Fools, Ghouls and Scooby-Doo

The word “Catholic” is a description of what type of Roman we are. It simply means “Wall”, as in a castle with walls.  This is found in the Hebrew dictionary.  ‘Catholic’ never was meant to mean that it’s different from Orthodoxy, but simply that the walls themselves are precisely what protects the Orthodoxy, which are the traditions of the past that prevent us from falling into foolishness. The Catholic walls prevented the low energy vibrations from entering into our space.

The fools have now installed themselves inside the castle walls and the walls prevent the rest of us from entering. The low vibrations are broadcast to us and there’s no escape.

The enemy is inside, with their ghoulish lifestyle. Protesters against God’s truth have created this farce.   Inside the walls are all worldly riches and wealth, private airplanes and yachts, great churches and Priests, large happy families with plenty of food and palaces to live in, world leaders and their paid minions.  For the most part, they don’t care what happens to outsiders.  Outside the wall is the Truth. Not just faith in God’s truth, but also the truth in pure physical form.

The truth is embodied in every human being sleeping on the streets. It’s in every child sold, every abortion paid for with money forcibly taken from the True Believers, every paycheck received by a pedophile in government employ.  This is the harsh truth. The good truth is locked out, and normal God-fearing people are the declared enemy.  If we ever entered, all the riches and positive publicity for the criminal class would evaporate in an instant.  The trade negotiations would end.

And yet, what would happen if God stepped in and gave them all nothing to trade? What if there were nothing to ship? What happens when there’s no surplus food?  Have Progressives actually stamped out famine? They haven’t even tried.  In fact, they’ve hoped for it, because all those bothersome people outside the walls frighten them.

What would they do without their monopoly on publicity?

I’ve given an outline of the truth so far. The story can be filled in, but I cannot keep typing. I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome and my hands hurt.  I’m not sure how long my money will hold out and I can easily see myself one day as one of those homeless and starving.  The government can take my house for so many different reasons, and this is true for everyone else who lives on the outside.  We all depend on God’s power and mercy.

I have been rattling my cage, but I’m still in it. I was even willing to switch cages, but there’s no negotiating table, and even if there were, there’s no negotiation. I have offered up a solution to the equation but I’m outside the castle walls.

This equation was first presented in the film that Hillary Clinton claimed was responsible for the attack on the fake embassy in Benghazi.  The truth that was pointed to in the film was what put the film producer in prison.  It was a simple equation for bringing peace and prosperity to the world. Simply remove the Jew from power and everything else works out peacefully.  Remove the monopolies on home industry and poverty ends.  Wars also end.  That’s how the film opened, with an equation that demonstrates this.

I’ve dedicated so much time to this space and this idea that the rest of my life is falling apart.  I’ve missed out on love of the romantic kind, for sure, but that was a fact long before I first opened this space. I know that other truth seekers have experienced the same thing.  This is no small matter.

Truth is forbidden while we are under the dominion of Jewish Bankers and their Five Eyeshadow. They tell us what we are allowed to think and say and do. They tell us who to love and who to hate. These Bank Tellers don’t negotiate. They walk away from the table after the first offer because we aren’t allowed to participate.  We aren’t holy enough to even be in their presence. They don’t trust anyone because they project their own dishonesty onto everyone else. The idea of sincerity is to them simply stupidity.

So the end result is that it’s physically impossible for me to continue typing out these words. I’m sick and tired. Maybe I’ll get over it.  There’s no other option.

I had to watch my old friend Dave as his two identities came crashing together in a BBC interview that I couldn’t even finish watching.

People that I do not hate are being caught up in the net and they are guilty, though to what extent, I don’t know. The entire slate of my lifetime has just been wiped clean and now there’s nothing but truth and justice.

Dave gave an indication that he’s already given information about actors who’ve played more horrendous roles than himself.  That’s the hint behind his memorable visit to Pizza Express.

The other thing is that he’s probably Trump’s brother in law, if you paid attention to details of certain earlier articles.

After watching his interview, I wasn’t able to sleep for two or three nights.   These things affect me deeply.

I haven’t actually finished with the revelations, but the next steps require energy that I’m not feeling right now.  I’m  requesting help in the form of an offer. It’s been ignored. No negotiations are possible because I don’t actually exist. That’s what being ghosted is all about.  A love that exists but isn’t expressed putrefies into a taunt and a mockery.

Scooby-Doo where are you?


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