Words of Our Own

So many words are having their true meanings turned into the opposite that we’re forced to change our normal speech patterns constantly.

For example, Christians today are considered to be found only  among Protestants.  Catholics generally are thought to be non-Christian, and the very source of all evil by some.  This slander of Catholics has been the work of Freemasons for generations.  I’ve seen one of their propaganda teaching aids from the 1950’s. . A large poster it was, falsely accusing the Catholics of precisely what the Jews have been guilty of, all listed in bold print.  I read their lies often in recently published college textbooks.

I delete comments on the subject because this is a website for Catholics who don’t consider the Vatican, or the Pope at this point, to be relevant, being all Jewish as it now is.  When will any other religion get the scrutiny given the Catholic Church?

The Protestant ‘religion’ has been anti-Christian since it’s inception.  There are Protestants, like the Jehovah Witnesses, who teach that wearing a cross and celebrating Christmas is anti-Christian.  This all falls under the category of being Jewish because it’s designed to weaken the one true Church, passed on to us by Jesus Christ.  The Catholic Church is actually the people, but the term has been redefined as meaning the “Vatican”, which is a Bank now, as anti-Christian as a thing can be.  The very reason that Jews historically hate the Catholic Church is because it prohibits Usury, homosexuality and child sacrifice, all of which are now practiced inside Catholic Church buildings by Jews pretending to be Catholic priests.

No one finds it odd to believe that the “Catholic Church” is all powerful at the same time  that four famous Jewish families rule the world. How can two such opposing forces both be all powerful? The answer is that the true Catholics are people who’ve not lost our power, we’ve just been left homeless in terms of Church buildings.  Like homeless people everywhere, this doesn’t mean that we’ve ceased to exist, or that we’ve given up on having our buildings back.

Without schools, orphanages and hospitals to carry on the true doctrine, there’s been a twisting of the minds with lies.  The theft of buildings has been necessary to support the slanderous lies about Catholics, and what does it lead to?

It has led to the deaths of Catholics all over the world, well over 6 million. This is the part where Jewish Exceptionalism and Jewish Supremacy has to be faced, but instead, the entire subject of Catholic Genocide is censored.  As far back as the 1950’s, the genocide of Catholics was discussed by Archbishop Fulton Sheen and William F. Buckley, Jr.

It’s one of those irritating  interviews where the interviewer tries his best to misunderstand his guest, so I don’t want to put a link. The main topic is how best to fight Communism, which is better understood by watching his lecture on Politeness, linked at the end of the article.

The question asked was, do we have an obligation to rescue our fellow Catholics in other nations when they are being genocided [for real]?

The question that Bishop Sheen asked was this:  Is a bombing raid the proper rescue method, or does this only strengthen the enemy?

If the Jewish people can justify creating  their own nation based upon race and religion because supposedly 6 million of their precious lives were lost in “a genocide”, then 60,000,000 genocided Catholics merits what?

And the number is certainly higher than that.

It’s the ability to organize around an identity that’s been denied us, while our money is given to special identity groups who are allowed to have a name and who despise us unto death.

The problem with white people is that we haven’t been racist enough, depending upon what you mean by racist, because word meanings change daily.

The word Hate is the code word for “Not Jewish, Not Muslim, Not Black Skinned, etc,”. You get my drift. We’re the negative space between Designated Victim Groups. We’re not allowed our own group name.  You’re hearing these newly arrived foreigners in Congress and the ones who’ve been there 30 years say, “This is not who we are as a Nation”? They’re forcing their definitions down our throats, while making us pay their salaries, office and staff, and then some.

But they’re getting busted for it, and that’s the good part.

The term “prisoner’ is used by professional trainers to describe an audience who is forced to attend a class.  The attendees are hostile and resentful of their lack of power to choose, just the way I feel when I go to search for news and entertainment. The lack of choice is infuriating.  A new phone I just bought is like being in Google Hell.  There’s no escape from it, no options.  It’s like being stuck in a classroom full of inbred morons, where the teacher is also an inbred moron…just like being in high school again.

This video is much better than the interview with Buckley.  The best way to fight Communism is to spread the understanding of it.  This is the role of the true Catholic Church.

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