Madeline McCann Theory


This couple corresponds to the McCanns. The witch lady is the grandmother of Bibi Netanyahu.

In order to understand this article, it’s necessary to know that the photos belonged to the mother of Bibi Netanyahu. Her name was Arlene Nichols, daughter of Charles Nichols, the main Disney artist. Arlene’s son married me bigamously in the early 1980’s. His real name is Larry Hargraves, but he used Nichols because he was raised by his grandparents. He used yet another name in his Mossad operation which was to marry me and the plan was to pin the McCann murder hoax on me. It didn’t work. Bibi’s grandmother is Estella Fink, who is shown in the photo practicing witchcraft with the McCanns. She is probably the daughter of Stalin’s General Beria. She’s Canadian. The photos were in Arlene’s house in Hawaii, Big Island. Her sister is the mother of Bill and Hillary Clinton who are siblings. I’ve known them personally. Bill is actually female. Arlene’s profession was a make-up artist who could make women look like men and vice versa. Previous articles record my discovery of this tangled web of deceit.

I  was listening to a Shaun Atwood podcast today, and around the one hour mark, the subject gets to Madeline McCann. When I did a small amount of research, I concluded the exact same thing that this very knowledgeable British woman concluded after a large amount of research.  Basically that the parents were guilty of at least pulling off a giant hoax, but actually much worse.  The abduction allegedly occurred in 2007, but I’m wondering if the hoaxers might have used an old photograph of a girl who’s already grown.  Whatever happened, one thing is certain, the coverup was international.

The podcast reveals the full reality of a worldwide, government protected child trafficking operation that’s becoming painfully obvious to everyone at this point.  The McCann hoax was leveraged to lobby lawmakers for universal DNA collection by the authorities, as if this would do anything other than target certain families.

I’ve mentioned that the daughter of Donna is named Stephanie. Donna is Lee Quinn’s  friend who I came across at Hookena. I cannot be certain but the connections are building . I only heard about her from Lee, he showed me a photo but I never was formally introduced.  Stephanie showed up in a recent photo of “Claire Bronfman” who I know as Nancy Quinn, who is Lee Quinn’s wife in which Stephanie is identified as Bronfman’s lawyer. I’ve been thinking for awhile now that she’s Madeline McCann. I’m even thinking that she’s the one called the “energizer bunny”, which I hate to repeat.  I’m realizing that she’s in Arlene’s photo collection identified as Tiffany, which sounds similar to Stephanie.


The photo below, according to, is Robert Storch, an American lawyer and government official. He  served as the first presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed Inspector General at the National Security Agency. Robert is the vehicle/bridge for sharing cross-department info within the IG community.
QAnon Posts

I always thought that Storch looks exactly like Chaz, whose wife looks exactly like the McCann woman, and he looks like McCann himself.



I met him recently, calling himself Chaz, friend of a friend. If this is Chaz, I already reported that his identity as Chaz plays one of the Power Ranger monsters. He has a British accent, lives in New Zealand.


Standing far left looks exactly like the Stephanie who was visiting Lee Quinn and is possibly Madeline McCann. Claire Bronfman is actually the  wife of Lee, who is called Nancy. I don’t know her as Claire, but she is tied up with the Nexium case. Nancy has been arrested for drug charges and lives in California. She is a member of the Carlos Slim Helou family.
Madeline’s parents.

This woman, Mrs. McCann, is still appearing in documentaries, particularly those dealing with well-known fraudster Hamish in Australia. She also pretends to be a targeting victim in one documentary. She pretends to be concerned about the victims of scams, but she’s the scammer.  I’m thinking that she could be the person calling herself Tara Brown, an Australian news reporter.

She and Chaz bought a condo at Alii Villas in Kona, but they are recently divorced.  She’s still living in the condo, but I don’t know which one. Alii Villas -Kona- Nov 26, 2019 at 8:45 AM


And to bring it all back to the 1960’s there’s Peter, Paul and Mary, appears to be the same McCann couple with a friend:

This is Tiffany/Stephanie/Madeline with the Prince. If she lived as a sex slave, then this famous photo online  is definitely evidence of something big.

By this theory, Madeline McCann is still alive. In fact, she is probably the girl called Virginia Guiffre in the photo with Prince Andrew. In other words, a lifelong sex slave who also  belonged to the family of  Bibi/Nichols with hard evidence here that “Russian” Jewish oligarchy is involved.  No surprise there. They certainly used their stolen loot to open orphanages in Russia. Disgusting. Thank God that the second Putin shut that down.

Here are some of the photos that might relate to the Madeline McCann investigation.

Tiffany (Madeline McCann) is the little girl seated left, at the Nichols home.
The Nichols family home on Euclid Street in Los Angeles.
The wife of the first (there are two Putins)  Putin and “divorced” from the second Putin, is shown here in the same house with Bibi in white shirt left, his wife Gizi standing next to him, and her mother, Gizella, standing far right. The couple seated facing the camera is the possobly the original Putin and his wife., as I theorize. All of these people are connected with the Madeline McCann hoax. Though possibly not totally a hoax.

I met Stephanie (Madeline McCann)  recently while she was visiting a neighbor, Lee Quinn without her mother. She’s a grown woman and she calls Lee “Uncle” always answering him, “yes, Uncle”, “No, Uncle”, in a robotic way, never showing any emotion about anything. Lee continued repeating that Stephanie has mental retardation.  Myself and my family all noted that she didn’t seem retarded at all, and in fact we all agreed that she was very sweet and that Lee was the retarded one.  I felt sorry for her in a big way, to have to be surrounded by people who spoke such things behind her back.

She had moved to the island and was living in Ranchos with a young friend of Lee named Jeremy. That hadn’t worked out and she went back home to Alaska, as the situation was reported to me by Lee, anyway.  I’m not friends with any of them.  We were bringing the kids out to a remote beach and using my truck one weekend, and that’s the only time I saw Stephanie/Madeline.

Donna, the ‘mother’ of Stephanie, who lives in Alaska, and purchased this property at the corner of Hibiscus and Alii Drive, Ocean View, Hawaii, Ranchos Subdivision., link below. She could very well be my cousin Donna Luke, the real sister of “Prince Andrew”. Donna and Prince Andrew (Robert Luke, also called David) is the Lukashenko family and their father appears to be playing the (drag) Queen, supposedly mother of Prince Andrew. Details in another article.

Corner Alii and Hibiscus-Nov 26, 2019 at 8:14 AM

What’s shown in the above satellite photo are two foundations walls based Ion a center pole design, but it’s incomplete. Donna purchased it this way. Lee was supposed to finish it for her but she called him stupid and so he quit.

This tiny, messed up photo appears to be Madeline.


Here Madeline is identified as Tiffany, but there are no infant photos of her.  Larry is Bibi of course.


Madeline/Stepanie is identified as Tiffany, the young girl.


This is the only photo that gives the name of Larry’s mother in law, Gizella. The baby is Lauren, Arlene’s granddaughter. My conclusion is that Gizella and Gizi are members of the Mogilivich crime family of Russia.


I met this couple in Baton Rouge when I was married to Randy/Larry Nichols who became Bibi Netanyahu.  He used the false identity Randy Whatley. Judy was working at the state Capitol in Baton Rouge and they were friends with Randy around the early 1980’s when I was enrolled at LSU. These photos were taken around the time we were married though of course I didn’t know that he had a wife and children already.


Here’s Tiffany again with Estella, Gizi and Larry/Bibi.
This could be her with Arlene’s grandson, Bibi/Larry’s son, giving me the impression that the first people to own her were Bibi and his first wife.


This is Arlene’s granddaughter, Larry and Gizi’s daughter.
Estella Fink doing witchcraft with the McCanns.
Estella Fink strongly resembles Laurence Beria, Stalin’s General. Larry/ Bibi is named after him.



Chaz’ wife purchased a condo at Alii Villas, this is she performing in the group Peter, Paul and Mary.



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