Poisoning the Well

The ownership of aluminum manufacturing is directly related to the poisonous waste byproduct called ‘fluoride’ that is criminally poisoning the water of every American, and I suppose it’s happening worldwide.  In Costa Rica, the salt is poisoned with it.

What flouride does is create calcification of soft body tissue, such as gums, arteries, and brain tissue. The calcification of gum tissue is called ‘gum disease”. I have an X-ray of my own teeth showing how this calcification had deposited at the roots. The dentists benefit greatly by this poisoning.

Once they find this calcification at the root, several dentists  refused to do a standard teeth cleaning, referring me to an Asian dentist who charges over $3000 to cut the gums at each root, in order to scrape out the calcification. This is so unbelievably barbaric, cutting the skin and allowing germs into the body through these wounds.

Many, many people are having all of their teeth removed and replaced with dentures, at a young age, because eventually the calcification causes the teeth to fall out.

My solution was very,  very simple.  I purchased ten little packs of good round toothpicks and did the work myself without cutting my flesh. One day I’ll have another X-ray done to prove that it works. The more I remove this calcification, down at the root, the more my chronic sinus symptoms, headaches, earaches and even bronchial infections disappear. It’s not without a great deal of physical pain.  But I let this pain become my prayer to God that He will clobber the evil, greedy scum like Vekselberg, Blavatnik, Netanyahu/Nichols, etc. who own aluminum manufacturing, especially in Russia and who are guilty of inflicting this pain on the entire world.

I found this documentary titled “The Spider’s Web” about the pirate financial system that enables thieves to pile up stolen public and private wealth to such an extent that the entire world is on the brink of collapse under the burden.

The taxes that the world is forced to pay is collected by pirates worldwide, deposited into offshore banks owned by pirates and from that point forward is never again available for the society that earned it.  Instead, the tax collections are used to pay mercenaries who then steal anything that remains, bombing and pillaging, murdering good people and sending the wealth to places where the people are even more exploited and suppressed. Their controlled media then blares out nonstop lies to blame the innocent for whatever atrocities have been committed.

The next film focuses on the City of London.  Previous articles here have explained how the City of London became controlled by Pirates since the original theft of Catholic Church property and land titles by Jewish and Arab Pirates under the transvestite Queen Elizabeth I and Cardinal Richelieu.

This Jewish usurper of the British crown called Elizabeth and this fake Catholic Christian Jew called Richelieu were one and the same person, just as the Jews and the Saudi Arabs are also one and the same. When the theft of Catholic Church property by Pirates began in England, they dressed up the theft in the clothing of a ‘religion’ called Protestantism, just as today, the Muslims dress up their greed for what belongs to others to make it appear to be a religion. This documentary describes the result 400 years later, today.


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