Learning Your Russian Oligarchs

Felix Sater is said to be the son of a Russian Oligarch, though which one is not known for certain. One of several spies planted in the Trump campaign, his shady past is now publicized in order to cast doubt on Trump. He caught my attention because he looks exactly like the real estate agent who handled the sale of Arlene’s house. He tried to run me down with his truck several times, and surely poisoned me and my neighbor, Pat.

That real estate agent was called Cai Robison, and though he has always promoted himself, suddenly I cannot find his local advertising, and his photo is now a substitute. His mother showed up to take things out of Arlene’s house, so I identified her previously in Arlene’s photos and in the Scarsdale collection.



Felix Sater 



A Russian Oligarch is never actually Russian, I’ve learned that much. A true Russian would consider them the Enemy.  They are actually Jewish, as you’ll see.

Putin, I conclude, was conceived as a human shield for this particular Oligarch called Boris Berezovsky, allegedly deceased.

There’s a scene in one of the Tom Clancy novels that describes a KGB agent whose mission had gone bad, and as a consequence had been put into prison by his superiors. .  This particular prison was such that no one survived it past six months due to the filth and unhealthy food. The KGB agent is suffering from this, when he’s suddenly taken out of the prison and finds himself in a limousine or some such vehicle.  He’s told that unless he wants to return to that prison, he must begin working for someone who he’ll never know.  Instructions will be given via messenger.

Think back now  to the Hunt For Red October.  Dr. Ryan had successfully put the submarine into the hands of the Americans supposedly, but which “Americans”?  It was Colin Powell, a traitor to America on several occasions, along with all top echelon of the Pentagon. America was not informed about anything. America never had possession of the submarine at the time, Powell did.

So Powell would have wanted to rid himself of anyone who knew about the Red October, especially Dr. Ryan. And probably also the rest of the crew that had been on the Red October.

That is an example of how a KGB agent could find himself in a deadly Russian prison. That’s also an example of why someone might want to kill an entire submarine crew.

Berezovsky actually promoted Vladimir Putin’s campaign for president of Russia. He was Putin’s creator.  Putin is not even the man’s real name.  Putin was created to be the public scapegoat so that the actual culprits could look innocent.  Anyone pointing out the true criminals would then be prosecuted for hate crimes or anti semitism.

Putin’s  Presidential campaign came  after Berezovsky pulled a fraud to get control of a major Russian news media outlet. That was the first step.

The next occurrence after Putin’s win is the Kursk Submarine Explosions. There’s nothing else to call the series of events but a mass murder of Russian military men.

Kursk is a tragic event that has all the markings of sabotage, from the explosions to the delayed response.  President Putin was not informed until over 24 hours after the incident. Members of the crew survived at least six hours after the explosions, but rescue operations had not even begun yet.

Just as in America, the  Oligarchs were in the process of destroying the Russian military, beginning with those who knew too much. The report at military wiki includes the retrieval of secret documents from the remains of the submarine in such a way that if there had been any survivors at that time, they could have been shot by whoever retrieved the secret documents. The whole incident stinks to high heaven.

This event turned the tide against the Oligarchs and allowed Putin to gain the alliance of Russian sailors and soldiers, and yes, KGB agents.

The result is that 51 Oligarchs fled Russia and found refuge in the United Kingdom, initially.



His height, or lack thereof, can be judged by the height of the children.

The above photos show The Russian Oligarch called Boris Berezovsky.  Yes, I know that’s Danny Devito.  Search Danny Devito images today and you’ll mostly see a substitute.  Search ‘Berezovsky’ images and yes, you get the Taxi man. Russian Taxi Man… now where have I heard that before?  Something to do with Michael Cohen.  I wonder where he is.



Learning Your Russian Oligarchs


The Russian Embassy is reported to have issued a list of wanted criminals on its Embassy website along with a criticism of the UK for giving the fugitives what grew to be round the clock police protection.  The men are wanted for fraud on a large scale, embezzlement, misappropriation of large amounts of money, robbery, and murder. The large amounts of money are billions in IMF loans, which had to be paid back by the Russian people. What was embezzled was the savings of vast numbers of Russians. What was stolen was Russian oil and minerals.

The report from Russian government states: “Corrupt people find their way out of Russia and they are specifically setting their sights on London as they flee from justice.

“Great Britain de facto harbours quite a few Russian citizens who face charges in Russia for committing criminal offences such as fraud on a large scale, embezzlement, misappropriation of large amounts of money, robbery, murder.

“Over the period of 2002-2016 Britain has refused to extradite 51 Russian citizens by direct and personal decisions of Home Secretary or as a result of chicanery tactics in London court. Dozens of cases are still pending.

“Britain doesn’t provide any compelling reasons for such refusals.

“It appears that those who are in Russia are corrupt individuals, but once on British soil, they are protected under farfetched pretexts, including assumed violation of their rights in future.”

One of the criminals granted political asylum in Britain told Russian media: “Since the poisoning in Salisbury there is always a police car on duty under my windows.”

Other reports give details about the frauds committed in Russia and about the obviously fake deaths in London that these fugitives staged in order to escape justice.

The frauds are too numerous to detail in this article. Another time.

It’s been disappointing to me to have to face the fact that people I know and like are actually guilty of some nasty crimes.  For example, as an artist I used to need frames for about twenty paintings at a time.  There was one place to go for the absolute best framing of artwork and that was Cyprien Gallery, just off Jefferson Street in Lafayette.  It’s been closed for awhile.  Dave Mayeaux (pronounced My-Yo) was the owner of Cyprien Gallery and this looks like Dave being arrested in Palermo.

Cyprien caught my attention because I had many paintings framed by Dave Mayeaux who owned Cyprien Gallery in Lafayette, a block from Cedar Deli.

Cyprien is an example of how disappointing some of the mafia arrests are. He did beautiful frames for me, and really was just a normal guy as far as I could see.  This looks like the same man as Dave. I’m not surprised that he’s arrested because I heard the whispers.

At least he doesn’t have breasts like the others.

The next guy is an example of how these mafia men have breasts. That’s a freaky thing.

This breast thing is just not normal.


This man below is the notorious mafia capo called  Riina, supposedly dead now.  But we don’t believe that automatically now do we?

Did Riina also fake his death? Are those eyeglasses pasted in with photoshop? I’d like to see his face without the glasses.




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