Tefvik Arif

The only way to learn about Tefvik Arif is to sift through the lies that try to throw blame on Trump for mafia crime.  No problem, we know the game well by this time.

Veterans Today website is the domain of Gordon Duff, who has been identified as someone actually named Foti.  The brother in law of Ghislaine Maxwell is also named Foti.  It’s a St. Martinville family, but it’s an Italian name.  I was a follower of his articles for a long time because the comments were so lively and informative, but then after Trump’s election, he went bananas against Trump and really gave away his actual position as a professional liar.  His website also prevented certain people from commenting at one point so everyone abandoned it years ago.  I checked to see what he’s saying lately. Here’s an excerpt from his article on the subject of Tevrik/Tefvik:

He’s writing here about the Mob that’s controlling the Department of Homeland Security.  I can tell you from what I learned while married to Randy/Bibi, that DHS had one purpose and that’s to remove power from local Sheriffs and shift that power over to the International Mob.  Before DHS, locally elected Sheriffs had the power to make arrests.  The foreigners wanted to do away with this obstacle to their crime syndicates.  If DHS didn’t exist, arrests of powerful criminals could have been made by local Sheriffs. Instead now, only the military, or Interpol can make those arrests. The foreigners of course all have US passports, but since they have other passports as well, they’ve succeeded in making themselves the enemies of everyone, including the Israeli people. They are certainly armed enemy combatants, and their main weapon is the news media.

Randy spoke often about the power of local Sheriffs, hinted at when Duff says that DHS wants to “sidestep” the US Constitution.  DHS certainly prevents me from using airline travel because I’m on Bibi’s list of people who will be sexually assaulted by DHS security if I attempt to get on an airplane.  It’s happened once and believe me, it’s a horrible experience to have them laugh at my lack of power to defend myself, while DHS agents have my shoes, identity papers and luggage. They can do whatever they want at our airports, even plant bombs on airplanes if they don’t like one of the passengers. I had to wait for removal of one of those before boarding a flight in Dallas. That’s the airport where not a single native born American can be found among the employees.   They can certainly smuggle drugs and children with ease.

Foti/Duff writes:

“The Department of Homeland Security from day one was an Israeli run organization, built and structured on Israel’s own security services used against the Palestinian majority as part of the alleged apartheid state of Israel, capable of sidestepping the US constitution and putting a full fledged police state in place. The DHS is America’s “Tel Aviv,” an organization that oversees, defends and regulates, to an extent, organized crime influence over America.”

Duff does not add that Bibi owns DHS, but he does bring up Tefvik, as if Bibi has nothing to do with it. Tefvik gets thrown under the bus by Duff, in order to take attention from Bibi’s guilt concerning DHS.

Duff writes:

“To this group we can add the other partner in Soho, Tevfik Arif, the man at the heart of Turkey’s massively powerful criminal machine, who delivered into this group not only the muscle of the Erdogan family and control of the Turkish Armed Forces with its newfound partnership with Israel.”

“He also brought control of Turkey’s intelligence services inside the United States and their long-term partnerships with both Israeli and Saudi intelligence and their penetration of the FBI, CIA, DIA and utter control of DHS…”

“For those unaware, NAFTA has turned 40% of America over to Mexican and Latin American drug cartels, long partnered with American banks and, according to FBI sources, the powerful Walton and Romney families.”


The Likud party is the key to control of the illegal State of Israel. These are the ultra orthodox whose privileges include monthly paychecks for pumping out more babies and exemptions from having to do things like having a job or joining the military.  A search for the source of the internet trolls who spew filthy language and insults at Americans and Christians would probably lead one to the Likud party, Bibi and the pampered ultra orthodox in Israel.

Duff admits that an “oligarch” is an Israeli organized crime figure protected by the powerful right wing Likudist faction, but he doesn’t mention that it is controlled by Bibi.  Here in America the media calls Mob bosses “developers” or “investment bankers.” “Philanthropist” is often used as well.   Duff admits that these are “violent criminals”, but then he pretends that, rather than being already established in America, they only flooded into the US from Russia and Turkey beginning in the late 1980s.  The Soviet Union would not have existed if not for the Jews that use America to further their control.  Duff writes that “they brought with them the full weight of the powerful security apparatus of the Soviet Union and used it to overwhelm American law enforcement, crushing organizations like the FBI.”  I’d say that the FBI was always an arm of the Mob, from day one.

As it stands today, Israel is in deadlock because Gantz was elected specifically to get Bibi out of Likud. He cannot form a coalition government with Bibi, unless he breaks his main election promise. Bibi must go. It’s a showdown.  He was supposed to be arrested last Friday, October 3, but the courts keep giving him extensions.

Tick Tock

”Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.”

“Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter.

“Ye have condemned and killed the just. He doth not resist you.”

“Be patient therefore brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.”

James 5: 4-7

This is the only item from my past that hasn’t been stolen because it’s worthless. It was a high school graduation gift and I wore it when I was attending college in New Orleans. I wore this also when I met Cy, and I never wanted to throw it away for some reason. It’s been hanging around for a long time.


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