Deutsche Bank and Impeachment

The debt held by the unofficially bankrupt Deutsche Bank is a subject worth studying from a common sense point of view.  Deutsche Bank (DB) is the foundation of the European Union and the criminal class that owns it. Think of it as the physical embodiment of the fact that Jewish bankers actually won every war since the Civil War in America, and since the Revolution in France.

The reason why the owners of DB don’t want the situation understood is possibly because its  debt was supposed to be continually dumped on the American taxpayer after Hillary’s election. How much of it was dumped on us by Obama is another question.  This dumping was planned to be perpetual. The outcome of the Presidential election would determine whether or not Americans were stuck paying off the trillions in debt.

How many trillions?

I’ll say what no one wants to say. The entirety of unfunded pensions, 6 trillion dollars worth in America, disappears with DB. Of that amount, 5.2 trillion is what was supposed to be government pensions. The Clowns were looking forward to those big, fat government pensions. It’s what they sold us out for, it’s what they sold their souls for.  From the criminals in Child Protective Services, to the dirtbags at TSA, the filthiest of the filthy will not get their fat government pensions They’ll have to live on Social Security pensions, like the rest of us. Private government contractors probably account for the remainder of the roughly 6 trillion of unfunded pensions. General Electric has already stopped paying certain pensioners the full amount owed.

This is not bad news for me personally, and probably not for most people reading what I have to say.

Obviously this hasn’t hit the government bureaucracy yet, something is keeping things afloat.

All the professional commentators agree that derivatives are instruments of pure risk, which amounts to a gambling bet.

Do you think that the gamble is on whether or not the mortgages would be paid by the families who’ve already been kicked out of their homes? Obviously those loans are worthless, except for two hopes: Recourse and American enslavement. The legal term called ‘recourse’ would have allowed the banks to go after defaulted debtors, forcing them to pay for the difference between the actual value of the collateral and the amount of the loan. That’s what they were counting on.

In other words, the availability of loans for homes inevitably makes the price of homes inflate because the mortgages  artificially increase demand for homes. People who cannot afford certain homes are buying them anyway. Now subtract the actual real value of a home which is what it can sell for, from the loan amount and that’s the inflated amount. It’s this inflatable amount that the lenders were hoping to collect, which would force the borrower to sell other assets in order to pay the bank. However, a recent court ruled this out. This is catastrophic only for the lenders. Recourse was one of two things that provided  risky potential value for the derivatives.

The other potential value of these fake assets is the possibility that Americans will be forced to pay the debt that these ‘assets’ actually are.  The more people living in cars, the more money is available to pay the many government retirees who’ve spent a lifetime making their fellow Americans miserable.

Because the worthless mortgages have been ‘repackaged’ as something else, they can be given fake value by changing accounting rules. It’s exactly like putting turds in a bread package,  putting it back on the grocery store shelf and counting it as bread inventory.  Oh but of course it’s bread, the Fed assures us. “Look, it says so right here on the package.”  If Americans can be forced to eat it, then that makes it food, doesn’t it?

I suspect that the holders of those ‘bread’ packages are the same ones behind the treasonous anti-Trump escapades. Trump refuses to send us the bill for the turd packages. This is what causes Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s getting progressively more absurd as Deutsche Bank income plummets.

Watch the video linked at the end of the article for detail.   I noticed that she glossed over the fact that when that multi trillion in derivative gambling chips no longer pays dividends, the owners have already lost their bet unless they can stick it to the Americans like they did in 2008.  If Trump prevents them from sticking it to the taxpayers, which he’s doing,  the impeachment team goes straight to jail after the Schiff Show.  Without our tax revenue to pay for bribes, election theft and mercenaries, their protection from prosecution evaporates.

The latest term used by the media for money printing is “repo”. The Federal Reserve does not have to report where the billions printed  are going until after two years have passed. It’s obviously going to China who is now offering dollar denominated Chinese treasury bonds to investors, with dollars funneled through Wall Street investment firms.  The printing is because actual bank deposits are insufficient for making overnight loans.

“When the regulators pull the plug” is another way of saying that DB’s bankruptcy becomes official.  Bad things will happen, they say, but to whom?  The thing is, if the bankruptcy of DB is so catastrophic, and since DB is actually already bankrupt, then why hasn’t all the bad stuff already happened? If Fed dollar printing is propping up DB, all it does is devalue large offshore dollar accounts held by foreigners, including the Chinese Communist Party, the same ones who are part of the Federal Reserve leaching operation.

Except for government employees, Americans have very few dollars in actual circulation, and gradually have become less and less needful of those dollars. This is true especially for the ones who don’t live in cities, and people who have already been fired so that pampered third world dimwits can be given their jobs.

The rural population is about 20% of the population in America. The self sufficient population is probably less than half that, but it does exist. I’m talking about people with no mortgage or other loans to pay, with no utility bills and some who don’t even own a car. We’re called ‘poor’. With swap meets and Craigslist, there’s no need to buy anything new. It’s the way I live, and believe me, I would never return to the stressful life of supporting pedophile leaches by exhausting myself with long work hours, which is the definition of low quality of life.  I don’t even order online because I usually get ripped off one way or another.

Nothing is worth owning if it soon gets stolen and nothing is better than freedom from debt and monthly bills. I see the worry of people who don’t know where to keep their cash safe, as even real estate in Hawaii is in free fall. I don’t have that worry, and don’t want it.  With no bills to pay, even my tiny income, which is actually my savings, is enough to renew my wardrobe, pay my internet access and buy a beer now and then.  All of my time is mine and mine alone, although my real estate taxes still must be paid. I get absolutely nothing of value in return for those taxes. If that money were ever allowed to redirect into the small business economy, the world would blossom, poverty would vanish, no one would need government handouts.

Why has Deutsche Bank stock been allowed to be sold long after the debt far outweighed actual assets? Why are worthless securities, called derivatives,  given a value of several trillion dollars even though there is no market for them?

To have “no market” means that no one will buy what you have to sell, which is the very definition of Zero, no value at all, or worse yet, it’s actually money owed to pension funds. What will be done with the ripe repacked turds?  Who is owed the money? Pensions funds certainly are exposed, but I and most anyone who hasn’t “worked” in government “jobs” do not have pensions other than Social Security.  Just as I approach retirement age, the retirement age for Social Security moves further into the future by Congress. I absolutely depend upon God to get me through. Social Security is a cruel trick.

An inside job at whose expense?

Repo, or Repurchase Agreements are explained in detail on the Fed website and what we learn is that, in order to get an ‘overnight loan’, which actually has a term of up to 65 days, collateral must be presented by the borrowing bank. Sounds reasonable, but…let’s take a closer look.

Those overnight bank loans are how money is created to give loans to people. It represents someone’s, or even several generations of talent, sacrifice, hard work and energy in the form of dollar savings deposits.   After the loan is made, the borrower adds more talent, energy, work or sells assets to repay dollars that never were actually owned by the bank in the first place. This creates a giant vacuum cleaning operation that sucks up everyone’s energy and wealth accumulation from talent and hard work, and sends it all to a cabal of morons who have neither energy or brains, but they do have stolen organ transplants which allows them to live way longer than they would otherwise. This would not be so bad if they weren’t also psychpathic mass murderers, perverts and slave traders. It’s not sustainable, obviously.

The catchy part is in who decides the actual value of the collateral. All three forms of collateral depend on Americans being productive and violently forced to hand over our money to the IRS and countless other taxing and fining authorities.

Of the three types of collateral acceptable, one is, amazingly enough, mortgage backed securities, which are what a derivative is called.  Casino chips have value don’t they? Actually not, outside of the casino. What if the casino runs out of cash?  No problem because slave labor has value and the Fed Casino has millions of Americans in slavery.

This explains why the worthless derivatives are kept around and counted as “bread”.   Since turds float better when they are inside a plastic bag, this life jacket DERIVED from turds is used to keep the Fed from drowning. America is the plastic bag with the bread label.

“The triparty agent will ensure that collateral pledged is sufficient and meets eligibility requirements, and all parties agree to use collateral prices supplied by the triparty agent.”


“all parties agree to use collateral prices supplied by the triparty agent.”

Did someone say “insider”?

“The Desk selects winning propositions on a competitive basis. Each dealer is requested to present the rates they are willing to pay for the agreements versus various types of collateral. The three types of general collateral, or GC, the Fed accepts are marketable U.S. Treasury securities (including STRIPS and TIPS), certain direct U.S. agency obligations, and certain agency “pass-throughs” (or Mortgage Backed Securities, often called MBS).”


MBS, same initials as Muhammad Bin Salman.

Disaster predictions are the types of comments generally found about what will happen when useless psychopaths no longer receive free money taken from honest Americans in the form of out-of-control dollar printing and bailouts:

“India banks are near failure and China, Italy and France are having a squeaky time. Canada has been very quiet but tick tock. Then there is the Australian big 4.”


My common sense conclusion is that this collapse of DB can only help Americans to recover, simply because it’s such a leach. It produces nothing.  Unlike the nations that supply us with illegal immigrants, Americans are generally not earning money by stealing it, but we tend to be truly productive. The other “Nation States” that have been depending on leaching off of our productivity are  teetering, because that very productivity which they depend upon has been destroyed. The only way for an American to survive in this scenario is by being as unproductive as possible, by expending as little energy as possible and simply laying low. This is ultimately what is bringing down the system, but it’s not supposed to be happening.

It happened because the 2008 bailout meant unemployment for many intelligent, talented and productive people, in order to keep money flowing to unproductive investors. The bailout empowered the destroyers of our Republic.

Will the collapse of these Destroyer Banks and their low IQ investors result in disaster for the rest of us or does it result in increased employment and a healthy productive economy? Common sense tells us that removing parasites from the system will result in increased employment, increased income and an economic boom.

Parasites thrive on over-regulation to prevent competition. The combination of deregulation and destruction of the parasitic Federal Reserve Bank would benefit actual people and the Trump Team certainly can see this.

Anonymous Comment: “I can say that in Spain where I live, the housing sales have slowed down rapidly over the last 12 months. Many people are now waiting to see what happens with Brexit, the UK general election and also the Spanish general election which was held 2 weeks back but never had an outright winner. We live in very confusing and very dangerous times. People are worried about the future, normal people on the street who wouldn’t normally give a crap, they are worried. Riots worldwide, freezing crazy weather affecting crops worldwide and a middle east conflict which will go off at any moment. I remember back in the 80’s saying to myself that it was a great time to be alive, sadly those days are long gone and the year 2020 is going to be THE game changer. If we get there…we will get there. You are right that we are in unchartered territory the last collapse was on a fixed exchange rate (gold) this time we got a debt note.”

End Quote



“We”, you and I, don’t actually have a debt note. Dollars are debt notes. I certainly don’t have much of those things and they go out of my hands and back either to China or the government almost instantaneously.  In fact, in terms of spending, the only reason I need any cash at all is because I have to pay the government in order to stay out of jail. If the monopolies on home industry were dismantled, I’d have a surplus. Beautiful tobacco plants grow wild on my land. Cannabis grows easily in this climate and I have thick grass that would feed several milk cows. I have bees that would supply honey for wine or mead, which could make a much higher profit than the pure honey, but alas, any of this as commercial activity would land me in prison at taxpayer expense.

The corporation called the USA has debt, but I am not an owner of that corporation unless someone has stolen my identity to illegally make me an owner. I’m not actually a signatory to anything. It boils down to the question of our enslavement and that of future generations.
The debt,, pensions included, of all EU countries, the US, third world nations and China belongs to someone but it isn’t my debt because my signature and agreement are nowhere to be found. It’s all based on the IRS ability to put me in jail and steal my house, inheritance, family businesses, royalties and stock certificates. When that isn’t enough, Child Protecive Services will steal my children and pimp them out. This is the real experience for many Americans.

Anonymous Comments about
“When the regulators pull the plug” generally include this particularly delusional viewpoint:

“The regulator in DB’s case is the EU. It will not close DB, they might curb some trades and regulate others, but they will not close it down. To close DB is to invite certain catastrophe, including, ultimately, extreme hardship for member states. Closure of DB will precipitate catastrophic collapse of the Chinese economy. It will rock US markets which have invested heavily in sustaining DB by covering some debts. The EU will not permit that to happen, it cannot permit such failure which will threaten the existence of the EU.
The German Chancellor wouldn’t risk that.”

Someone else notes truthfully that
“It ain’t gonna be Deutsche Bank only.”

Here’s a world view that is not delusional:

“India banks are near failure and China, Italy and France are having a squeaky time. Canada has been very quiet but tick tock. Then there is the Australian big 4 and in deep shit, this will make 2008 look like a walk in the park.”

@evo very worrying situation consequences will be catastrophic
5 days ago
@kofi333 “I cannot see a fix. The  deregulation of the banks was a warning in the UK here. Gordon Brown deregulated the banks when he was Prime Minster. The way bad debt is hidden and the banks are not trusted anymore is causing problems so it suits me to not use them except for the little stuff. The PM Angela Merkel asked that the EU give a 20 billion input and they said “no”…”

“No currency… No shopping.. No electric.. No will unravel fast..”

This unraveling has already been happening now for a long time in America. The next comment is very realistic and it’s what I actually see around me. It’s not that a large number of people have dropped out of the economy, it’s more that the most productive and talented people have dropped out. It’s a small percentage upon which the remainder of people should build, but that foundational energy is suppressed and without support.

One way to turn this around is to end preferential treatment based on race, which would allow white people to compete on a level playing field. Otherwise, the only fair thing to do is to provide government support for the out migration of white Christians from the formerly Christian America where we are openly discriminated against by public policy.

American Congressmen gave preferential treatment to Jews to enter America in unlimited numbers based on their alleged persecution by Christians in Russia. By Christians, I do not mean Protestants. Of course that didn’t really happen, because it was the other way around. Now American Christians need the exact same option, only we would need to find refuge in Orthodox Russia, to escape persecution here.

As long as White Christians are demonized in schools, synagogues, mosques and in the media, scapegoated and slandered, we should demand an exit and it should be provided at taxpayer expense in the form of compensation for financial loss, pain and suffering based on government sanctioned racial prejudice.

Why should we continue to accept the consequences of anti-white discrimination?

Anonymous comment:
“We shop for what reason, to look better than other people…I drive a Honda civic 20 years old very low mileage does what I want from A to B, I have a 20 year old collector car as a hobby. I have no mortgage all this is since 2008 as it turned bad for so many as I lost my job. China has been loaning money to many developing nations which in long term means that they can diversify their losses and maximize their profits via Leveraged Buyouts.”

[Leveraged buyouts of what? Failing businesses in third world countries run by and for morons? Or actually those third world foreigners now own American businesses and won’t hire American managers.]

@evo and that’s good for profit prisons.
2 days ago
@S 400 Hi What shocked me is how many banks are in China. The  answer is 500 as one has just gone bankrupt last week and because the way the Government won’t tell the West what its up to. It’s very secretive .
1 day ago

[What is ‘the West’ but a propaganda term for criminals to hide behind?]
“Several large Chinese Banks, already had to be rescued/bought by the Chinese Communist Party… Sorry, the Chinese depositors via Central Bank currency (debt) creation… $40Trn so far according to one source. Still need confirmation of the fallout – I suspect, it depends on who they have trading relationships with – Japanese Banks? Hong Kong Banks? Aussie Banks?
18 hours ago

“JP Morgan has 2 trillion in assets and 52 trillion in derivatives. It seems they are insolvent as well. Am I right?”
6 days ago
“No, because not all of those derivatives are bad investments, and neither are Deutsche Bank’s.”

[Derivatives wouldn’t be called derivatives if they actually had asset value, they’d be called something else. The next commenter is aware of this.]
“So right! They ARE insolvent, that’s why they got bailed out in 2008 … and they continue to get their zombie morphine dose via repo market while pointing fingers everywhere else … and NO ONE can prove anything because they don’t have to open their books to anyone, even though it’s OUR HARD EARNED dollars they’re playing with!
6 days ago
jason Sopko
“You know JP Morgan is in trouble when they come out of the blue and say they are not in trouble.”
6 days ago
Mike Kemper
“They hold the world’s largest physical silver supply”

Mike Kemper “I heard they had silver exposure for 3x their physical holdings.”

[This next comment is standard troll issue, as if most Americans would shoot each other because banks have failed.]
“I think is going to be a civil war in Europe and United States” and this one:
“How do we know that Deutsche Bank hasn’t already hit the ‘threshold’ for Bankruptcy, when the Federal Reserve hasn’t been Audited, and it has been proven that the Federal Reserve/Central banks have given unaccounted for money to Banks along with Foreign Bank Credit Swaps that violate their ‘Mandates’??? Maybe you could answer this during next Tuesday’s Q&A.”

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