I’m dealing with suicidal young people all around me. They have no future, no training, or else the training is so expensive that they want to commit suicide due to the stress of paying back impossible loans for education.

They have only drug addicted friends and hopelessness. Heroine, opium pills and vitamin supplements spiked with deadly drugs, leads to despair.  This is a very bad situation when I have to spend my days convincing twenty something year olds to not kill themselves out of hopelessness. It’s not only healthcare that’s unaffordable, they cannot afford to marry and have children.  Those who have children cannot enjoy them, and feel guilty for not being able to offer them a good life or protection from government abuse.  They cannot give their children  a reason for the incredibly depressing state of everything. Powerlessness is all we know.  Maybe this isn’t true for everyone.  Freemasons and government bureaucrats are doing fine, but does that make massive, rampant suicide something to ignore?

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