”Tied To”

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Uncle Erdogan with the son of Tefvik.
Trump with Tefvik and Slater.  Sometimes I write Tevrik instead.

Iceland, Tefvik, Bayrock and Russia’s missing 4 billion + IMF loan all go together. You’ll see, in long articles dealing with the subject, the term “tied to” used a lot.  The articles don’t need to be long except for the attempt to unfairly implicate Donald Trump. The lying media  knowingly ignores a lawsuit which revealed his innocence and that of other firms that worked with Bayrock.

To keep this simple, let’s go straight to the court document:

From the lawsuit:
“The exchange was part of a larger deal whereby FL became Bayrock’s new partner. The new partners agreed to work together on the existing Four Projects and on so much of $2,000,000,000 worth of new projects as they might “agreed to agree” to develop together.
All this was to the exclusion of Plaintiffs and other minority members in the Subs, who should have shared the millions of dollars of the $50,000,000 and a share of the new projects.“

So the lawsuit states that Bayrock and FL Group, in addition to other complaints, also colluded to keep deals secret from the other firms that worked with Bayrock on its various projects.    One of those other firms “ties” would be, for example, an agreement to use the Trump brand name.  In reality Trump and others “tied to” Bayrock were victims of a small insider group planning to defraud the rest of the team.

Trump had a licensing agreement with Bayrock for use of the Trump name, according to reports.  A licensing agreement is not ownership of the company, not even close.

What is a “licensing agreement” for use of a name?

“A licensing agreement is a deal between the owner of a patent, brand, or trademark and someone who wants to use the patented or trademarked goods and services.

Intellectual property – such as a logo, photograph, or song – to give permission to some other individual to use that property.

Some license agreements include a one-time license fee, paid at purchase. (For example, the licensor immediately pays you $5,000 at the execution of the agreement, and then is able to use your intellectual property for a one-year period).”

What are Subs?

“Sub-agreements. Within the license agreement, as with other types of contracts, there may be sub-agreements. For example, the licensor may require a non-disclosure agreement to keep the licensee from disclosing proprietary product features or processes to others.”

Here’s a run down:

-Browder and his comrades steal over 4 billion in IMF loans, leaving the Russians to pay it back.  Tevrik was a Russian official who participated in the theft.

-Said criminals find an Icelandic bank and essentially take it over, using the stolen loot to do so.

-Putin is pissed and wants the money back, so one thief goes to jail, and the other criminals flee.

-The stolen IMF loot is funneled through Tevrik’s FL Group Iceland and then into other real estate investments all around the world, but especially New York City.

-Felix Sater, working for Tevrik Arif, purchases licensing rights from the Trump organization. Do you suppose they confessed to Trump that Putin was looking for them and that he wanted his 4 billion back?  The more likely scenario is that purchase of these licensing rights was a further attempt at hiding the location of the stolen loot from Putin.

It’s easy to figure out who is involved in the theft because they are the ones trying most to invent a way to throw the blame on Trump, who is actually innocent.

For example, Attorney Steven J. Harper and the producers at BillMoyers.com launched the Trump-Russia Timeline in February 2017 with 25 entries. It now has more than 1,500 and is updated regularly. The culprits are very focused on framing an innocent man.


I hope I’ve illustrated that the people who are now called “the Mob” in photos with Trump, are all the upper echelons of business, finance, politics and education.  They don’t advertise that they are criminals.  Instead, they put on a charade. I myself have been unable to avoid them, hard as I’ve tried, not even knowing that they’re actually the Mob. The same is true for everyone else.  No matter what job you’re doing, chances are, you’re unwittingly working for the Mob.  They even capitalize the word for us on autocomplete.

I recognize Tefvik as someone who was a friend of Edward Willis, member of the Willis family in previous articles. We even went to his house. It’s located, I believe, between the Cypress Island road and Terrace Highway, a rural location not far from Le Triomphe Golf and Country Club. He was friendly also with Chantae, friend of mine whose name is in Epstein ‘s black book.  She’s the (black) girl who worked at LaQuinta Inn then. This explains why she had so many Arabic friends, however Tevrik told us that he was Italian.  I suspect that Chantae’s grandmother is Mad Maxine Waters. She did have a grandmother who she spoke with often.  I don’t remember the name that Tevrik used, but I remember that he had a Master Gardener certificate from the LSU agricultural center.

When I first met Tevrik through Edward Willis, he told me that he had known my father.  Tevrik was retired and disabled, but just getting his organic produce farm started, since he’d recently moved there.  He showed us his property. He said it was their old  family farm. It’s on Russo Milazzo Road, which is his family, as he told me. He lived in a double wide mobile home, still showing on google maps. The fields were in the front of the typical long, narrow property. The house was on the middle and a man-made lake in the rear. What concerns me is that he showed us an underground room in or near one of the farm buildings. Maybe it’s nothing.  It had a hidden hatch door from inside another building if I remember correctly.   His adult children lived on the same property. A map is posted at the beginning of this article.



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