Class of 1954, Scarsdale High School, New York.



The  “Vietnamese orphan” in Germany, and Geicke in Hong Kong, enables Ho Chi Min to become German Deputy Prime Minister…is basically what is being said in the thread.

The main point made was that Geicke’s business purchased Deutsche Bank awhile back. The money laundering built into the Deutsche Bank computers was revealed by a man hired to do the coding, which I won’t detail now.

The comments on the thread run along these lines of questioning:

“How can the German Intelligence Agency not know that Philippine Prosper is Yao Mingwei’s illegitimate son?”

I’m still trying to find where the name Prosper was first mentioned in the thread, but it’s a name that I’ve already associated with the family of Sheldon Adelson, in terms of physical appearance and other factors.


Geicke is known as an early investor in in Vietnam. Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City consists of two towers with an estimated investment of €100 million. Geicke had previously acquired federal property in Hong Kong.

Geicke also founded

👉VinaCapital Investment Management (Vina资本)
👉Euro Auto (BMW Vietnam)
👉the Pacific Alliance Group (PAG)



“Later, he focused on investments, particularly in real estate along Richard Li. 😱😱 Son of KA-Shing Li. Immediately he turned to real estate, and invested in real estate with Li Jiazhen, the son of Li Ka-shing, who was born in 1955. I used to talk about the Yangtze River Group. It is not surprising. ! Selling a thief! Hong Kong people must win ❤️“

“Geicke, born in 1955 in Hamburg, moved to Hong Kong in 1981 to be a successful entrepreneur with export-oriented manufacturing companies in China. 1955 Born in Hamburg in 1981, he came to Hong Kong as an agent of a Chinese manufacturing plant to set up an export trading company. Yao Mingwei (1947-2001), Party Secretary and President of China Machinery Industry Federation”

End Quote

Notice the name Li is Lee, one of the most consistent names in this narrative.  Perhaps it’s a joke to name him after the sound of a cash register: kaching lee.

Here are examples of what happens when people use slang on the internet.  It makes the translation impossible to interpret.  Same thing when sarcasm is used.

However, the key names and idea can be picked up anyway.

Translated by
“It is estimated that Wu Xiaohui’s plane is sitting on the old ladies Merkel and the Yao’s illegitimate German deputy prime minister! Only the devil, the Communist Party, can make the world so crazy! It’s gone! Otherwise the world will be destroyed!”

“The thieves are not destroyed, and the world is really messed up by them. The illegitimate child can be loaded with train leather.”

“Wu Xiaohui originally wanted to pull the thigh, but did not expect the thigh to be the 73 system.”


Remember this man?

Seems to be the same actor.  No doubt a family member, next in line, unless perhaps a nasty drug habit gets in the way.  I could take a guess as to his family is.  That would be the same family as Lavrov and the Auerbachs.

Now consider that Obama was scheming with Medvedev of Russia at the same time that both Obama and Medvedev were meeting with the Chinese Communist Representative, Hu Jintao in a series of articles published on New American website in 2010.

Everywhere you turn, the leadership is in the grip of this small group, protected by their disguises and a small army that they’ve been developing in Eastern Siberia between Vladivostok and Alaska.  That’s my neighborhood to the West.

The brightness of the sky that I witnessed the night of July 25, 2019, might have had something to do with this private army. How that army has been supplied and funded is what needs to be revealed. No doubt we paid for it.

Quote from a 2010 article published at with a photo of Medvedev and Obama in a cafe called Ray’s Hell Burger. Yikes.

Selling the Fort

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


“Barack and Dmitry. The photo-op lunch couldn’t have been chummier: The U.S. and Russian presidents enjoying cheeseburgers and fries together at Ray’s Hell Burger, a local burger joint in Arlington, Virginia.

That was June 24, [of 2010] just before Obama and Medvedev headed for the big G8/G20 summits in Canada. Prior to that Medvedev was the toast of the town in Silicon Valley, part of his U.S. tour to bring American capital and technology to Russia.

On June 28, FBI agents busted a Russian espionage network, arresting 11 deep-cover agents [I wonder what could that mean?] of the Russian SVR, successor to the Soviet Union’s KGB. On June 26-28, President Obama was making nice with Communist China’s President Hu Jintao at the G8/G20 confab.”


Now looking at the same situation in England, I find many people playing roles in both American and British government, using fake identities.

Here’s just one example, that has roots in the commercial exploitation of British honorary titles, a subject that is censored. The man in the photo below is Andrew Percy, United Kingdom.


Andrew Percy - UK Parliament official portraits 2017
“Percy converted to Judaism in March 2017, having been baptised into the Church of England. He has identified with the Jewish community since primary school.”  His list of positions in British government is on Wikipedia.  I’m sure everything else is a lie.

Here’s a pdf of Wikipedia entry:

Andrew percy Jew converts – Aug 4, 2019 at 1:51 PM

Same man is also a fake woman or vice versa, so it appears. Not just any fake man/woman, but the United States Supreme Court nominee Eleanor Kagan being interviewed in the excerpt below, giving no answer and weasel worded answers to Congressman Lindsey Graham in 2010. I notice the “Cajun/Cain coded into the name Kagan.  Her other positions in the Obama administration are mentioned in the article.



The full article should be read at

The article reports on Obama’s and Bush’s definition of important legalities of war. But here is a shortcut to the main points.

Written by Jack Kenny Thursday, 01 July 2010


”As a preface to a series of questions about the due process afforded the would-be “Christmas Day bomber” last December 25, [of 2010] Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R- S.C.) asked Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan where she was that Christmas day. After a moment or two of confusion about what precisely he was asking, the Solicitor General replied: “Like all Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.”

After making jokes back and forth about terrorism in America on a Christmas Day, the questioning goes into the rules of engagement of the war on Terror.  The idea at that time was that these rules would help them round up their opponents, which is us.

So Bush and Obama created the rules that can now be applied to the actual terrorists, which is them.



”So under a doctrine devised under the Bush administration and continued by Obama, one need not be captured in or near any actual combat to be held as an enemy combatant and denied constitutional rights of due process, whether or not the detainee is an American citizen.

And that means to be held “indefinitely,” or for the duration of a war that will have no definitive end, as both the Senator and the Supreme Court nominee agreed.

Indeed one need not have taken up arms against the United States nor have been in any direct or even intentional contact with al Qaeda or other terrorist organization to qualify. For the executive branch of our government views the whole world as a battlefield.
“The battlefield, you told me during our previous discussions, that the battlefield in this war is the entire world,” Graham reminded the nominee. “That is, (if) someone were caught in the Philippines, who was a financier of al Qaeda, and they were captured in the Philippines, they would be subject to enemy combatant determination.

Um, because the whole world’s the battlefield. Do you still agree with that?”
Kagan replied that when she said that she was acting in her role as Solicitor General, representing the position of the Obama administration. Her role as a judge would be different from that of an advocate, she pointed out.
“When you were an advocate, you had no problem advocating that position?” Graham asked.
“Um, there’s certain parts of that I think that we have not addressed in the United States government,” Kagan answered.

“So the United States government has argued that the battlefield extends beyond Iraq and Afghanistan….”
Graham interrupted at that point to point out that “Attorney General (Eric) Holder said that the battlefield is the hearts, the minds and wherever al Qaeda may reside. Do you believe that is a consistent statement with Obama policy?” Kagan cautiously replied that since she is still the Solicitor General, “I still agree with the Attorney General.”
The extension of the battlefield “beyond Iraq and Afghanistan” to “wherever al Qaeda may reside,” covers, obviously, a lot of ground. Given the official estimates that the number of al Qaeda still in Afghanistan is no more than 50 to 100, it seems reasonable to assume there may be more al Qaeda presently in the United States than among the strongholds of the Taliban. It is worth recalling also that at his own confirmation hearing early in 2009, then-Attorney General designate Holder, responding to a question from the same Sen. Graham, said that if a “little old lady” in Sweden sent a check to some organization designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. government, she would be considered part of the battlefield and, presumably, eligible for arrest by the United States and subject to indefinite detention as an “enemy combatant.”
Small world, isn’t it? Or about the size of one very large prison.”

End Quote

The following link is a pdf of an article explaining how ISIS soldiers were created in Saudi Arabia by holding their families hostage.  This is worth reading so that the full consequences of allowing fake identities to spend our tax dollars is clear.

Safari – Aug 6, 2019 at 4:45 PM

To close this article, I’ll leave you with the woman that I always knew as Sharon Lourd, who was Bryan and Blaine and Debbie’s mother. I found this photo her on Wikipedia while looking into UK politicians.  No question about it.

Angela Smith - UK Parliament official portraits 2017
Angela Evans Smith, Baroness Smith of Basildon, PC (born 7 January 1959) is an English Labour Co- operative politician who was Member of Parliament (MP) for Basildon from 1997 until losing her seat to the Conservatives at the 2010 General Election.

From Wikipedia:

“Smith was created a Life Peer as Baroness Smith of Basildon, of Basildon in the County of Essex, on 7 July 2010,

following the 2010 Dissolution Honours List. She was introduced into the House of Lords the next day.
In the Lords, Smith was Labour Spokeswoman for Energy and Climate Change from 2010 to 2013, Northern Ireland from 2011 to 2012 and the Home Office from 2012 to 2015.

She also served as Opposition Deputy Whip in the House of Lords from 2012 to 2015. On 27 May 2015, Smith was elected unopposed as Labour’s Leader in the Lords, and so joined Harriet Harman’s Shadow Cabinet.”

This is how our gates are opened and our forts are sold to the enemies.

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