The Very Hot August

Once the Nuke Hoax becomes firmly fixed in the mind, the following reports take on new meaning.  Here we have a team of highly paid liars and thieves, so-called scientists at a Nuclear Facility in Russia, getting their Hoax asses blown to bits while supposedly “testing” a missile that could only have been meant for America.

Yay for that.

This is the report from Pravda:


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Explosion during rocket test kills ‘elite’ of Russian nuclear center
Employees of the nuclear center, who were killed during the accident, were “executing a task of national importance.”
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“The death of employees is a bitter loss for the entire nuclear center and for the state corporation Rosatom. The test engineers are national heroes. These people were the elite of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center, who would sometimes work under incredibly difficult conditions,” the official said.”

“According to Kostyukov, it took the centre a year to arrange preparations for the tests in the water area of the White Sea. “We put up appropriate stands, conducted the certification of people. We conducted serious instruction works, prepared equipment, programs, techniques and discussed everything. It seemed that everything was prepared accordingly,” he said, adding that “the situation went according to an emergency option.”

Alexander Chernyshev, deputy head of the center, said about the radiation background at the test ground in the Arkhangelsk region… “Neither our experts nor external experts have registered any residual radioactive contamination.”

[Of course there’s no radiation.]

“It was also said that the employees of the nuclear center, who were killed during the accident, were “executing a task of national importance.” According to Rosatom representatives, the deceased employees were involved in activities related to the radioisotope power source, which was part of the rocket. Specialists knew about the “potential danger of their work.” According to Rosatom, the explosion at the test site took place after the completion of tests on the offshore platform. Three other specialists were injured.

On August 8, Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported that the explosion at the test site in the Arkhangelsk region occurred during the tests of a liquid-propellant jet engine. Ministry representatives did not specify what kind of engine it was and where exactly the accident occurred. News agencies noted that the explosion took place near the village of Nenoksa, 40 km far from the city of Severodvinsk, which is known for its Zvezdochka shipyard that builds nuclear submarines.”

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Good riddance.

That event was probably not an accident, but this is just my opinion. I also opine that the “nuclear test” was a rogue operation designed to start a war between Russia and America, for the benefit of Danny Devito, Latka and friends.

Archangelsk Oblast is the Northernmost region of Russia. It has a harbor that does not freeze. As a result of this location, both remote and beautiful, it became a refuge for persecuted people early on, and was the location of many traditional “Old Believers” monasteries.  For this reason, it was targeted by the Jews for genocide.

In the 1930s, the Jewish Communists carried out “experiments in economics”, whereby farmers  and fishermen there were denied the fruits of their labor, which was seized by the Jews. Just as we see in the Jewish European Union, and in Jewish controlled America, before Trump, this confiscation always leads to collapse.

Arkhangelsk Oblast became the location of the first Soviet prison camp, Solovki Prison Camp, created in 1920 on the premises of the former Solovetsky Monastery.

In the 1950’s, the people of Novaya Zemlya were  “strongly recommended to leave” when it became the military ground for nuclear hoax activity.

Now, with the destruction of this “Nuclear Facility”,  and with all the money not funding Nuke Hoaxes, the lives of many deserving people are immediately improved:

In a 35 minute speech recently by President Putin on pension reform:

”The retirement age for women should be lowered from 63 to 60 years. Mothers of many children will have the right to early retirement.

“If a woman has three children, she will be able to retire three years ahead of schedule, if she has four children – four years earlier. For women who have five or more children, everything should remain as it is now – they will be able to to retire at 50,” said the president.

For citizens who were to retire under the old legislation in the next two years, a special privilege will be introduced – the right to receive a pension six months before the new retirement age…”
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Finally someone is recognizing that after raising a family, a woman cannot realistically enter the professional workforce at the age of fifty. She faces starvation and homelessness, nothing more. Or else complete exhaustion when the additional task of caring for grandchildren is necessary so that the younger mother can work full time.  So it’s not just one family being raised by many Mothers, but two. It’s no wonder that we humans face extinction.

I feel great joy for the Russian people. This is the first time that the contribution made by Mothers has been recognized since the world rejected Catholicism. The idea that when a woman has children, she isn’t “working” and therefore deserves no pension might hopefully come to an end, now that the demographic reality is extinction of the human race.


“During his speech, Putin noted that during the 2020s Russia will face a demographic crisis caused by the low birth rate that the nation experienced during the 1990s.

“Today, this very small generation of those born during the 1990s is entering the working age. This will increase the burden on the pension system even more, because it is built mainly on the principle of solidarity,” the head of state said.

According to Putin, if one shows indecision now, both the stability of the society and the security of the country will be jeopardized.

“We must develop, we must overcome poverty and ensure decent life for people of the older generation – both today’s and future pensioners,” the president added.”

End Quote
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It’s a fact is that many millions of genocided Christians worldwide has resulted in leaving a ruling class of half-human lunatic pedophile cannibals on earth.  This will be undeniable as the facts of the Jeffrey Epstein case are revealed. I offer many prayers for the man called  “Vladimir Putin”,  for his loyal cleanup crew, and for all Russian people.

As Russia recovers from Jewish Communists and filthy Oligarchic domination, both America and Europe will benefit.

Not only pension reform, but also housing reform has been undertaken by Putin.  The fact that couples have more children when they live in their own house rather than in an apartment, which should be obvious, has prompted Putin to support home ownership rather than horrible Soviet style apartment buildings.

The focus is on increasing the population that was wiped out by the Russia-hating Jewish Oligarchs. Once again, I invite any Jews who feel shame to join the Catholics and help us to recover.

The  Archangelsk flag, it’s beautiful.

Archangelsk Flag.png



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