What if Israel Were a Safe Haven For Victims Instead of Criminals?

I listened to President Trump’s  defense of Israel against the honest assessment made by otherwise despicable Ilhan Omar, the Somalian member of that Congress in the sovereign state of Washington, DC.  The Palestinian member of the Congress that exists in Washington DC is actually falsely accused of criticizing Israel, but that’s beside the point.  Truth is never an issue with these people.  The point is that Israel, as usual, gets more defense from an American President than America does.

That’s the kind of poop we Americans have to eat as cultural cuisine, otherwise the mob will take out our beloved President.

I understand that Trump hopes to gain Democrat votes by associating the Democrats with the Mortal Sin of Sins, criticism of Israel. I would like to point out that any defense of the State that calls itself Israel, is also a defense of slavery, forced prostitution of defenseless women and children, forced organ extraction and all sorts of other illegal activities that threaten human survival.

There are very real consequences for defending evil.

Lets take a logical and sensible look at the role of Israel in providing a safe haven for ruthless and dangerous Jewish criminals.  Actually, in many nations, such as Britain, “Israel” and America, there’s no such thing as a Jewish Criminal.  They are never tried or convicted because they are the proud owners the justice system.  This is precisely how and why the slave and drug business has been able to reach such monumental proportions worldwide.  So huge is it, that those of us who think this is wrong become the prisoner. Like felons everywhere, we cannot get jobs or run for public office for having committed the crime of criticism of Israel.  Trump may be sincere, but either way, he cannot criticize the Jews, no matter how much danger we’re in because of them.  Since my professional life is already a disaster, I’ll have to do what an elected, public official cannot.

I’ll speak up in defense of the many victims of Worldwide Jewish Organized Crime Syndicates.

If there are any Jews who don’t like this truth, you are free to join the Catholic Church in sincerity and help us defeat this monstrosity of a total crime culture.

The momentum gained by organized crime through the theft of about 83% of Russian natural resources, and the subsequent harboring of these criminal billionaires by Israel and Britain, has allowed these criminals to grow and enslave the rest us inside a matrix of media lies, stolen elections and bribed judges.  The 83% figure comes from Russian sources.

Organized crime as a dominant force in our lives is a descendant of the Soviet state, which was a creation of ethnic Jews who had to murder 60,000,000 Russians to achieve it. The only thing Russian about so-called Russian Oligarchs is the source of the stolen wealth.

Trump couldn’t say what I’m saying, no matter the huge truth of it.  Neither can Putin. They’d be killed by the Jewish overlords in a split second.  The brainwashed masses would freak out. This is what happens when organized crime becomes a State, and then several States, and then the world.

It’s not just Israel anymore.  Trump, as much as I appreciate him, makes it clear that he is obedient to the enforced narrative.  The foreigners who sit in Congress are allowed to insult Russians, Americans, Germans  and Christians and get away with it, but the Jews get to kick  them out.  This is cultural  cuisine of poop served up for us on White House chinaware.

Russia’s stolen wealth has allowed ruthless, frontal lobe deficient criminals to own worldwide news media, school curricula, schools, hospitals, universities, entertainment and industry.  The Mob thanks Russians by always calling themselves ‘Russian Oligarchs”.  They are actually, obviously the enemies of the Russians, just as Americans get the blame for everything bad that the Jewish Mob does.  When Jews make war on other nations using weapons paid for with wealth extortion from America, we get the blame.  This too is the thanks Americans get for the huge transfer of American wealth to the Jews.

If the Mob would stick to side street gambling and voluntary prostitution that would probably be tolerated.  Now, however, their control reaches into our home life and schools and threatens the children of people who are not members of the Mob. No one is safe from them.

The hundreds of thousands of missing children in America alone is the result of defending the State of Israel. The reasons are several: The perpetrators (called Philanthropists if they’re Jewish) have no fear of justice, they have several identities and several safe havens from extradition.  Most annoying of all is that they have plentiful American and European tax dollars and free technology for setting up operations and tracking and punishment of those of us trying to end slavery.

Treating humans as merchandise is organized crime and should be investigated and prosecuted.   This is not done because the investigative responsibility is in the hands of Jewish gate keepers.

Defending the innocent victims of slavery is considered ‘hatred of Jews’.  This is a Hate Crime. That’s the Jewish definition of hate, not mine. This is the one crime that will be investigated and prosecuted.

When Putin finally made one of them, Khodorkovsky, serve a short jail sentence in Russia, the Mob declared war on Putin and Russia.  The destruction of Ukraine was the revenge.   They don’t tolerate justice. Now that Khodorkovsky is out of prison, he is more energetic than ever, with Soros, in establishment of Jewish Supremacy along with their religious right to enslave Christians and take what belongs to others.

If anyone thinks that teaching the Holocaust Hoax has no consequences, I’m here to tell you that it does.  Horrible consequences are suffered by countless children and defenseless people everywhere because of this lie.  A huge burden of guilt belongs to anyone propagating this evil lie against the innocent people of Germany and against Catholics and people who have a Christian culture. The punishment for that lie falls on the heads of innocent little children who fall into the merciless hands of organ thieves and slave traders.

Imagine if the State of Israel were a safe haven for the victims instead of the criminals.

The miracle of Putin’s rise to power in Russia is surely the fulfillment of the promise made in the Fatima Prophecy:  That in the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary would prevail.

For those people, like myself, who are hopelessly in love with Vladimir Putin, the next video is a compilation of images of his life, but it’s okay for guys too because Putin sets a good example to follow.



The next video shows how a good man has such love for the people entrusted to his care, that he sits down with families who’ve had their homes washed away in a devastating flood.  Yes, he talked to them in their towns, scolded elected officials for being rude and arrogant, and then he flew the families to Moscow for tours and had the brilliant idea to offer them free vacations at State properties in resort locations while their towns and homes are rebuilt.  It brings tears to my eyes.



The next is a list of translated Russian News  sources for English speakers that someone posted in comments. I’ll be checking these out over the next few days:

Russian Insight
Inessa S
Yaroslava Solntseva
Drago Victorien
Vesti News
Russia Today
Olga Siberian
Voice of Germany


“The jew cries out in pain, as he strikes you.”
 COUDENHOVE-KALERGI Plan is next up for research, and the

 45 Declared Goals of Communism, one of which is : ” The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the white means the end of the white man and our most dangerous enemy will become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the ‘ pax Judaic a ‘ and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence* will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark people’s.” – Rabbi Rabbinovitch. Jan 12, 1952.


Just so it’s well understood that my appeal for honesty and justice has a reason.  I and my family, plus that of my friends, have been lifelong victims of Mossad operations that have infiltrated our personal space and resulted in the deaths of almost everyone I ever loved. Our family businesses have been taken and we struggle to survive, and it’s getting more and more exhausting.  It’s time to speak the truth without hesitation, otherwise everything and everyone that the rest of you love will be gone as I’ve seen it happen in my life.

This is the time for courage. When the outcry against this privileged group becomes universal, the tide will turn in our favor.  Their stolen billions will evaporate in the attempt to shut down so many voices crying out for justice. Then maybe we can mourn the many victims of the Jews, especially the Germans who have suffered at their hands for too long.


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