I delayed identifying Anthony  Scaramucci. It’s because I’m fairly certain that  Scaramucci is actually the son of John Brennan, but the surname is Segura. He’s the one called PJ (Perry James), whose mugshot photo I’ve mentioned before as having been switched and then erased from an arrest in Lafayette.    That’s why he’s turning on Trump now; he has to defend his father. Brennan has one … Continue reading Scaramucci

Suicide and White People

Suicide statistics show me a direct correlation between government policies that discriminate against white Americans, and the epidemic of suicide among white Americans. Other races don’t commit suicide to the extent that white Americans do.  Not even close.   One explanation for this may be that murder is now disguised as suicide thanks to the brilliant tactics of the Mossad and accompanying “Intelligence Agents” worldwide. … Continue reading Suicide and White People


I’m dealing with suicidal young people all around me. They have no future, no training, or else the training is so expensive that they want to commit suicide due to the stress of paying back impossible loans for education. They have only drug addicted friends and hopelessness. Heroine, opium pills and vitamin supplements spiked with deadly drugs, leads to despair.  This is a very bad … Continue reading Hope?