Mother Mary’s Music


The cages are opening for many victims of the Great Scam. The mental and physical abusers will go down one by one. The victims are so many, and the wounds are real. The next challenge is healing and there are ways to heal, many people available to help.

In this case, YouTube can be put to positive use.  For example, the following video could be listened to more than once:


I have always turned to Mother Mary in my darkest moments. Music dedicated to Mary is the most healing of all. Just listen, especially if you’re exposed to the mental abuse that’s called “news” and “entertainment” and even daily home life for some. I am thinking of the trafficked children, and the ones who are now grown. Much of Mary’s music is in Latin, but the words are easy to learn if you want to sing it.

These two links below are especially nice. Schubert’s Ave Maria is sung in German. The Benedictine Nuns sing Gregorian chants which is what was sung in the Santa Sophia in Constantinople for centuries.  I have read that the chants were sung there twenty four hours a day.  One of the first things removed from the Ancient Roman Catholic ritual was the Gregorian chants, which tells you how much the enemy fears this music.



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