Mike’s Family and Boeing

Scroll down for some of Mike’s family photos and related news about Boeing.  This is a long 16 page letter.   It seems that part of the compensation Mike received for his acting skills in the role of Lee Harvey Oswald was the promise of career advancement for his children.  One of them calls herself Nikki. In 2019 Nikki Haley, 47, former South Carolina governor … Continue reading Mike’s Family and Boeing

Russian Embassy Met With Father Gruner About Fatima: Details in Letter

Fr. Gruner’s letter About his meeting with The Russians online ! This link is being messed with, but the letter is published at Garabandal News. org. What it says basically is that shortly before Putin’s meeting with Pope Francis in Rome several years ago, Father Gruner was contacted to meet with Putin’s people at the Russian Embassy.  Father Gruner assumed that they were actually Putin’s people, … Continue reading Russian Embassy Met With Father Gruner About Fatima: Details in Letter

Mike’s Next Letter and More Treasonous Spy Media at Scarsdale

    Etc. The next item I found in one of the Scarsdale High School Alumni newsletters. It’s about how these spy people make a mockery of our military operations and have no hesitation to reveal the movement of our troops and then brag about it. This next video shows the treasonous fiasco that she prides herself on, and this well could be Karen Sloan, … Continue reading Mike’s Next Letter and More Treasonous Spy Media at Scarsdale

Arlene’s Missing Lumber

I forgot to mention that this address is precisely where Arlene’s missing 2×6’s ended up. That’s why her deck floor was made of Plywood instead. The codes stamped on the lumber matched up with the year Arlene’s lumber went missing. This was checked by the person who had brought me there because I was interested in buying the lumber. The house that was at this … Continue reading Arlene’s Missing Lumber

What Happened to Marc Reich?

  This is a review of mostly previously published photos, but with an emphasis on the identity of Sergei Lavrov, Marc Reich, Charles Moed and Charlie Olmstead, and whether or not this is all the same person.  A handwriting analysis may be possible thanks to a long searched for, now discovered scrap of paper with the handwriting and address of Charlie Olmstead, who has a … Continue reading What Happened to Marc Reich?

Letter #2 and Grain Traitors

Keep an eye out for world leaders,  who are traitors to their own nations by allowing the Chinese to purchase all of their grain. This is not exactly starving but leaving their own people to shut down small businesses, and pay very high prices while they wait for the next harvest. First there was Brazil and now Imran Khan is guilty. He allowed the shippment … Continue reading Letter #2 and Grain Traitors

Panda Bear Correspondence and the Fink Asylum

The Panda Bear logo for the World Wildlife Fund is on the cover of this large collection of letters that Mike Carr wrote to Arlene in 1993-94. I read years ago that WWF was a child trafficking front, but I haven’t studied it closely. I received a mental message to read the letters, so I’ll post them as I read them. But first: In China, … Continue reading Panda Bear Correspondence and the Fink Asylum

Secret Agents of Queen Elizabeth I

Walsingham, if you remember, was Queen Elizabeth I’s main secret agent, and then he hired others. England, and the world, has been under the dominion of these secret agents for a long time. Here’s a paragraph from a previously cited book about Queen Elizabeth I: the Pirate Queen. I also previously  laid down some evidence that she was literally a Drag Queen, the same person … Continue reading Secret Agents of Queen Elizabeth I

James Beard’s Farm

  A friend of mine has confirmed the location of this photograph as “Jimmy Beard’s place”, on the highway between Loreauville and St. Martinville. Beard is actually Billard, pronounced the same. This is the same family as the second husband of Trudy on the family tree of Trudy Broussard/Ghislaine Maxwell, whose family also lives nearby, in St. Martinville. Trudy’s father is actually named Antoine Preval, … Continue reading James Beard’s Farm

Sugartown Continued

The only company that commercially offers kenaf paper in America is Vision Paper Company of New Mexico, same place where Epstein has all that land. Their website says Vision Paper is owned by KP Products. KP generally stands for Kaiser Permanente, and I haven’t determined if it’s the same, but I’ve been curious about Kaiser Permanente for awhile.  Is Epstein one of, or associated with, … Continue reading Sugartown Continued