The Plague in China

Before we talk again about the Plague, check out these two CIA tweets:
· Feb 22
“The people who work at CIA come from all walks of life & experiences, & we have almost every job imaginable here, including:

– accountants,
– mediators,
– doctors,
– photographers,
– & even hairdressers.”

Yes, I figured that out, which is why I avoid all of the above professions.

Here ‘s another one that infuriates me:


To get a CIA Library card, you’ll need a security clearance.

It might look like a modern public #library, but among the books you’ll find volumes most Americans will never see. The literature of secrets”

Seeing how our tax dollars are being used, it’s no wonder that the Spy Agencies have dreams of conquering the world.  These two tweets show their contempt for us. And like the Prince Andy interview, it shows the huge disconnect between normal people and those who lead government institutions.

The recent partial IG reports about “Confidential Human Sources” reveals the many millions that are paid to unsupervised spies using our tax dollars.  The spy agencies are completely out of control.

Other CIA tweets encourage children to become spies. It’s just as disgusting as the campaign to get children smoking cigarettes by using mascots. Government is so distorted.  Thanks to God and Our Military, Trump is able to make the right decisions to gradually correct these distortions.

Last night I watched lightening all night long, and that’s rare around here. When it thunders here on this island, the entire house shakes. I predict lots more rain, judging by the size of the storm clouds formed last night.

Midwestern floods have already reached grain storage silos so there is much stored grain that could not be sold.  If the bottom of the silo gets wet, then the entire silo full of grain has to be trashed. The reason why is because of Ergot, the fungus or mold that affects wheat and is so extremely poisonous it will rot off all extremities, like tongues, fingers and toes.  This is why wheat cannot be grown in damp climates.  Ergot, in the correct dosage, is reported to be a cure for opium withdrawal, and is an ingredient in PMS medicine. A previous article here went into the subject of Ergot.

Those who remember it know that the symptoms of Ergot poisoning are exactly the same as symptoms of The Plague, and some researchers are certain that the plague was actually caused by Ergot infected rotten wheat.

Seven hours ago the Epoch Times Report was:

· 7h
#Chinese authorities confirmed in the past week that 3 people were diagnosed with the #Plague.

Netizens believe that there could be more cases as the contagious disease could have spread, and that authorities are covering up evidence.”

So I wonder if perhaps some of that grain in flooded silos has reached the Chinese market. It’s not supposed to be sold, but I had a hunch that the Chinese owned American farms might characteristically cheat, and actually sell the damp wheat.  This is the first indication. It actually is not contagious, but it appears to be contagious because so many people eat from the same source of wheat, and may continue to do so even after the poisoning because the connection is not understood.

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