Lukashenko, Belarus and Benny Hill

What happened to Benny Hill?

The President of Belarus is Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko’s Wikipedia entry, along with everything concerning Benny Hill is censored for me and so it won’t cut and paste.  Links won’t copy either. So they are saving me a lot of work and you now have key words to do your own search and decide for yourself if it’s the same person.

Benny Hill’s father was a circus clown in England, according to his published biography.  This ties into the man named Garmes, who I was told by someone who knew him personally, had ten city blocks in London as a movie production location.

This movie production location has false townhouse fronts, according to a report which I can no longer locate.

This multi-generation clown family is certainly the same ‘elite’ bloodline that has provided such corrupt leadership during my lifetime.

A photo of Garmes and his crew can be found in one of my previous posts, but it’s not so easy to find now in an Internet search.  The photo was taken in the sixties or seventies in California at another of his film locations, which I was told used to be a strawberry field.  It’s also the location of the San Luis Rey Horse Farm.

The person who told me this didn’t realize what a snoop I was until too late.  I published Garmes’ photo and wrote that I’d be getting back to that man.  Strawberry Fields are the title of a Beatle’s song, by the way.

This show business/spy business is a pattern that can’t be denied.

Lukashenko as Benny Hill the second generation clown in London film production is the connection.

The main thing to know is that Lukashenko was the only deputy to vote against Belarus independence from the Soviet Union.  Anything else is probably a lie.

I learned from Bishop Sheen that the word Soviet means ‘Council’.  The word Council should be added to the list of dirty words that should never be spoken or used in any way unless you want to curse someone.  Beware of Councils, as we know from the Vatican Council and Congress and Parliament, they are always up to no good.

Lukashenko has been self-described dictator of Belarus for 35 years.  In that time, the average monthly wage has dropped from about $1500 per month to about $500 per month, according to the comments of people who actually live there. Job opportunities are nonexistent, according to these comments.

I’m completely censored today.  Nothing will copy and paste. Also I noticed that The Duran Report used the word ‘collide’ in today’s headline.  What better confirmation can a person ask?

Benny Hill can be found on YouTube under the following titles:

Benny Hill – Beach of Waikiki (1975)

Film Editors (1986)

Whatever happened to Benny Hill

Lukashenko can be found under YouTube title:

Bellarussia President Alexander Lukashenko Interview

(By the way, the downward cast of Lukashenko’s nose tip is exaggerated by his little Hitler mustache, which Benny Hill does not have.  That same type of nose is on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, coincidently.)

ONT TV Channel on YouTube has Russian language videos of him also.

I did manage to find three photos that will upload, below:

The photos of Benny Hill here show him with bluish eyes, but his films show him with dark eyes.  Everything else matches up.

The downward cast nose is seen here.  A dark mustache exaggerates it on Lukashenko.
Benny Hill the clown has a name that is also used by Louise Hill, the woman identified as the British Arvinder Sambei from the Spygate scandal.  On family obituaries Louise is identified as Louise Baumgartner.  That’s a Lafayette family, one of whom my grandmother knew.  My grandmother pointed out her house to me, near Abdalla’s store on St. Peter Street.  ’m sure that she’s Ana Lena Weill, owner of Abdalla’s Department store in New Iberia, which was shut down awhile back,
Alexander Lukashenko

Patriots4truth and has photos and a rundown of the connection between Arvinder Sambei and the Mueller investigation.  She originally called herself Sambir and her position was FBI legal adviser in Britain.  I identified her as Louise Landry, the sister of Ben Landry who is ‘Adam Schiff’.  They grew up in New Iberia.

Mueller resembles the Russian oligarch called Lebedev, who was arrested at the same time as Khodorkovsky.

None of the photos that I have related to Louise Hill and Arvinder Sambei will upload but I’ve published them on previous articles.

I also found Brian Lourd using a disguise.

My next post titled ‘Lourd’ has that photo which, thankfully,  I uploaded a few weeks ago.  It won’t upload into this article today.  Perhaps someone can identify who he’s pretending to be.  I think it came from a Russian language website that was linked to the anti Trump website called Trump-Russia. I’m unable to get to the file name to track it down but maybe my readers can.

Lukashenko is also probably playing some member of the government here in America.



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