Tulsi Gabbard Frontman For an International Crime Ring

Generally speaking, most candidates for public office are fronts for criminal organizations, but let’s focus on this most recent media darling.

My first observation was that she’s not a she.  Photos and discussion of that are at the end of the article.  The deceit involved in transvestism pales in comparison to the organized crime and cult aspect which includes recruitment of rural children in India.

A website called “Meanwhile In Hawaii”  has a thorough investigation into the international organization that backs Tulsi Gabbard.

Here’s the concluding paragraph from an article published in New Yorker Magazine entitled,

“Tulsi Gabbard Had a Very Strange Childhood Which may help explain why she’s out of place in today’s Democratic Party. And her long-shot 2020 candidacy.”
June 11, 2019

By Kerry Howley

“Maybe Tulsi Gabbard is a toady, or naïve, or negative-attention seeking, or maybe a boy who grew up watching his father ridiculed decided to build a world in which he never would be, and in the world he built appeared a girl capable of holding firm to brazen ideas the world disdains. There are good actors and bad ones, but you don’t get to know what is in a candidate’s heart. If you think you do, you’ve been fooled. There is only the story they tell and the one you choose to believe. There are the votes they show up for and the forces they resist — the strength of the lifeline and into what strange waters they steer the boat.”
Gabbard is a second generation cult member of Chris Butler’s Science of Identity Foundation (SIF), a secretive sect headquartered in Kailua, on O’ahu’s Windward Coast.

The SIF network grooms political candidates and is managed by long-time Butler followers and SIF financiers – Allan Tibby, Joseph Bismark, and Patrick Bowler. All three “have faced international criminal allegations of money laundering, syndicated estafa (racketeering), and drug smuggling, respectively. In 1977, Honolulu Advertiser investigative reporter Walter Wright uncovered Butler’s underhanded involvement in a Hawai’i political party called Independents for Godly Government, which Butler’s followers financially floated with mysterious funds.”
Koviak, now 38, said he listened repeatedly to Butler’s lectures while a student at the SIG Baguio school, in the Philippines in the 1980’s.

Koviak wrote. “Then there were the private tapes that were only for his disciples and close followers. Those went into graphic detail about homosexuality and male on male intercourse.”

Koviak said the students also watched a video produced by Mike Gabbard’s Stop Promoting Homosexuality organization, which included footage of men having sex in public.  Other former students have similar reports.

In one of the newsletters, Patrick Bowler, who was arrested in 1997 for running a major international hashish smuggling ring, is listed as a cash contributor to the school.

“A 2017 article on Rep. Gabbard in The New Yorker also mentions that, “as a girl, she spent two years in the Philippines, at informal schools run by followers of Butler.” (It is also clear from the The New Yorker article that Rep. Gabbard was less than forthcoming with the reporter regarding her relationship with Butler and SIF.)”

Her ex-husband, Eduardo Tamayo, is the nephew of Ramon “Toby” Tamayo, who ran the Baguio City boys’ school. Her current husband, Abraham Williams, is also a second generation Butler disciple. So are at least three of her current, key Congressional staffers, including Chief of Staff Kainoa Penaroza, whose father, William Penaroza, chaired a Butler-connected political party in the ’70s called Independents for Godly Government. At least two of Rep. Gabbard’s current Congressional staffers are first generation Butler disciples, including her mother-in-law, who manages her Honolulu office, according to the linked website.

“Rep. Gabbard did not reply to multiple inquiries from Meanwhile in Hawai’i.”

Several other SFI followers on the early 2000s followed Butler’s advice to run for office,

Federal Election Commission data show Rep. Gabbard’s 2012 Congressional campaign received significant backing from individuals within Butler’s SIF network – many of whom also donated to her father’s 2004 and 2006 Republican campaigns.

Rep. Gabbard’s more recent campaign finances show a network of individuals tied to India’s far right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Rep. Gabbard spoke and fundraised at Overseas Friends of BJP events in Los Angeles.

She traveled with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) to meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi; and to Syria with Syrian Social Nationalist Party escorts to meet with Bashar al-Assad.
D.C. publicist Chris Cooper of The Potomac Square Group was hired to write a letter on Rep. Gabbard’s behalf in July 2017 to a mainstream news editor here in Hawai’i to prevent this series from being published in Hawai’i’s mainstream news media.

In 2016, the same Chris Cooper was hired by Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya’s Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation (HRAGIF) to promote a Russian docudrama about the Magnitsky Act.  Veselnitskaya somehow figures into the ongoing coup attempt against President Trump.  Gabbard also speaks out against Trump.

Chris Butler, the Guru of SFI

On Kaua’i and Maui, Butler began organizing a vast political and financial network, centered on himself as their “spiritual master and earthly conduit to the Hindu deity Krishna.” They created a political party called Independents for Godly Government (IGG) in 1976 which became powerful in Hawai’i’s politics, resulting in the election to the U.S. Congress in 2012 of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawai’i).

“A key part of the Butler group’s financial arm, rooted in Hawai’i’s Down to Earth vegetarian grocery chain and the QNET international pyramid scheme, is currently being scrutinized by the Supreme Court of India. QNET executives, including two men who currently serve as the Butler group’s primary financiers, have been arrested or are wanted by police in at least half a dozen countries for alleged organized financial crimes.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Farm

“Historical documentarian and Kaua’i resident John Wehrheim recalls the Butler group running “a beautiful farm operation” in the ’70s on the North Shore Kaua’i land that is now owned by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Wehrheim said the success of the farm was due partly to the free labor of Butler’s devotees. He got to know Butler and his group while documenting the lifestyle at Taylor Camp – another Kaua’i North Shore hippie group – for the Kaua’i Historical Society.”

“As Butler has become increasingly eccentric and reclusive, Tibby – a jet-setting international businessman with continued close ties to the Gabbard family – has served as SIF’s public spiritual teacher, marriage officiant, YouTube face, and international tour speaker. Tibby has led Kirtan (devotional chanting) sessions at Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu and the Bhakti Yoga Shack on Kaua’i. Former SIF members Koviak and Ranson both say Tibby was also an administrator of the SIF boarding school they attended in the Philippines.

Tibby has been wanted by police in India on money laundering charges since 2009. He is prominently named as “absconding” in a police document filed by the Chennai City Prosecutor’s office. Chennai police charged Tibby with financial fraud under India’s Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Banning Act.

Chennai-based attorney Mahesh Kanna, who has spearheaded legal action against white collar crime in India, says Tibby’s legal status in Chennai remains “absconding accused.” Tibby did not respond to a request for comment on the allegations.

​Chennai police accused Tibby of conspiring with QI Group (aka QNET) Chairman Vijay Eswaran, in a case allegedly involving over US$170 million earned through an illegal pyramid scheme operated in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state. QI Group has repeatedly changed names after facing legal trouble. The company has operated as QNET, GoldQuest, QuestNet, Vihaan Direct Selling, V Dimension, etc. Tibby and Eswaran are accused of attempting to launder and diversify the pyramid scheme money through resort and construction front companies.

Police froze Tibby’s Indian bank accounts.
QI Group owns the Down to Earth vegetarian grocery chain in Hawai’i and Down to Earth’s parent company, Healthy’s, Inc. SIF, which is officially registered in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) religious charity, is also heavily financially tied to Healthy’s, Inc. Although publicly available SIF tax information is limited, a 2012 return shows SIF earned 96% of its profit from a sale of Healthy’s, Inc. stock. In 2004, SIF reported receiving a donation of Healthy’s, Inc. shares worth US$929,256.

Tibby and Eswaran’s close business partner, QI Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark, is a long-time Butler devotee who owns two homes in Kailua, O’ahu. Those homes are used by Butler and his disciples for residential and business purposes. Bismark listed “The Science of Identity University” as his education on his Google Plus page. He said in a 2012 interview that he came from a “broken family,” ran away from home at age nine, and ended up at a “seminary type of school” in the Philippines…

Bismark and Eswaran were charged in the Philippines with syndicated estafa (racketeering) in a 2007 case allegedly involving US$90 million. They narrowly legally escaped extradition from Indonesia to the Philippines on an INTERPOL warrant. The maximum penalty for syndicated estafa in the Philippines is death.

QI Group has also faced legal trouble in at least ten other countries, including Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan. The Pyramidal Mirage, a documentary aired in 2010 on Iran’s PressTV, covered QI Group’s (then GoldQuest’s) devastating economic impact in Iran. The documentary alleges that the GoldQuest scam was “one of the largest economic corruption cases in Iran’s history,” costing the country “eight billion dollars.” PressTV also reported in December 2009 that “at least 120 GoldQuest agents” were arrested at an Iranian airport after arriving there from Bangkok.

The Times of India covered arrests earlier this year of QI Group representatives in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. In a 10-page summary of its 2012 investigation of QI Group, India’s Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) called the company’s activities “purely cheating apart from being outrightly illegal.”

The Chennai police document naming Tibby reported over 32,000 financial fraud victims in India’s Tamil Nadu state alone. The Tamil Nadu region is the historic center of the Bhakti yoga movement, which Tibby and SIF purportedly promote.

The Chennai police document also reported QI Group’s recruitment of “young rural boys and girls.”

In Indonesia, a July 2017 story from Bisnis.com reported police evacuation of a shelter that housed dozens of rural teenagers, who were recruited to work as QI Group representatives.

QI Group whistleblower Gurupreet Singh Anand, a computer consultant from Mumbai, said he began dedicating his life to legally fighting the company after his wife fell victim to the fraud.

“They are laundering money out of poor third world countries and breaking up families, destroying lives of common people,” Anand wrote in an email to Meanwhile in Hawai’i.

Anand told Moneylife India that his wife was lured into the pyramid scheme when a QI Group representative claimed a product could cure their son’s brain disorder. Anand has since testified in several legal cases against QI Group in India, including an ongoing case in India’s Supreme Court. Moneylife India has extensively covered QI Group’s activities in the country and has publicized events to assist fraud victims.
Financial Crunch-time

Meanwhile in Hawai’i reviewed the financial statements of Tibby’s organization, The Pukaki Trust, which is registered as a charity in New Zealand. In 2009, the company reported total assets of just US$671. Total reported assets climbed to over US$650,000 in 2010 and stayed relatively stable until 2014, when The Pukaki Trust reported total assets of nearly US$5 million. It is unclear from the reports how exactly the company gained the funds.
Tibby is currently spearheading a land development project in New Zealand’s Lake Pukaki region, where he and Butler were involved in a local community conflict in the ’90s. Former Member of New Zealand Parliament Alec Neill publicly suggested that Butler’s group was a cult and that its film company, Ti Leaf Productions Limited, was a front for criminal activity. SIF sued Neill, and Neill told New Zealand journalist Bevan Hurley in 2015 that the suit “just about destroyed [him], both financially and otherwise.”

Neill stated in an email to Meanwhile in Hawai’i that he was unable to comment for this story.

A review of data available through OpenCorporates found that Ti Leaf Productions Limited was registered in Hong Kong in 1993 as Megastar World Trade Limited. Butler disciple Khemaney, who now works for Rep. Gabbard, was one of the company’s directors, along with four other Butler disciples.

​QI Group is currently registered in Hong Kong as EB Services Limited.


Bismark and Tibby’s long-time, close financial involvement with Butler and SIF is well-documented, as is Tibby’s continued close ties to the Gabbard family. In September 2012, the Honolulu Star Advertiser described Tibby’s wife, Linda Tibby, as an “avid campaigner” for Rep. Gabbard. The article covered a gathering of Rep. Gabbard’s close supporters, including her parents and other Butler disciples, at Kailua’s Big City Diner. They watched Rep. Gabbard’s televised speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The speech signaled Rep. Gabbard’s early rise within the Democratic National Committee.

Rep. Gabbard, Sen. Gabbard, and Carol Gabbard all participated in a small wedding of Butler disciples, officiated by Tibby on O’ahu in October 2016. A framed picture of Butler can be seen next to Tibby in a video of the wedding, which was shared publicly on Facebook by a Butler disciple. Tibby publicly thanked Sen. Gabbard on Facebook for his performance at the wedding.”

The complete series of articles are here:



I couldn’t find any full body photos Tulsi, except for a lookalike in a blurry photo that isn’t Tulsi.

The first photo below is photoshopped. If you expand it enough to see the pores on the skin, you’ll notice which part of the face is obviously blurred out.

What I notice in the second photo below is the shadow on the face where the beard would be.

The second photo shows how the pores are different where the beard would be. It’s not photoshopped to blurr the skin, so the beard line can be seen by looking closely at the pores.

The third photo shows that he has man-sized hands. Other photos of her large hands are online but couldn’t be downloaded.  I’m convinced it’s a dude. The overall bone structure of the forehead and jaw indicates that it’s a man.  Besides that New Yorker article practically spells it out for you. If you read the entire thing, you’ll see what I mean.

Judge for yourself.



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