Lava Floor and The Bullwinkle Show

I didn’t know where the research would take me when I wrote my first article here. I’ve certainly painted myself into a corner, with hot lava paint. A window solves  the problem.

I’ve been reporting on almost everyone I’ve ever known in my life. It’s not that I burned bridges because there was never a bridge there. I’ve been throwing firecrackers across the bayou, just enough to piss off all the neighbors. I was only hoping to help save my children’s lives, and other children, even my own, as other anonymous people have helped to save mine, at crucial moments. The cumulative effects are substantial in both cases.

I should report that more enormous clouds have been accumulating here at Southpoint and  so lots more rain will fall somewhere, sometime.  We had rare lightening and thunder last night.

The food situation worldwide is not looking good. America and Russia produce a great surplus of food normally, and that is exported. However, this is no time to be exporting food, in America anyway, and certainly Trump knows that, thank God.

Like Trump, people should keep watch over our food supplies right now, to make sure that we are left with enough. All of our storage bins should be refilled before we export a single grain. Any trade deal with China involves shipping our own food to the enemy which threatens our own survival because who can say how many years of poor harvests we are facing. In the time of Joseph, the poor harvests lasted seven years.  God has blessed us with abundance. Our food is not meant for those who refuse the God given rules.

Speaking of “Thou Shalt Not Lie”, can any nation claim to be “under God”, while at the same time funding spy agencies who train large numbers of people to lie and break other Commandments.

I found a YouTube video in Russian about the switching of the Putins and decided to translate some comments. At least one Russian wonders who’s really running Russia and whether the contracts and treaties are legit. We all wonder who’s really running our nation-corporations. One person thinks it’s a mockery to do a switch like that, something very disrespectful to honest people, and I agree. However, we don’t know the full story and can only judge by the fruits of the action. Russia is doing better than it was when the average income was zero in 1990.

A Jewish television personality in Russian though probably not in Russia, points out that under Putin ( which one?) the Russian Oligarchs were invited back to Russia and allowed to keep the stolen loot as long as they don’t threaten government. Therefore, he says that we should expect the same tactics to be used in Eukraine, because Precedent Has Been Set.  The Jewish  television personality tells us that since the precedent has been set it is now officially and legally acceptable to steal everything you can possibly get your hands on and move on. He’s not upset about it at all of course, though he slightly pretends to be.


Then I came across that former gymnast that the media tells us is Putin’s girlfriend and who the media tells us may possibly have a child with him. The Kremlin denies this.  There are literally no photos of the two of them together, yet the apparently baseless assertions are made anyway.  Why hide, if it’s true?  What man denies his children?   Is this preparation for yet another trick when the mystery child appears as an adult, and when there are several Putins?  Maybe there are now also several Alina Kabaevnas.

Who is the mother and why is this possible hoax being promoted and republished even after Kremlin denials?  That gets us into a big subject…Astana.

Her wikipedia entry:

“Since 2005, Kabaeva was a member of the Public Chamber of Russia.

Since February 2008, Kabaeva has been chairman of the National Media Group’s Public Council, the media group that controls Izvestia, Channel One and REN TV.

Between 2007 and 2014, Kabaeva has been a Member of the Russian Parliament, the State Duma, representing the United Russia party. In her capacity of a Member of Parliament, Kabaeva voted for …the Anti-Magnitsky bill on the ban of inter-country adoption (of Russian orphans) by “families” in the United States, as well as the Russian gay propaganda law that focuses on the prohibition of the homosexual propaganda aimed at adolescents…”

“In September 2014, Kabaeva resigned from the Duma and accepted the position of chair of the board of directors of the National Media Group (ru), the largest Russian media conglomerate.”

From which region does she originate? Uzbekistan.

This is the region where you find Astana.  That’s a place that needs to be looked at again, since the Willis Wikileaks files first brought us to that general area.

Then I found that the Kremlin has an English language website with a form for Russians to send a message to Putin’s administration.  I’d rather give him a little piece of paper directly, but I’m not Russian so neither of these options is legitimately open to me. As a foreigner I have to go through the Ministry of Foreign Affaires and that’s always a Zionist  stronghold in every nation.  You see how, no matter where I turn, there’s Bibi with the power of his minions to block whoever might have inadvertently messed up his nefarious schemes decades ago.

I even tried to contact a Russian State University about enrolling in their language program, and no answer. Putin himself is now talking about the attack on the Russian language that is happening now.  It seems that control exists to prevent non-insiders from participating in anything at all. It’s relentless. Lava floor!

Did Putin actually leave Bibi waiting for three hours in Sochi, just before Bibi’s election?  That’s reported. It’s logical considering that the Russians have proven that the Jews used trickery to get the Syrian Army to accidentally shoot down a Russian aircraft, killing all aboard. That’s been known for awhile, I was wondering when the backlash would happen. And that’s not even broaching what Bibi’s been busted with since then, the  Mifsud identity.

Well my heart assures me that all is well, so I’m not worried.  I feel deeply that the darkest night actually is over, for the rest of us.

I would like to know exactly who was targeted in the Gaza hit by Israel, and if that family is related to anything we’ve been researching here.

Remember what was reported in October:

BREAKING: Convoy of Trucks Seen Emptying Obama-Linked Former Ukrainian President Poroschenko’s Palace – Confidants Arrested and Flee

Arrested and fled at the same time?  So many questions.

It’s time for Rocky and Bullwinkle, with Boris and Natasha.

I would post a link but it’s not functioning. Ever since I found that Putin-identity stuff and translated comments  from Russian, I’ve experienced interference. I can’t even download images from my own files.  So little, so late and I’m happy to have a reason for not doing what I’m already finished doing anyway.

Look for the full episodes of Bullwinkle on YouTube for some good laughs.


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