I delayed identifying Anthony  Scaramucci.

It’s because I’m fairly certain that  Scaramucci is actually the son of John Brennan, but the surname is Segura. He’s the one called PJ (Perry James), whose mugshot photo I’ve mentioned before as having been switched and then erased from an arrest in Lafayette.    That’s why he’s turning on Trump now; he has to defend his father.

Brennan has one other daughter about the same age as the Mooch, but I haven’t noticed her in the public eye.  I’ve had a good relationship with this family, actually. I’m sorry to have to make these reports because I don’t have reason to hurt them.

PJ actually is a mooch and a funny, charming one at that. He’s the one with strong ties to Africa.  He spent his best times there in younger days and always wanted to return, he told me several times.  He’s never been happy anyplace but there, and tended to get into trouble in urban settings.  So that arrest for getting into a fight is nothing unusual for him, but he’s obviously not a bad guy, as far as I can tell anyway.  These are inside family situations, I can’t explain it sometimes.

I attended the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Segura, the adoptive parents of Tootie, back around the early 1990’s.   Since they own the place, the entire Le Triomphe Country Club was used for the party.  That place has been mentioned in connection to Arvid


The food and drinks were infinite. We had a great time. I was the only woman there without a mink coat and ten diamond rings.  At least I wasn’t fat, I told myself. I had no idea that I was at a mafia ball. LOL.

Wikipedia entry for:

Anthony Scaramucci (/skærəˈmuːtʃiː/, ska-rə-MOOch-chee; born January 6, 1964), nicknamed

The Mooch”, is an American financier, entrepreneur, and political consultant who briefly served as the White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017.39E4DFA1-0D05-447D-92F0-828DF1B6A021l

The subject of Le Triomphe Golf and Country Club brings up Tevfik Arif, a Soviet-born Turkish real estate developer and investor from Kazakhstan. He founded the Bayrock Group in 2001, a real estate development and investment company.

As usual, the effort is made to smear Trump by association, but actually there’s no way to avoid these crooks.

He was arrested in Turkey around 2009, and here’s an excerpt from the court documents:

20 I 0/ 20648 Bill of Indictment – Page: 2
11- STEFANIYA RUSCHIKOVA, date of birth 07/01/1994, citizen of Germany, passport 64 N 1547830, resides in Moscow
12 – KSENIYA ZAKHAROVA, date of birth: 02/04/1993, citizen of the Russian Federation, passport N 63, series: 897428, resides in Moscow
1-TEVFIK ARIF, the son ofMURTAZA and GEYER, date of birth: 15/05/1953, registered at the address: ISTAMBUL city, district
BESHIKTASH, settlement ARNAVUTKEY, series 2, family registration number 1458, number 1, resides at the address: ISTAMBUL ciy I BESHIKTASH, Amavutkey, Kyultyur Makhalle Kerkady St., villa Panorama, N 3; detained on charge, at the “L” type prison in the city of Antalya
Trade in human beings, involvement in, inducement or aiding and abetting to prostitution, traffic in juveniles under 18, creation of criminal organization with the purpose of commission of crime
DATE OF DETENTION: under the order number 2010/102 as of02/10/2010 issued by the Criminal Court of Antalya city
CLAUSE NUMBER: Criminal Code of Turkey 80/1-3, Criminal Code of Turkey 220/1, Criminal
Code of Turkey 227/2-6, clauses 53

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