Making a Living in a Godless World

World Leaders seldom question the supremacy of GDP.

That’s because GDP, gross domestic production, is a state sponsored religion.  All efforts are focused on increasing the GDP because the government gets their cut before everyone else.  A high GDP can occur even when the income of workers is at zero, which happened in Russia in 1990.  If you worked in a sausage factory, you were paid with sausage. The national production was exported, resulting in a wonderful GDP but the people were left to starve and freeze.

The money earned from selling sex, children and body parts adds up to a higher GDP.

The infinite GDP:

This quote attempts to pretty up the picture:

“After China’s economy became increasingly market-based in the 1980s, the growing numbers of Chinese businessmen with money and young women without money translated into expanded demand and supply for the country’s commercial sex industry,”…

which leads to the increasing number of children born with syphillis.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection which can lead to paralysis, blindness and death.   The Chinese don’t seek treatment for fear of social consequences.

“One child was born with syphilis every hour in China in 2008, as new money from the country’s growing economy fuels the world’s fastest-growing epidemic of the disease.”

Immigration into America and Europe from places with high levels of syphillis such as Africa is blatant warfare.  The force behind this immigration, and Barbara Spectre proudly admitted this, is the Jews, and yet everyone is afraid to say, “the Jews are our enemies”.  This is suicide, but hey, anything for the Jews. It’s worth the sacrifice of America for the sake of Israel, right?  It’s that Holocaust thing.  Amazing how that one lie can bring about the downfall of an entire civilization.

Besides selling sex for money, there are other ways to increase the GDP. Here’s one example:

“For a long time, the scene in the van that day played over and over in my mind—how a living being just like us had his organs ripped out while he was still alive, and the frightful pain and fear in his eyes as he looked up at me. My heart couldn’t bear it.” –George Zheng, former medical student, China

George will never wake up from the nightmare he lived in the early 1990s. That’s how long it’s been, many experts believe, since the human organ trade in China began. Even now, George says, the horrible memory of that day “cannot be erased. All those years, I didn’t want to touch it… because whenever I mentioned it, I could not hold myself together.” He, like countless other doctors and nurses in the communist regime, know the horror exists—because they saw it with their own eyes.”

Gross Domestic Product has to constantly increase only because the Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme.  The money to pay the interest is never printed.  The idea is to purchase the nation that they wish to conquer, by allowing the currency to devalue, leaving people desperate and forced into selling assets.  So we work and work and work and earn less and less and less because inflation has brought the dollar to about 5 cents of worth.  Would it make any difference if someone besides Jews were allowed to participate in government?  Trump and Putin are the proof that non Jews are much better at running a country and an economy.  Maybe it’s time to give others a chance.  What do the Jews think about sharing their power? Would they help us as much as we’ve helped them? Would they feel compassion for our suffering? Would they consider that survivors of the Holocaust of Catholics deserve reparations?




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