The Charade

I could drive to the home of a number of these deep state players, knock on the door and they’d let me in and offer me coffee while scheming my destruction.

When the family is exposed to nothing but trained subversives who use shaming to divide and manipulate, then the home scenario gets as warped as the social life and the professional life. Bibi loses his immunity on October 3rd, according to news reports.  If Bibi ever gets arrested, I’ll still have to deal with a family who is certain that I’m crazy and stupid because everyone around them tells them so. The lies are so thick that even good people get lost in it.  Time continues forward and what is lost remains lost back there in those days when children should have been born but never had a chance to even be conceived. How? When there’s nothing but murder, poverty and rejection at every turn. That’s the situation that Mossad trained  stalkers create with lies and slander, generation after generation.  Anything done to shut down that evil operation will surely have God’s blessings.

This is just one person’s private reality in the land of freedom and opportunity for everyone else, they say.   It never was me because I was born into this unique situation and I ended up with this burden, but it’s about time to lay it down. I’d like to pass this collection on to some responsible group. It would be of interest to someone perhaps, or some government.

There’s one thing I’d hoped to see and it’s the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in a solemn ceremony as prescribed in the Fatima Prophecy.

This is what will begin the new era as it is now being prepared for future generations.  We cannot go on revolving our lives around how much money we’re able to produce.  It’s already led us to disastrous consequences on both the family and state level. Any criminal can make money, and with that money create a charade that can destroy the Earth for real.  What can a person do who is saddled with care taking of children for example, children who have no money to pay?  When money becomes the measure of worth in a Godless world, then criminals rule.  This is what we have. Is this what we want?

There’s one crime that is the basis for all others and it was the crime of creating government sanctioned monopolies.

The removal of all monopolies and restrictions on the production and sale of alcohol, tobacco, and medicines, especially cannabis needs to be done urgently.  This one action will solve the problem of poverty throughout the world while also shrinking the bloated bureaucracy.  No state enforced monopolies should exist, ever except in defense. And no government should ever tax it’s own people or give preference to one seller over another. Taxes should be paid by foreigners or else we’re nothing but slaves.  The children of the king do not pay the king, as Jesus pointed out in the Gospel of Matthew.  The coin in the fish’s mouth nevertheless had to be given to the tax collector at Capernaum or else it would mean going to prison at that time, as today. Later, the concept of markets held outside the gates was initiated, where foreigners paid sales taxes. That’s the Catholic way.  Catholic means “walled in”, like a castle. There is no truth to the claim that Catholic means ‘universal’.  It’s quite the opposite of universal.  It clearly separates those who choose God’s law from those who don’t. The Catholics did not live with the heathen.

I have hopes for better days soon.  Right now I don’t know what happened to Cameron and that’s a sad truth I have to live with. Please help me to pray for his safety. If you’re reading this Cameron please leave me a message here. It won’t be published.

To avoid ending on a sad note, here is a cute movie about CIA people having many identities, and the actress, I’m pretty sure  is Cameron’s mother when she was very young, my friend with many identities, Vicky Walet, God keep her.





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