Angela Merkel and Lawrence Beria

This horrific photograph is actually posted on Wikipedia under the entry for Lawrence Beria. I think that the girl is Angela Merkel. Joseph Stalin, the girl’s father, is in the background at the table
This is Lawrence Beria, the maternal great grandfather of Bibi Netanyahu, according to evidence that I’ve gathered.
The two girls here are the grand daughters of Beria, shown here with their husbands Chet Chatterton and the man we know as Robert Blake. These girls, Arlene and Myrna, featured prominently in the Zapruder film of the Kennedy “assassination”.
This is Estella Nichols and Charles Nichols, Bibi’s grandparents. I’ve concluded at this point that Estella Fink Nichols is the daughter of the murderous Lawrence Beria, responsible for killing countless Russian Othodox Christians.
This is Larry Nichols who is Bibi Netanyahu shown with his wife Gizi and their son.  Gizi is a relative of Mogilevich the Russian oligarch.
Lawrence Beria when he was Marshal of the Soviet Union.
Lawrence Nichols as Joseph Mifsud.
The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences New Members Reception Hosted By Ambassador Barzun And Mrs Barzun
Leonid Blavatnik has a strong familial resemblance to Bibi Netanyahu, so it would be no surprise that he also is a descendant of Lawrence Beria. This is who owns American media and movie production.

The claim that Angela Merkel is the daughter of Hitler has no backup evidence. It’s basically an over publicized meme with the purpose of hiding the truth.

It’s much more likely that Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is the daughter of Stalin and the child lover of the evil Lawrence Beria of Russian Bolshevik fame.

If Hitler had actually been so evil, he would be praised by the media, not demonized. Hitler and the German army were fighting against the Bolsheviks who were destroying Germany and Eastern Europe by means of promoting homosexuality, promiscuity, and atheism. These are the main weapons that Jewry uses against Christians.

There’s a reason why you never hear or read English translations of Hitlers’ speeches. It’s because he did everything he could to build up the self esteem of the German people who were being crushed and insulted brutally by the Jewish power brokers. Americans are now being brutally assaulted by the same social weapons.

The Wikipedia bio for Beria claims that he was executed but it’s more likely that he and other Stalin Generals moved to Canada and America.  I have concluded that Estella, the mother of Arlene, grandmother of Bibi Netanyahu and wife of Disney creator Charles Nichols, must be a daughter of, or very close relative of this same Bolshevik named Laurence Beria. It’s apparent that the first Putin was a member of the Beria family also, based on the holiday photos taken at the Nichols home.

It’s Beria’s photo and that of Stalin, that are in the Broussard family book, pretending to be my ancestors, stealing my identity and much more.

Wikipedia entry:

”Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria [or Lawrence Paul Beria], (/ˈbɛriə/; Russian: Лавре́нтий Па́влович Бе́рия, IPA: [ˈbʲerʲiə]; Georgian: ლავრენტი პავლეს ძე ბერია, translit.: lavrent’i p’avles dze beria, IPA: [bɛriɑ]; 29 March [O.S. 17 March] 1899 – 23 December 1953) was a Soviet politician, Marshal of the Soviet Union and state security administrator, chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus (NKVD) under Joseph Stalin during World War II, and promoted to deputy premier under Stalin from 1941. He later officially joined the Politburo in 1946.”

The phony book of the Broussard family was published after the death of my Aunt Camille because she was the only person who would know who is who, the only person who had our family photos.

I’m certain that Aunt Camille was killed with deadly medication.

However, if it weren’t for the photos in that phony family book, I wouldn’t be aware of what Beria looked like. That’s why I’ve taken notice of his face which I’ve been seeing in many places.

I believe that he used the identity of Doctor Mike Halphen who was the Doctor responsible for diagnosing my little brother Eddie with leukemia and cancer and thereby subjecting him and my mother to two years at Oschner Hospital in New Orleans. That’s where thy did finally succeed in killing little Eddie through medical torture and destroying our family unity by sending in Caro Gillis who is also Brigitte Macron, as a honeypot, at the time that my family was in turmoil over the illness of Eddie.




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