The corruption of all of our institutions has come about, not because the institutions themselves are flawed, but because we’ve allowed inbred criminals to run them.  Getting rid of these criminals would be “anti Semitic”.

The question of who controls our media is super important. A school curriculum should always include a course of study in ownership of all major industries, not just media.

Many people have stock ownership of conglomerates  through their mutual funds and retirement accounts, so if organized criminals have taken over enough stock ownership to enable substantial control of the conglomerates, then you have become their business partner. In fact, the same crime network could own the mutual fund that invests your money, and so almost anything you do financially could be supportive of ISIS and organized crime such as human trafficking and worse.The concentration of all industries into the hands of a few Jewish Oligarchs facilitates criminal activity.  The fact that they are Jewish is absolutely relevant because criticism of them is the only sin recognized by anyone in power.

The following video prompted me to pay attention to who owns airport management companies in Russia. In America I just assume that it’s all gangster owned, which is why TSA is allowed to harass and molest American travelers which is why I can no longer travel.  I remember reading somewhere that Netanyahu owns the airport scanning machines.

Since I’m so geographically close to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East, which is directly West of Hawaii, I would like to visit this area of Russia. Here’s what happened when some Americans in Alaska decided to fly a short distance into Russia. It did not go well and I doubt they’ll ever visit Russia again.


Ownership of Russian and American airport and transportation management companies by Jewish Oligarchs living in Israel certainly has negative consequences for Americans who would like to visit Russia.

The Jews fear the union of two great Christian nations, Russia and America. While airplanes full of Anti Christian Muslim migrants fly regularly into America’s regional airports, any migration between America and Russia is practically impossible.  Jews from Russia were given huge incentives to migrate into America during the past hundred years, but Americans are forbidden to migrate to Israel by law, and discouraged greatly from migration to Russia.

Netanyahu, Blavatnik, Vekselberg and Michael Cohen (who married a Jew based in Russia, are all lifelong associates. “Vekselberg is a longtime friend and business partner of British-American billionaire and major Democrat Party donor Leonard Blavatnik, who is close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Wikipedia has references for this, under the entry for Vekselberg, which also points out that he and his associates own airport management companies.

These men have all been involved in transactions that resulted in the pillage of property especially in Russia, but actually everywhere. These are the men who consider themselves to be the owners of the natural resources of much of the earth. And it appears that they actually do own everything, though God might see it differently.

It appears that Trump is supporting Netanyahu. It appears that Netanyahu supports Trump. It appears that Israel supports America. It appears that America supports Israel. It appeared that a woman accused Bret Kavanaugh of misconduct, but was it a woman or was it Kavanaugh accusing himself, in order to deflect from more serious allegations of child molestation?  Because Lindsey Graham defended Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s apparent nominee for Supreme Court, it appears that Graham supports Trump. However, Graham received millions in campaign contributions from Russian Oligarch Blavatnik, who “obtained” it from the Russian people, apparently not money or natural resources that he legitimately earned. The Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s campaign also benefited by Blavatnik’s generosity with the Russian people’s money.

A summary:

“In 1988, after the Gorbachev administration relaxed restrictions on private business as part of its new policy Perestroika and Glasnost, he founded NPO Komvek which did work for the Irkutsk Aluminum Plant and in 1990, he co-founded Renova Group with college classmate, Leonard Blavatnik. KomVek owned 67% of Renova and Blavatnik’s company Access Industries owned the remainder.

He benefited financially from the privatization of the aluminum industry in Russia under the Yeltsin administration in 1993.

In 1996, he co-founded the Siberian-Urals Aluminium Company (SUAL) via a merger of the Ural and Irkutsk Aluminum Plants.

.SUAL would later be incorporated into United Company RUSAL, the largest aluminum company in the world.

Using revenues generated from his aluminum business, he purchased a minority interest in Tyumen Oil (TNK), one of Russia’s largest oil and gas companies.

In 1997, he secured a controlling interest in Tyumen and was appointed to the Board of Directors; in 1998, he was appointed Chairman of the Board.

Later, he integrated those and other assets under the umbrella of Renova Group, delegating operating responsibilities to managers.

In 2003, the Renova Group, along with Access Industries (owned by Leonard Blavatnik) and the Alfa Group (owned by Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, and Alexei Kuzmichov) announced the creation of a strategic partnership to jointly hold their oil assets in Russia and Ukraine, forming the AAR consortium. In the same year, they merged AAR with British Petroleum’s Russian oil assets in a 50-50 joint venture named TNK-BP, the largest private transaction in Russian history.[12] Acting as a chairman of the executive board of TNK, Vekselberg was instrumental in negotiating and closing the transaction.” (Wikipedia entry for Vekselberg)

Vekselberg restructured his assets with partner Leonard Blavatnik.  Renova’s aluminum assets were merged with those of Oleg Deripaska, and they integrated various electricity and telecommunications investments.  It’s my understanding that someone else’s money is being used here, but that someone else isn’t mentioned. Whether or not these are front men is irrelevant to me.

“In May 2010 Vekselberg reported that he would be relocating from Zurich to the Zug canton, a region of Switzerland that still supports the lump sum tax policy which was abolished by Zurich.”


“Was Viktor Vekselberg Bankrolling Michael Cohen’s Pro-Russia Peace Plan for Ukraine?”,

ABIGAIL TRACY asked this question in Vanity Fair Magazine on
JUNE 8, 2018 11:30 AM

The full article is at:

The Vanity Fair article is part of the  tired old story of a bunch of professional criminals trying to drag down Trump by infiltrating themselves into Trump’s campaign.

However, everywhere I turn I find Netanyahu, and not on Trump’s side. So Trump appears to have that situation under control, and Israel is saved until last, so we’ll see what happens.

Way back at the beginning of this investigation, I found Mia Farrow was playing a major role in the life of the daughter of Frank Sinatra. The following recent video has a good analysis of the host Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe Awards, and the reference to Ronan Farrow, Mia’s son. Gervais points out that these most powerful people gathered for their awards, all have one thing in common, they are all actually afraid of the apparently powerless Ronan and what Ronan might be saying. He, of all people would know much about the scams played on the Frank Sinatra family. And that’s what leads to funding of ISIS.

The links posted by Stroppy Me YouTube channel haven’t worked for me.

Notice that Vekselberg has three citizenships: He’s a Jew who lives in Israel, he’s a Russian and he’s a citizen of Cyprus.

Viktor Felixovich Vekselberg
14 April 1957 (age 62)
Drohobych, Ukrainian SSR
Alma mater
Moscow Transportation Engineering Institute
Owner of Renova Group
Net worth
US$11.4 billion (October 2019)
Orden for Service IV.png Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” (4th class)
Order of Alexander Nevsky 2010 ribbon.svg Order of Alexander Nevsky
Decoration “For Beneficence”
Website does not exist anymore.

These people are also the owners of Glencore, as I understand it. Glencore is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office in the U.K., for bribery in relation to tax evasion in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This involves an “Israeli business man”.


I’ve concluded that Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov is not only Marc Reich but also the Charlie Moed of the Scarsdale 1957 Class Reunion. He was the one tasked with obtaining children from Phuket after the tsunami there. These children were used as entertainment at the Scarsdale Class reunion. Moed purchased them from the local Muslim Imam.  I published the correspondence already.

I also think I’ve seen him on my island. He was staying at the same house where the missing 2”x6” boards from Arlene’s house construction ended up. That’s down in Ranchos subdivision.


Is this Blavatnik as Gary Lee, in an identity as a Mexican Evangelical? This performance is exactly like Alex Jones Clown.  His audience is never shown, he allows no comments on his YouTube channel and he usually films himself in airports.

Link to Gary Lee’s channel:

In the following video, Mr. Lee the Evangelista who was born Jewish, goes full demonic in opposition to the Virgin of Guadeloupe. This was after the annual public procession of many thousands of Mexicans in honor of her appearance and promise to protect all of the Americas.

Here’s a clip of the 2015 procession:

This next video is an example of a demonized human pretending to be Christian as part of his role.

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