Tulsi Gabbard and The Windsors Occupy Hawaii

Tulsi has a Podesta Troll Army making false claims about so-called Indigenous Hawaiians and their alleged hand symbols. The triangle is not a Hawaiian hand symbol, as claimed.  I think she’s doing the upside down pudenda to indicate that he’s a man. Pudenda is the female triangle shaped private area.

The actual hand symbol that people in Hawaii use is the Shaka shown below. This is Tulsi with members of Antifa. She isn’t doing the Shaka symbol correctly though.

What does her hand symbol mean in this photo? Everyone here knows that she’s doing it wrong, probably on on purpose. The Shaka originated from one man who lost three fingers while fishing. The fishing line wrapped around the three middle fingers and cut them off when the fish pulled. After that he always waved at people with the remaining two fingers and it’s now called the Shaka.

The V is a Muslim symbol for victory over America. Who makes a fist sign at a camera?  Tulsi makes the Shaka look like an L for Loser. 

The photo below shows a policeman doing the Shaka correctly.  It’s  an innocent symbol used by children and adults.  Tulsi does the Shaka so that it has no life and looks like an L for loser.


I know personally some of the people claiming to be the “Kingdom of Hawaii”, and they are the exact same people who are in Arlene’s photo collection. I know them because they pretend to be my friends while they plot.  But I plot also.

The person who has been elected as something like the Supreme Court Justice of the Kingdom of Hawaii is named Ron, who is the live-in partner of Evelyn Cossich who lives in my neighborhood and has been assigned to be my Fake Friend.

He’s a lawyer who makes frequent trips to Washington State where he practices law and is active in Cannabis Investments and defense of cannabis growers. On the last trip about a month or two ago, he sent Evelyn a photo, which she showed to me, of him in a hospital bed, his face all full of cuts and bruises. The reason given is that he had a heart attack and fell against a table. I was skeptical. Did the table hit him several times?  Why did he wait a week to give her the news? Anyway, he returned to the island and had a ‘stint’ surgically implanted to regulate his heart, he says. He’s in his seventies or eighties and was very healthy previously.

Ron speaks openly of being a Freemason.  He’s the one who identified the photos previously published  of a ceremony as being that of a junior Freemason organization, details are in a previous article.  Larry Nichols was a Counselor and is shown in several photos of the event. Ron also verified the 32 degree Mason pin in Arlene’s collection.

I’m re-publishing these photos below to show the man who looks exactly like Ron at a table in the home of Charles Nichols, grandfather of Bibi Netanyahu aka Larry Nichols aka Hargraves.   Ron is seated far right and looking down.


Ron. I don’t know what last name he uses, but he’s a lawyer registered in Washington State, active in defending cannabis growers. That’s what I’m told.

.  With some makeup today, he could easily pass for this man, Jacob Rothschild.



The photo below looks like Ron in the Dudney book, identitified as Gerald Wayne Dudney.



From the book, “The Dudney Trail”. 
The house on Euclid in Los Angeles, where the dinner party photo was taken. This is the house where Bibi Netanyahu grew up. This photo is how the house looked around 1920 when it was new.  I’m told that it’s a Mexican immigrant neighborhood now and they pronounce the street name “Jewclid”. Lol.

Below is an article about infighting amongst people claiming to be the actual indigenous Hawaiians. Just like the alleged ‘native Americans’ on the mainland, and the Kurds in the Middle East, they seem to all be Jewish.  Who else would receive such positive press?  The man named Ritte might be for real, which is why he’s not wanting to participate.


This Hawaiian Kingdom group is obsessed with the idea of Royalty, much like the Mardi Gras Krewes of New Orleans. Even the upper levels of their organization use what they think are insulting names for Caucasians,  “Haoly”. This is supposed to mean ‘corpse’. Their attorney, Noelani, tells me that white people looked like corpses to the original negro Hawaiians, who’d never seen a white person before.  It’s illogical of you think about it.

Pre-1800’s Hawaiians weren’t negro.  Looking at engravings and paintings from before the British Invasion, the Hawaiian people were Caucasian.  According to all accounts they tattooed their skin. Early photos show white people, not negroes.  They probably ended up in California and Russia. But those old photos are not being shown and scholarly books are rare and expensive, as a form of censorship, in my opinion.  The schools basically prohibit anything but approved textbooks for political indoctrination. The time has come to correct this problem.

To say that Haoly means ‘corpse’ is ridiculous of course but the absurdity gets deep with this group and their revised history and racist ideology.  Just remember, these are not the true Hawaiians.

This is Tulsi Gabbard’s family spiritual leader, called Chris Butler, but he has other names.

flashlight_on_roaches Wrote:
> Tulsi Gabbard’s Conehead strategy was not
> working in spite of her
> [url=https://flashlightonroaches.wordpress.com/201
> 5/04/14/tulsi-gabbard-weds-cult-member/]Bollywood
> attempts to portray herself as a Hindu (We are
> Hindus, We are from France)[/url]
> So what does her infallible master, Chris Butler,
> do in order to address concerns that Tulsi is a
> member of a secretive cult? Why, he orders her to
> rewrite her biography again and this time claiming
> membership in an even bigger cult, ISKCON.
> [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsi_Gabbard]T
> his is her biography updated with that recent
> claim:[/url]
> [i]“…She is a vegetarian and a Hindu who
> follows Gaudiya Vaishnavism, a religious movement
> brought to the United States in the 1960s by AC
> Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada under the name
> [b]ISKCON (International Society for Krishna
> Consciousness), also known as the Hare Krishna
> movement[/b]…”[/i]
> Why is Chris Butler suddenly playing nice-nice
> with ISKCON when he actually has a very long and
> public record of hating these folks (and vice
> versa)? I can’t imagine that Tulsi objected or
> even knows much about the history of the Hare
> Krishnas. However, this latest admission will
> weigh her down like an anchor. ISKCON, like
> Butler’s own cult Science of Identity Foundation
> (SOI) have many abuses and questionable practices
> to answer for including drug-dealing convictions.
> Flash
Hi, everyone, new here, that wikipedia edit, I just looked at it, and it has been there since Feb 9 2014, this is when it first appeared: [url]https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tulsi_Gabbard&diff=594631048&oldid=594630514[/url]
On that day there were 4 edits by the same person, first just adding Hare Krishna, and then adding ISKCON and Bhaktivedanta Swami, the person who added it is [url]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Marklorange[/url]
Mark Lorange also:
Has an account at an ISKCON site:
He lived in Chicago
And with a bit more snooping we can conclude he is or was indeed an ISKCON member, or at least closely connected with them, since he is or was the tech guy for the website for one of their places:
Technical Contact:
Mark Lorange
Rupanuga Vedic College
5201 Paseo
Kansas City, MO 64110
(816) 924-5619
This is the website
There is more stuff, not much, mostly nothing, though he does have a mostly empty Google+ page and is in the same circles as an ISKCON leader, [url]https://plus.google.com/113632909802219984850/posts[/url].
Point being – his edit on Tulsi’s Wikipedia bio was advertising for ISKCON, not Butler or Tulsi trying to connect themselves to ISKCON.
Options: Reply•Quote
Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: September 04, 2015 10:14AM
It does not matter who made the entry as it has already been publicly established, by her own admission, that Tulsi is connected to both ISKCON and Butler.
Additionally, Mike Gabbard claimed copy rights on a letter proving his connections to ISKCON and Butler.
Flash has presented enough evidence to prove this.
No matter how much SOI may try to split hairs, theirs is the same philosophy as ISKCON in different disguises. Butler can’t have it both ways. He can’t simultaneously be a part of and separate from ISKCON and their philosophy.
The reason, in my opinion, for Tulsi “coming out” now is for fundraising and political purposes. Also because she can no longer lie by omission or cover the story up because of this forum and other critical blogs and videos (Flash , Rama , Dabcult, and Eigener Herr).
Dabcult makes a good point about how the wealthy Indians are gravitating to the newer, cleaner, more glamourous ISKCON temples in India These wealthy Indians support Tulsi’s campaigns and political aspirations.
The author of the Wikipedia entry has no bearing on the abuses and questionable practices of both ISKCON or Butler’s organization and followers.   https://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,4453,129186




The following document belonged to Kathy,  the wife of Mike Carr/Lee Harvey Oswald, and was left behind in Hawaii at Arlene’s house.   Notice that Kathleen Flynn received an inheritance in which Eleanor Winsor was the executrix. This is further evidence that the people calling themselves Kingdom of Hawaii are the same group of families as the original invaders and destroyers of true Hawaii. The British Crown families simply pretend to be their own victims, and then demand restitution, just as they do to the Germans.


Eleanor Winsor was the executrix for the estate of Archibald W. Webster.  I saw Mike and Kathy’s silverware with the W engraved on it, but that’s been stolen.

The Tranny deception has been happening for a long time. Some actual Hawaiian female was denied the opportunity to hold this honorable position because this  man stole it from her.



The first play put on by this group was titled “Harvey”.  They are actually a theatrical group.  Their real lives are nothing like what they portray themselves to be.
Notice the name James R. Riggs. Rigging of elections coming to mind.  Eleanor Rigby, the Beatles song… This is a list of items in the Webster estate. Some of the items went to ‘Lettie’ in Arizona, who was a tranny also, but that photo is missing. I may still find it. 


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