Shares of ROSNEFT

Shares of ROSNEFT were never supposed to be owned by foreigners. Russia has a law against it. That’s the law that was broken by Browder and friends  and that’s the crime that affects the entire world, through  ROSNEFT.

Why? Because the income from those shares is a huge money source, especially if the separate foreign owners of the other 50% are all in cahoots. This money is why they have not been extradited to Russia from America and England. They are also safe in the Arab Emirates and Israel, according to various reports.  They can destroy Russia with income from the sale of Russian resources, except that Putin has held them off. The destruction has obviously already spread to America, Europe, Africa, China, and the rest.

With the huge income from Russian minerals, the Mob is buying up all media, worldwide. We can see the results of that. Not only do they intend to force themselves into the presidency of the United States, and assassinate a sitting President, but they also continue to prepare people to support a war between America and Russia. They are prepared to use Middle Eastern and Russian Federation immigrant mercenaries to fight for them, probably on both sides, but we pay for the salaries and bombs, according to their customary methods.  Canadian military facilities have been filled with Middle Eastern immigrants for years now, which I’ve written about in past articles here.

Of course it all collapses because America and Russia fight back, and gradually others join in. The Mob especially hates Russia for that.  But if you look at Tsar Alexander III, you realize that the International Mob has always hated Russia, and in fact are using the same tactics against Russia today, that were used in the the time of Tsar Alexander III, and his father, Alexander II, both of whom were assassinated by them.

The tactics used against Russia and America by Browder in his media campaign described in the video reposted at the end of the article, are the exact same tactics used by the assassins of the Romanovs. The Jews went to foreign nations and accused their victims of the crimes of which they themselves are guilty, thereby appealing for help to fight the Russians.

The tactics are described in the Wikipedia entry for Alexander III:

“… In 1890, Mr. Gladstone wrote to the “Jewish Chronicle” that he had “read with pain and horror the various statements respecting the sufferings of the Jews in Russia, and that the thing to do, if the facts could be established, was to rouse the sympathy” of foreigners.”

That Gladstone.

The fact is that Jews in Russia were doing very well at the expense of everyone else, and the Romanov struggles with the situation are interesting.  Alexander III tried to correct this injustice, because his father had inadvertently created it. A close look at several generations reveals that the entire family was  truly imprisoned within their homes, and they themselves spoke of this.

I’ll be writing about their advisors, because they were all Jewish ‘Socialists” intent on taking control of Russian farmland for themselves. Over a hundred years later, Putin is facing the results of this, a done deal, because now the extended families who had legitimate titles to the land have all fled for their lives, as if this is some kind of justice.  People like “Benny Hill” were controlling the productive farmland, which of course led to devastating famine during the Romanov era and beyond.  Only now is Putin gradually re-establishing stable food production.

“On 18 November 2017, Vladimir Putin unveiled a bronze monument to Alexander III on the site of the former Maly Livadia Palace in Crimea.”

The reason Alexander III is remembered with fondness by the Russians is because he made a resistance to the schemes of the Socialists until the Socialists assassinated him too.

The family names of the assassins are also found today among the Browder Mob.

“On 13 March 1881 (N.S.) Alexander III’s father, Alexander II, was assassinated by members of the terrorist organization Narodnaya Volya.”

Due to the danger of continuing assassinations, he ascended to the Russian imperial throne in Nennal.  Where is that?

Nennal is a village and a Mandal in Adilabad district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Are you getting the picture?

He and Maria Feodorovna were officially crowned and anointed later at the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow on 27 May 1883.

Encouraged by its successful assassination of Alexander II, the Narodnaya Volya movement began planning the murder of Alexander III.  Five of the conspirators, including Alexander Ulyanov, the older brother of Vladimir Lenin, were captured and hanged in May 1887.

“During the 1867 World Fair Polish immigrant Antoni Berezowski attacked the carriage containing Alexander II, his two sons and Napoleon III. His self-modified, double-barreled pistol misfired and struck a horse of an escorting cavalryman.”

Here’s another assassination attempt by someone with a name similar to Kodorkovsky:

“…April 1866, there was an attempt on the emperor’s life in St. Petersburg by Dmitry Karakozv.”

To commemorate Alexander III’s escape from death, churches and chapels were built in many Russian cities.


One thing the Mob hates to do is pay taxes.  That’s why the losing side is suddenly seeing  ‘a trade war’ between China and America.  That’s not what it was called when America was on the verge of total collapse due to China’s cowardly ‘Total War’  on America through traitors in our government. That’s been going on for almost forty years.

Then Trump and the loyal military in many nations, stepped in to save all of us, worldwide. Even the Chinese people benefit because Trump, and American grains, are the only thing between them and massive starvation this winter.

God Almighty has arranged a series of disasters for Chinese food producers. There’s especially a crisis in pork, which is being filled by Russia.  If China hadn’t purchased the grains, Trump stated clearly that he’d use the income from import tariffs to buy the grains from American farmers and then give away the grains for free. Billions of Chinese people would love Trump for saving them from starvation, because America produces way more than we need.  China is not only lacking oil to power their factories,  they also are short of arable land.  This is why America doesn’t need China for anything.  Neither does Russia. The Chinese Communists, like Communists everywhere, are nothing more than parasites.

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