Angela Merkel and Lawrence Beria

The claim that Angela Merkel is the daughter of Hitler has no backup evidence. It’s basically an over publicized meme with the purpose of hiding the truth. It’s much more likely that Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is the daughter of Stalin and the child lover of the evil Lawrence Beria of Russian Bolshevik fame. If Hitler had actually been so evil, he would be … Continue reading Angela Merkel and Lawrence Beria

Deutsche Bank and Impeachment

The debt held by the unofficially bankrupt Deutsche Bank is a subject worth studying from a common sense point of view.  Deutsche Bank (DB) is the foundation of the European Union and the criminal class that owns it. Think of it as the physical embodiment of the fact that Jewish bankers actually won every war since the Civil War in America, and since the Revolution … Continue reading Deutsche Bank and Impeachment

Who’s Benefiting From Eukraine Take-Over? Oy Vey.

The Times of Israel, March 16, 2014, cited an Israeli government report confirming that European Jews mass-converted to Judaism from Paganism in the eighth century AD. This also confirms my research that present day Jews originated from (Penis -Worshipping, child sacrificing, inbred) Pagans who lived on the borderlands between China and Russia.  This group also corresponds to the Huns, precisely the same tribe that practices … Continue reading Who’s Benefiting From Eukraine Take-Over? Oy Vey.

Khodorkofsky Using America

Khodorkofsky the younger is in Russian news recently where his new American identity allows the USA haters to hate some more.  It’s amazing how any Jewish person can come to America with their stolen money and claim to suddenly be American and speak for Americans.  This is the family that Russia has allowed to walk free and keep the stolen money after committing horrendous crimes … Continue reading Khodorkofsky Using America