Russian Collision

The extent of Jewish (supposedly Russian, but not) Oligarch control of US Congress and the Obama administration is revealed by the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 (H.R. 4405).

The main intention of this US law is to punish Russian officials who legitimately convicted a few of the Jews who continuously rip off the Russian people.

The short sentences given these Jewish con men are a huge problem worldwide because these conmen get out of jail more dangerous than when they entered.  After the short sentence is complete, they use their stolen billions to get revenge on everyone who had any part in bringing them to justice, only they come to America and further corrupt our system to do so. The stolen hidden wealth earns interest while they are in prison, enabling their children to expand the criminal enterprise, enslaving Americans in the process.

Perhaps as a result of this, oligarchs aren’t safe in jail. The other prisoners justifiably resent Jewish thefts of their savings and Jewish privilege which allows them to keep the money.

One of the convicted oligarchs,  Sergei Magnitsky was beaten to death by other inmates. His prison peers obviously didn’t like him very much. The Jews claim that Putin ordered the killing, but present no evidence because there is none.

Rather than prohibit these Jewish  mobsters from entering American territory, the Congress in that distant land called Washington DC actually passed a law prohibiting Russian law enforcers from entering America.

This corrupt Congress actually published a complete list of every person who had anything to do with legitimately convicting Magnitsky.  This is an official Congressional hitlist for assassins to track them down.

The law that “our” Congress  passed prohibits anyone on the list from entering the United States and using “our” banking system. The legislation was  co-sponsored by Senator Ben Cardin.

Browder wrote that the Magnitsky Act found quick bipartisan support because there wasn’t a pro-Russian lobby to oppose it. Of course not.

The law was signed by President Barack Obama on December 14, 2012.

The Khodorkovsky next generation is then free to  destroy America with the stolen Russian money.

In 2010, the convict’s son,  Pavel Khodorkovsky, while his father is in prison, co-founded Enertiv, a firm that manufactures Smart Meters to monitor and control Americans, never mind the part where these devices destroy our health.

But first the young Khodorkovsky moved to New York City to work for New Media Internet, which creates Russian news websites. This was Khodorkovsky’s first job in America.

Typical of Jewish cowardice, he told Le Figaro in 2013 that he won’t returned to Russia because he feared “being sent for military service.”  

The Khodorkovsky owned Enertiv won its first big contract from a school in New Haven, Connecticut  where it had already installed Smart Meters with no concern for health affects.

The firm’s offices are headquartered in New York. Investors in Smart Meters include Vaidya Capital Partners and R/GA Ventures,  Jerry Kestenbaum, president of BuildingLink; Cameron Drummond, Daniel Feldman, Stephen Plumlee and Asad Husain.  Pavel  Khodorkovsky’s job was  “flying around the country and running around New York City installing Enertiv’s [Smart Meter] hardware devices in customer locations like schools and office buildings.”

When you see film of the elder Khodorkovsky in a cage during his trial, there’s another man with him.  That’s Lebedev.

Iokos’ controlling shareholder was Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the father of Pavel.  Mikhail and Platon Lebedev, were originally arrested in Russia on charges of fraud and tax evasion. Both were convicted in 2005.

Lebedev’s photo is on Wikipedia but it won’t upload, so he’s around and doesn’t want to be recognized.  He resembles the Uncle Willee that I found on Instagram with members of the Auerbach family.

On 7 August 2012, Lebedev’s 13-year sentence was reduced by 3 years and 4 months by a district court judge in the Arkhangelsk region city of Velsk, where Lebedev had been imprisoned.

Nevzlin is shown below with hair.

I can now identify him in his many disguises by watching his mouth when he speaks. The left side always opens up more than the right. His ears are also easily recognizable, as is his personality.


Nevzlin, who appears to be the same person as Carter Page, and a few others, like the editor at the Duran Project. Can you name one or two others, perhaps Hamish McLaren the Australian conman?

These can be found on YouTube.

Where would Nevzlin gather enough money to start a bank in Russia called Menatep?  Menatep owned the Yukos Oil Company.

The spelling of Yukos in Russian is actually Iokos.  All online images of the Iokos logo are censored and won’t upload.

The use of Yu instead of Io is a Jewish trick to replace our culture with theirs. The Io is part of the name Benjamin, which is  Bani (family of)  Io Man, which refers to ancient sailors. That’s a big topic for another article.

I’ll spell it Iokos, because it’s closer to the Russian spelling.

Khodorkovsky’s partner, Nevzlin was tried in absentia in Russia in March 2008, found guilty of several counts of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, but he was already in Israel which refuses to extradite him.

He appears on the three part documentary Russian Godfathers where he admits to joining with others to bring down Trump and Putin. This is their continuing plan for America and Russia to be under the dominion of Jewish crime families, using media and academic lies as weapons.

Nevzlin was the  biggest single beneficiary from a non-legally binding $50 billion Hague ruling concerning Iokos, which tells us that The Hague is an arm of the Jewish mafia.

In order to collect on this random judgment the former Iokos investors asked U.S. and EU courts to seize Russian-owned assets on their territory. This hasn’t happened yet, thanks to Trump.

Nevzlin received highest honors, for his efforts in supporting Boris Yeltsin’s reelection campaign in 1996.

After his election Yeltsin then  ordered the bombing of the Russian congressional building called the Duma. What an appropriate name for a lawmaking body.  Both dumb and doomed, we all suffer, worldwide, from the ability of puppet bribable strangers to create laws that make our lives miserable.

This academically substandard “player”, Nevzlin, promotes Jewish historical and heritage research projects.  That’s where they steal our history.

The source for more detail:

Klebnikov, Paul (2000). Godfather of the Kremlin: Boris Berezovsky and the looting of Russia. Harcourt. ISBN 0-15-100621-0, ISBN 978-0-15-100621-2.

The Minsk Jews Seek Revenge:

Nevzlin was born into a family of Belarusian-Jewish origin.

Belarus is the location of Minsk, where in a previous article we learned that Jewish traitors were executed in the early 1900’s by Russian military. There too, we see an example of how the Jews target anyone who enforces the law and punishes them for their treasonous crimes. The Wikipedia article on the subject calls the Russian military “perpetrators” of a Jewish  “massacre”.  The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes us.

The Magnitsky Act is also Jewish revenge against anyone who enforces laws against treason. This is the reason for all the secrecy surrounding the Epstein case.  Great care must be taken to protect the identities of those brave people who are protecting us by enforcing the laws. Putin, Trump and the Trump family are making a huge sacrifice in putting themselves out in public for our sake.

Nevzlin has received what appears to be one Jewish award for every day of his life, the list is that long and boring.

He actually promotes Jewish Peoplehood, something which real people have never seen a need to do.

The question as to whether Jews are actually people is also on my mind.  Besides their skeletal structure which is different from ours, and the Rhesus blood factor which makes reproduction between the two types impossible without medical intervention, they also actually have creation myths in which they descend from dog-human relationships.  This creation myth has been deceitfully grafted into the history of Rome as Romulus and Remus. It’s also recounted as Asana the wolf ancestor of the Turkish-Jews in Russia.

Our tax dollars in Israel help to support their attempt to appear human, while they scheme new methods for extermination of the rest of us.

Nevzlin launched the International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies at Beit Hatfutsot in 2006, and the Nevzlin Center for Jewish Peoplehood at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya in 2010.

Carter Page

Carter Page graduated with a BS degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1993. This is disturbing.

Although later professors rejected his scholarly attempts with terms such as “wackadoodle”, he somehow graduated at the top 10% of his class, and was chosen for the Navy’s Trident Scholar program, which gives ‘selected’ [shall we say Jewish?] officers the opportunity for independent academic research and study.

The Wikipedia entry says:

“Page received a PhD degree from SOAS, University of London in 2012…His doctoral dissertation on the transition of Asian countries from communism to capitalism was rejected twice before ultimately being accepted by new examiners.  One of his original examiners later said Page “knew next to nothing” about the subject matter and was unfamiliar with “basic concepts”…A reviewer described it as “very analytically confused, just throwing a lot of stuff out there without any real kind of argument.” Page blamed the rejection on anti-Russian and anti-American bias” since his false identity prevented use of the Anti Semite Card.

Despite his stupidity, or perhaps because of it, he later ran an international affairs program at Bard College and taught a course on energy and politics at New York University. In more recent years, he has written columns in Global Policy Journal, a publication of Durham University.

I personally experienced this kind of corruption in High School where my classmates and teachers were all crypto Jews.  I’ve barely touched on the subject. This is how mediocrity reaches mid levels, and stupidity reaches the highest level. The corruption begins early in life.

The Jews live a life of privilege at the expense of American taxpayers, and Carter Page is a perfect example.  If the following information doesn’t frighten you, it should:

“During his senior year at the Naval Academy, he worked in the office of Les Aspin as a researcher for the House Armed Services Committee.  He served in the U.S. Navy for five years, including a tour in western Morocco as an intelligence officer for a United Nations peacekeeping mission, and attained the rank of lieutenant. In 1994, he completed an MA degree in National Security Studies at Georgetown University [of course]. After leaving active duty in 1998, Page was a member of the Navy’s inactive reserve until 2004.
After leaving the Navy, Page completed a fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations, and in 2001 he received an MBA degree from New York University.”

In 2000, he began work with Merrill Lynch in London, was a vice president in the company’s Moscow office, and later served as COO for Merrill Lynch’s energy and power department in New York.

Yet Browder and other conspirators claim Carter Page was no one of consequence.

What they are hiding is that Page worked on transactions involving Gazprom, and “other leading Russian energy companies”, which is to say Iokos, during the years that Russia was looted by Khodorkovsky, Browder and co-cons-PIRATE-ors.

Suddenly no one knows who Carter Page is.

The name Richard (which I associate with Marc Rich) is always of interest to me, and he turns up as a partner with Carter Page.:

In 2008, Page, the US Naval officer,  founded Global Energy Capital, with James Richard and a former Gazprom executive, Sergei Yatsenko.

In October 2017, Page would not appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee asserting his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

No outcry against this has been heard in Oligarch media.


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