Khodorkofsky Using America

Khodorkofsky the younger is in Russian news recently where his new American identity allows the USA haters to hate some more.  It’s amazing how any Jewish person can come to America with their stolen money and claim to suddenly be American and speak for Americans.  This is the family that Russia has allowed to walk free and keep the stolen money after committing horrendous crimes against the Russians. So he now owns both American and Russian news media which of course now reports  him to be American.  He is, in fact, receiving American tax dollars by the millions.  That’s what buying politicians is all about.

Now that same criminal family is forcing Smart Meters on Americans, bribing Congress critters and Presidents (Hillary was supposed to win), and planning to achieve the same zero annual income for Americans as they accomplished so successfully in Russia in 1990.  When Americans earn zero, the Jewish oligarchs get all the profits.

The newest criminal activities of this Jewish family are now all attributed to “The West” a word designed to assign blame for Jewish crimes to White Christians in general.  By not assigning blame where it properly belongs, this particular Jewish Crime Prince is enabled to be a viable candidate for Tzar of Russia.  Control of the media also allows this Kodorkovsky Criminal Clan to create a war between America and Russia.  It’s a Jewish dream come true.

The purpose of the Institute of Modern Russia is to create fake news here, which is then picked up by Russian media, which then uses the fake news as “proof” that Americans supposedly hate Russians and want to have a great big war between us. In reality, this international crime syndicate owns all news outlets everywhere, so they can pretend to actually speak for the people that they intend to destroy.

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