News Conference Sound Effects

Those loud camera clicks at news conferences are an anachronism. Digital cameras are now silent, or close to it. Here is a link to an example of downloadable sound effects for a fake news conference, if you ever want to fake your own news conference at home or from jail.

Those loud clicks were in yesterday’s press conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Bibi Netanyahu in which Bibi says “There can’t be peace without truth”. Since so much money is made by a few people in war, it’s logical that he can say this truthfully, and certainly never tell the truth in order to avoid the peace that would plunge his family into poverty.

Pompeo said that the American people support the state of Israel, which is the standard politician’s trick of falsely speaking for millions of people in order to start a war that has no reason other than to enrich a few crooks.

The fake sound effects provide the perfect background noise for their lies.

However, the news conference show probably has a different meaning at this point, and the puppet masters appear to have become the puppets. So I’m not complaining, just observing.

Look up a video on YouTube called:

“Don’t Be Scared It’s All A Show – Alan Watts”

The last line of this video: “If you don’t try to make yourself into some preconceived notion of what you’re supposed to be, then you’re on the track.”

That takes courage, which is the subject of that video.

It’s also about the act of worrying.  Interesting because the huge number of new things to worry about is causing productive Americans to have anxiety illnesses and fatigue. This is just one of the reasons that people end up living in their cars. We all live with this exhaustion.

A Vesti News Report entitled:

“Robbery and Thievery! UN Demands Ukraine Answer For Troops Marauding in Donbass”

shows someone who’s supposed to be Zelensky on the phone talking with Olga, Vesti’s most shameless war mongering reporter, in which he hangs up on her because he’s only willing to speak to people who have been victimized by the war in Donbass. He’s not interested in talking to the people who have profited by it. The sound effect of that phone call ending is also anachronistic, but that’s what makes me smile. So I’m beginning to like Zelensky.
The UN is finally being used for the purpose it was created and Trump is demanding that the crooks pay for their own arrest.

This is why Q says: Enjoy the show.




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