Lake Charles Louisiana, Russia and Venezuela

The occasion of the Trump Rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana is a good time to talk about Venezuela, and what US backed Guaido was actually doing there.  The  Venezuelan-owned oil refineries and gas stations in the US are called Citgo. One of their refineries is in Lake Charles, La. There are 4900 locally owned and operated retail outlets that have the CITGO brand name. CITGO once did, but no longer imports oil into the US for it’s  refineries.

“With approximately 3,500 employees and a combined crude capacity of approximately 749,000 barrels-per-day (bpd), CITGO is ranked as the fifth-largest, and one of the most complex independent refiners in the United States”, says Citgo.

I’m not sure what they mean by “independent refiner”.

The Citgo website has two recent press releases that explain some of it.

“HOUSTON, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has removed CITGO Holding, Inc. and CITGO Petroleum Corporation’s from credit watch and has placed them on a stable outlook.

Here’s the full text of another news release showing that the Guaido government legally appointed the present board of Directors of CITGO. PVDSA owned Citgo.  SA stands for Sociedad Anonima, which is a corporation, an anonymous society, which could even be translated as ‘secret society’.

Decisive Court Victory for CITGO Boards of Directors

HOUSTON, August 21, 2019 – Today a Delaware court issued a Final Order and Judgment providing complete legal affirmation of the authority of the Guaidó government to appoint Boards of Directors of PDV Holding, Inc., CITGO Holding, Inc., and CITGO Petroleum Corporation through its authority to appoint the Directors of the PDVSA Ad hoc board (in Jiménez et al. v. Palacios et al.).

This Final Order and Judgment constitute a resounding victory for the Guaidó-appointed Boards of Directors of the CITGO entities and the entire company. We are grateful the Court rightfully recognized the Boards as the legitimate Directors of CITGO.

We are heartened that the Court disavowed this flagrant attempt on the part of the Maduro regime to use the U.S. judiciary to advance anti-democratic objectives.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CITGO Petroleum Corporation operates three refineries located in Corpus Christi, Texas; Lake Charles, La.; and Lemont, Ill., and wholly and/or jointly owns 48 terminals, nine pipelines and three lubricants blending and packaging plants.

With approximately 3,500 employees and a combined crude capacity of approximately 749,000 barrels-per-day (bpd), CITGO is ranked as the fifth-largest, and one of the most complex independent refiners in the United States.

CITGO transports and markets transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products and supplies a network of approximately 4,900 locally owned and operated branded retail outlets in 30 states and the District of Columbia. CITGO Petroleum Corporation is owned by CITGO Holding, Inc. For more information, visit


So what series of treasons have led to three of America’s essential oil refineries being owned by a foreign country, even if it weren’t a Communist Dictatorship?

My digging into it brought me around to Marc Reich and the Clinton pardon.

This particular series of  treasons also shows us exactly how the US House of Representatives, in collusion with the media worldwide, goes about deviously provoking wars.

At this point, Trump has overcome the danger that loomed concerning CITGO, so Lake Charles has a reason to celebrate. The new  liquified natural gas terminal in Cameron Parish is nearby so that’s another reason for joy, except not so much for those six  former Citgo executives from Texas and Louisiana are still jailed in Venezuela on corruption charges.

The progressive  transformation of a privately owned American company to a foreign state owned company in a stable country, to a communist mobster controlled bargaining chip happened very quickly. All it took was the suspicious death of  Hugo Chavez  in 2013. In 2019 Citgo  was on the verge of being handed to ROSNEFT, holder of the mortgage which wasn’t being paid. It’s the classic scam due to the fact that a government has the power to use public assets and future tax revenue as collateral. Then the government has the power to not pay that mortgage and thereby effectively sell the nation that it governs.  The government insiders sign huge mortgages and end up buying public assets with the very loans that they arranged and then stole, using tax revenue to pay off the stolen debt. It’s theft. The results are devastating to society.

The transfer of CITGO  to ROSNEFT never happened, because Trump placed Guaido to protect America’s interests, but let’s look closely at who owns ROSNEFT because these are always inside deals.

Fake News always lies about ROSNEFT.  They don’t want you to know that ROSNEFT  is only 50% owned by the Russian Federation.That is not a controlling interest necessarily.  British Petroleum owns almost 20% and the company that was founded by the Clinton-pardoned ‘Marc Reich’ owns 5.34% in union with a company called QIA, Qatar Investment Authority.

A Chinese Conglomerate called CEFC owns almost 15% of ROSNEFT.

This is a large percentage and one wonders if the trade downturn between China and America will one day force the sale of this percentage.

Ownership of ROSNEFT is, according to public reports:
Russian Federation (50%)
BP (19.75%)
CEFC (14.16%)

Why was it not a problem for the House of Representatives that the Communist Dictatorship of Maduro owns refineries in our communities, but suddenly it’s a problem that Russia owns them?  The seemingly  ridiculous House Bill to prevent Russia from entering into agreements with Venezuela was introduced by Debra Wasserman Schultz.  The news articles fail to mention the fact that Venezuela owns key US refineries.

This article, originated from Sputnik and it also gives the false impression that a US House Bill was actually already the law.  This is another example of provoking war between America and Russia, by the worldwide  gangster-owned media.

The media and the US House of Representatives continually go  about creating ill-will towards America with their extreme anti-Russian provocations, like this one:

“MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 26th March, 2019) The United States is trying to prohibit cooperation between two independent states, Russia and Venezuela, and its decision to try and cement this effort in the form of a law is legal nonsense, Oleg Morozov, a member of the Russian upper house’s foreign affairs committee, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

On Monday, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed the Russian-Venezuelan Threat Mitigation Act, which aims to combat Russian influence in Venezuela. The bill would require US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to assess Russia-Venezuela cooperation and Moscow’s military presence in the Latin American country.”

“The passage of such a bill is legal nonsense. It turns out that a US national bill calls for preventing absolutely legitimate cooperation between two UN member states.”


One of the owners of ROSNEFT is CEFC China Energy, a company owned by the Chinese Military. Is this where America’s pension funds are invested? Is this what owns our media?

CEFC China Energy (Chinese: 中国华信能源) claims to be a private company, but we know that  there’s no such thing  in Communist China. Their business is largely outside of China. Since lying is an acceptable practice in Talmudic-based Communism, we can assume that anything  in the following Wikipedia entry is also a lie, but not all of it.

With revenue of 263 billion CNY (US$40 billion or 33 billion EUR) in 2014 the company is among the 10 largest companies in China. Revenue is  mainly from oil and gas (60%) and financial services (25%). It owns transport infrastructure, forestry, asset management, hotel management, warehousing services, real estate development and logistics services.

A large portion of their assets are concentrated in overseas markets, such as the United States. Shanghai Energy Fund Investment Ltd (SEFI), owns most of CEFC. It is registered under Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC.  Czech President Miloš Zeman has appointed CEFC’s founder Ye Jianming as his economic adviser.

CEFC is  linked to the People’s Liberation Army, even Wikipedia admits this much.

As you can see, worldwide, national governments are shirking their responsibility to protect their citizens by allowing a company owned by the genocidal Communist Chinese Military to take over large sections of their economy.

For example, when Obama handed our main container ports over to the Chinese Communist Party, neither media nor government told us about the company called Gulftainer that makes missiles hidden inside shipping containers. These were sent all over the United States, and there’s no more news on that.

“September 2015, the company acquired multiple assets in the Czech Republic – a majority stake in brewery Pivovary Lobkowicz Group [cs], a 10% stake in airline Travel Service, 60% in football club SK Slavia Prague and real-estate assets in Prague – the building of the former Živnostenská banka at Na příkopě street and Le Palais Art Hotel Prague. CEFC also bought a stake of between 50 and 90 per cent in Czech online travel agent Invia in March 2016, probably with a view to capitalising on the rapidly increasing numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Prague.[16]”

In 2017, CEFC bought a 14.16% stake in Russia’s largest oil producer Rosneft for about $9 billion.

In 2018 CEFC was completely taken over by the Chinese Military when the company chairman Ye Jianming was detained for questioning on the order of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, which hides behind the anonymous society called CITIC Group which acquired 49% of CEFC Shanghai, a subsidiary of CEFC China Energy; in turn, CEFC Shanghai owns CEFC Europe.

“In April 2018, CEFC announced they may lay off half of its 30,000-strong staff; staff have not been paid for two months.”

In May 2018, CITIC Group announced they will repay ca 450 million euros owed by CEFC Europe to finance and banking group J&T within days but since the debt was not been paid a week later, J&T announced it had taken over shareholder rights and installed crisis management at CEFC Europe.  Several days later, CEFC Shanghai defaulted on $327 millions in bond payments, and offered to make the payments six months after the maturity date.

J&T is an investment group founded in 1993 in Slovakia . It pursues business in the private equity and banking sectors, mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Moscow Exchange, publicly traded,  owns  10.38% of ROSNEFT.  This could be a significant threat to the gangsters at the other exchanges, that’s another topic.

Thanks to the Clinton pardon of Marc Reich, QIA and Glencore own 5.34% of ROSNEFT.

QIA is Qatar Investment Authority.

“Since our inception in 2006, QIA has built a major global portfolio spanning multiple asset classes and regions whilst staying true to our Qatari heritage” says their website.

So QIA and Glencore are the manifestation of the Clinton pardon of Marc Reich.  It’s stolen property.

Glencore has such a long history of continually breaking basic laws, worldwide, that it would need another article or book to consider it.

ROSNEFT employed 261,500 people in 2014.
Rosneft was founded in 1993 and has become the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum company.

In January Juan Guaido, became interim president of Venezuela by gaining the majority party’s votes, thus contesting the re-election of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro last year. Maduro mortgaged Venezuelan State assets to ROSNEFT.

Valencia, Robert (October 14, 2017). “Don’t Worry About War with North Korea — Venezuela Is the Real Problem”. Newsweek. Retrieved 15 October 2017.

”In the event that Venezuela is unable to pay off its debt to Russia, the Maduro administration is using CITGO as its guarantee. In April 2017, it was unclear how Venezuela’s state-oil company PDVSA—CITGO’s parent company—would pay Russian loans. As a result, Russia’s state-oil company Rosneft could potentially own CITGO, which is based in Houston. Democrat and Republican legislators sent letters to Trump, members of Congress and senators alerting that this could pose a danger to U.S. national security should Russia acquire the company.”

Notice that they weren’t concerned about Maduro’s takeover of the same company.

There were many headlines claiming that Russia and Putin supported Maduro, but on closer look, there’s no truth to it.

“Russia denies sending mercenaries to protect Venezuela’s president” was a rare truthful headline on the subject in the South China Morning Post. 28 January 2019.

Marissa Luck wrote another rare bit of truth, the only article I’ve found that explains the need to protect CITGO:

“Citgo also has a new board of directors appointed by opposition government Juan Guaidó, the leader of the National Assembly… Guaido is recognized by the United States and its allies as the legitimate leader for the purpose of securing the Citgo refineries that are located on American soil and employ many people.”

As part of a new loan deal, Citgo retired a $320 million and $900 million debts maturing in May and July.

The $1.2 billion term loan, which involves 35 financial institutions, and allows CITGO to pay off ROSNEFT and prevent transferring it from a Venezuelan communist dictatorships to a company largely owned by the Chinese Communist Dictatorship.

Citgo’s refineries are [were] able to process a large amount of discounted heavy crudes and shale crudes, both of which boost profitability, according to the rating agency said.”

Since sanctions took effect in January, Citgo cut off all financial and operational interactions with PDVSA, including buying Venezuelan oil. The company had imported 56 million barrels of Venezuelan crude into the USA in the first 10 months of last year, according to Energy Department data.

As far as sanctions go, Trump just signed an Executive Order to remove control of sanctions from bureaucrats. Amazing that this wasn’t in the President’s power before. There was one bureaucrat in the State Department, recently resigned, who was handing out sanctions like Halloween candy.  No more of that.

Now sanctions must be approved by, not just the Secretary of State, but also the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

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