Destruction Caused By Funding Fake Science

Endless War is the result of psychopaths running everything. The root of the problem is our belief in a false religion based on hoax science. We have sustained this false religion with tons of money, so it is now a monster.

Let’s not continue the errors.

 We want to free ourselves of the burden of guilt that’s the result of  teaching children destructive lies. 

Science is about observation.

Hoax Science is a false religion based upon belief in what cannot be observed directly.

The Home Science Class has to be a series of lessons about observation also, otherwise you’re teaching a false religion.  To correct the problem, we can begin with how to spot the most obvious hoax of all, the ultimate Scientific God: Nuclear Science.

Just watching the original movies made to spread the hoax, it’s laughable to see how obvious the fakery is.

Advanced students would be interested in the relationship between public funding of hoaxes and the plague of Lying Cheating Murderers In Public Office, and subsequently everywhere else.

How was this Psycho Monopoly created?

The father of Ghislaine (the ‘s’ is silent) Maxwell, Sir Robert Maxwell stepped into a Fake-Science Publishing Empire already begun by the previous generation or two.  The Evolution Hoax had prepared the way.  The pieces were already in place, the honest scientists  already subdued. The infiltrators in education already established and prepared to subvert our culture with lies about science, working secretly of course.

Around the same time that Robert Maxwell was establishing his science publishing monopoly in America, Charles Nichols, Arlene Nichols father, was instrumental in bringing us the moon landing hoax on film.

The magic of filmmaking allowed the faking to appear realistic and to propagate in such a way that the films couldn’t be examined, until this day.

To focus then on the nuclear hoax, and consequences, a good beginning is to read the full article here:

And here’s a pdf of most of it, in case the website disappears.

Safari – Aug 13, 2019 at 2:55 PM


Our Lady of Fatima used the term “errors of Russia”, in her warning. The errors of Russia could be summed up within Hoax Science as a religion.  Hoax Science is a religion of psychopaths, who take pleasure in defrauding their fellow humans.  It’s part of the hoax government called Communism, the first step toward doom.  Our Lady gave us a solution.

Psychopaths are running our countries because they have so much money at their disposal.  Wars are the result.

Can an atomic particle be seen?

Can a solar system be seen?

Can global warming be seen?

Can evolution be seen?

It can be faked, and then people believe that they’ve seen it, and that’s how it started.

Like the emperor’s invisible clothes, who dares to be the first to call it a hoax?

From the linked article:

“So from NASA, we see, if you can’t do something, then just fake it. (Fake Moon Landings).

It is always easier to fake then to do.

From Germany WW II, we see the bigger the lie, the more believable it is.

People think, surely something so big, so widely known, it must be true.

So in the 1940s, it seemed that Nuclear or atomic reactions were possible to release HUGE energy.

So they spent incredible money. You could have just gone to Germany & Japan and bought all their homes, cars & factories, for less then the cost to bomb them. The government wanted to have the ultimate weapon to threaten other counties & people to submit to us.

So the US government poured money into Manhattan Project (how to make a bomb), Oak Ridge Tenn. (uranium 235), and Hanford Wash. (plutonium) (How to make or concentrate the VOLATILE nuclear materials.)

The ILLUSION was Germany might build the bomb first, so US government spent wasted incredible sums spending, to pursue developing the bomb. They employed 1/2 million people (who did not understand what they were doing). US government. was desperate to build the bomb.

They built huge factories: at Oak Ridge, 1/2 mile long and 1,000 feet wide, 2 million sq. ft. yet they did not yet even know how the factory would work. (Lots of emergency money spent without much control – working on the fear & urgency tactic).

War, loans, expenditures (in emergencies) are great for banker’s profits.

As scientists realized they could not make a workable bomb, they involved 1,000s of soldiers to witness test etc, so that they’d pass the story on by word of mouth, to their nieces, friends, associates, etc. They saw the (fake) test explosions. Fakes were huge piles of TNT exploded and viewed from 20 miles away. Who would know it was not nuclear ?

Then, because this was NATIONAL SECURITY, they label everything as SECRET or even RADIOACTIVE, to keep away prying eyes..

Government forbid people from talking to each other.
Isolate all knowledge, progress, developments. National Security !!! secret secret secret ! ! !

Nuclear Bombs are a Hoax, they never did nor will work. They are huge budget expenditure to promote the illusion that they are possible, prepared and abundant.

They induce fear to you and me, to our own country men as well as to our supposed enemies.

Military is a self fulfilling fantasy. Where we once spent on real hardware; planes, tanks, guns, ammunitions, now we spend extreme amounts to just keep the illusion up that we are mighty and have nuclear weapons in abundance. Nuclear weapons do not deter war, destroying cities do not end wars.”

This next  video is super important, and reminds us of the message of Fatima.  The wars will cease when there is a solemn Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, performed by The Holy Father together with Catholic Bishops of the world.

Does she say Pope?  No.

So listening to this interview, we’re reminded of how simple the solution is to every problem: Our Blessed Mother Mary told us over 100 years ago. Consecration to Her Sacred Heart, formally and solemnly.   The video following this one is about the eventual elimination of all Freemasons once they are no longer useful to the secret top echelon of that demonic structure.


An account of inside events within Soviet Russia at the time of Stalin. Enlightening details about Freemasons eventual destruction planned by the upper degree, from the beginning.

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