Lyudmila, Putin’s ex-wife is a Member of the Nichols Family


Were both Putins her husbands?

Let me explain.

I realize now that Lyudmila is in Arlene’s photo collection.  My conclusion is that she is the sister of Gizi.  Gizi is Arlene’s daughter in law, wife of Larry Nichols/Bibi.

In present day terms, this would make Lyudmila is a sister in law of Bibi Netanyahu. The relationship is close enough to have them all at family holiday gatherings.  The girl named Tiffany shown with her in the photo below has her hair dyed and permed like Cherie, who could be Tiffany’s mother. I have other photos of Tiffany with straight, dark hair. She may be the daughter of someone else though.

This is Lyudmila, center, at the home of Charles Nichols in California, early 1980’s.

Lyudmila is called Cherie in these photos.  The young girl Tiffany may also the be the girl called Virginia Jauffrey in a later photo with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell.

This is Lyudmila around the time of her divorce from Putin.
This is not the present Putin.  This Putin was also using a fake name as a spy, so what was his actual name and family?

The woman with blonde hair, shown in profile below, is Lyudmila.

The man shown here next to Cherie/Lyudmila is identitified as Greg in Estella’s handwriting.  He could be the original Putin.  The hair is exactly the same in both photos, as well as the facial features.  Back of the photo has Lyudmila, identitified as Cherie, seated next to ‘Greg’  at the Nichol’s home on Euclid Street in Los Angeles, around 1981.  Gizi’s mother is standing, far right.  Lyudmila begins to look more and more like this woman as she ages, evidence that this might be her mother also.
Lyudmila began to resemble this woman as time passed. This is Gizi’s mother.

I have many photos of Gizi’s mother in Arlene’s collection.

There’s some evidence that Mogilovich is the family of Lyudmila.



Identified as the son of Semion Mogilivich.
Identified as Semion Mogilavich.


This is Lyudmila, identified as Cherie on the back of another photo.


This man is very likely the same man shown in Lyudmila’s wedding portrait, the original Putin who married Lyudmila. This would be the man who was killed on the Red October, if my theory is correct.  He’s wearing the uniform of the United States Navy.

Another Abramovich, the ex-wife of Putin…

Lyudmila Abramovich

Lyudmila’s businesses and “charitable” organizations are listed on her Wikipedia entry:

“Lyudmila was born in Kaliningrad, Soviet Union, the daughter of Alexander (his patronym is reported variously as either Abramovich[2][3][4] or Avramovich) Shkrebnev (Александр Абрамович Шкребнев or Александр Аврамович Шкребнев) and Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva (Екатерина Тихоновна Шкребнева). Her father worked at Kaliningrad Mechanical Plant.

She was educated as a linguist.[5] In 1986, Lyudmila graduated from the branch of Spanish language and philology…”

According to Reuters, Lyudmila Putina controls the Centre for the Development of Inter-personal Communications (CDIC). The CDIC’s offices are located in the center of Moscow, on Vozdvizhenka Street in the building previously known as Volkonsky House, which is its own property….”

“The building is mainly occupied by commercial tenants, including VTB Bank, Sberbank, a construction company called Severstroygroup, a sushi restaurant, and a Burger King. Total rent from the building is about $3–4 million.[21]”

“Tenants pay their rent to a company known as Meridian, which is in turn owned by a company known as Intererservis, which is wholly owned by Lyudmila Alexandrovna Shkrebnyova, which is Putina’s maiden name. Putina’s sister, Olga Alexandrovna Tsomayeva, was previously General Director of Intererservis. Artur Ocheretny, Putina’s current husband, chairs the CDIC’s management board.[21]“

A side by side comparison of what is supposed to be the original Putin (might be his son) and the present Putin is found with this article (!?) on the subject:

Putin’s Ex-Wife States That The Real Vladimir Putin Died a Long Time Ago and Replaced by a Body Double



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