What isn’t Reported in America: Beslan Five Years Ago

This is the first I ever hear of this horrible attack in Beslan Russia  that happened five years ago. The oligarchs who own American media were obviously interested in protecting the culprits, probably one and the same.  The culprits are whoever sent these young brainwashed mercenaries into a school to terrorize and torture children for three days in a gym, giving no food or water, killing many of the youngsters.

Here is the speech made by President Putin afterwards, and it’s a speech that can be addressed to Americans as well.  The search for and elimination of the evil machine is the subject. The machine is working towards a separate victory, only for themselves apart, at our expense.

They direct  weapons of men’s wars toward children in schools and engage in sadistic, depraved actions without any reason other than expecting that people will submit.  They use children as human shields.  In other words, the Mossad.  And if it isn’t, then why doesn’t the notorious and well funded Mossad do anything to actually stop terrorism?

Fight them, without naming them? Fight them is what Putin says must be done or else we agree to live as their slaves.  We don’t agree to be slaves. So a fight is on. Together we can get the job done.  Together.  And if they have obtained power stealthily, then they’ll fall from power the same way.

I will add that when Russians and Americans unite in this fight, together, then all this  ‘Rootless Cosmopolitanism’ ends.  It’s just a matter of time.


The Russian Collisions continue as I realize that the photos of prince Andrew when he was young look exactly like my cousin Robert Luke and the woman called Baturina could be Donna Marie.  They look alike. Could be relatives of their’s.

Those memories are returning and I’d say that I’ve seen this Dave Gilles neighbor of mine before, at a family gathering in a Louisiana restaurant. What a bad vibe I had from him. I guess he’s the husband of Edith Faye, but for some reason I cannot remember what he was called in the family, or any early details. That day in the restaurant he was gloating over the treasure trove of comic books, thousands that lined the attic walls, the collection that had belonged to Cousin Bill. They were in the house in Bridge City, Texas.  This collection then belonged to the Luke family because of whoever’s death we were gathering over, probably Aunt Rose’s. He gave me the creeps with his greedy attitude.

I’ve seen Baturina often here around Ocean View,  now that I think of it.

She owns a large property next door to Margaret of Unique Farms. This Baturina lookalike is a good friend of Margaret and that’s where I first saw her bringing fruit for Margaret’s fruit stand. . Using a close friend of Lee Quinn as a go-between, Marissa’s her name, Baturina with another identity,  has been making offers on my property and then changing her mind. That’s the property across the street from Dave and Barb, previously mentioned, who are probably her father and mother or step mother.  They’re the Lukashenko Lookalikes, Dave being Aleksander.  Is he also Eugene Charles Luke?  It’s possible.  I’ve had some interesting conversations with him, and he has all the characteristics of Lukashenko.

Remember that attack on me at Hookena occurred just when I was aquainting myself with this bunch.  They all go to the Episcopal Church towards Captain Cook.  Others tend towards Mehe’s on karaoke night.

The location of Unique Farms is shown in the next few PDFs.

Unique near Captain Cook Sep 9, 2019 at 8:54 AM

If I were to further this investigation, I’d keep a close eye on possible child sacrifice activities in this general vicinity, especially Kau Forest Preserve.  They tend to gather at the picnic area there at the entrance.

Click to access Kahuku-Forest-Trail-Guide.pdf


Margaret’s house and BnB- Sep 9, 2019 at 8:53 AM

Getting to know Margaret through her Unique vacation home rental customer comments, plus a photo of Margaret:

Safari – Sep 9, 2019 at 9:25 AM

This entire area of the Big Island has been developed as a pedo nest.  The sale of this land to the Rockefeller gangsters was illegal to begin with. I’m right smack in the middle of it. In fact, I purchased that lot across from Dave from a woman in California whose last name is Roman or similar.  The dots are continuing to connect.


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