Hezekiah the King


What I like about MSL being the family of Saul, is that Missiles are also MSL.

“And the words of the men of Judah were fiercer than the words of the men of Israel.”

This verse, 2Sam19:43, tells us why MSL’s are necessary at a certain point in time. The time for MSL’s is when the ‘fierce words’, have already created real and present danger to civilization in its entirety.  All war-provoking lies are fierce words.

Nehemiah 7 is tells us which  officials were appointed and which were cast out.

Nehemiah 7:48 (KJV) lists a family which appears to be Abigail, of the children of ‘Shalmai’ which tells us that it’s the Saul family.
“The children of Lebanah, the children of Hagabah, the children of Shalmai…”  This family is among those registered in the genealogy.

The Children of Amon are listed under “Servants of Solomon”. They are numbered as the Nethinims, 392 in total. This group is among those not eligible for official office. Officials are selected from the Priesthood.

Nehemia 7, verse 64 concludes the judgement that certain families sought their registration in the genealogy but it was not found.  Therefore they were judged to be polluted and put away from the Priesthood. This would refer to having mixed parentage, or completely foreign parents,  probably because the mother participated in corrupt pagan practices that are abhorrent to God. Even today, the descendants of pirates use surnames from the female line, sometimes as an alias, as I’ve seen in the Dudney Trail genealogy.

In the following video, Boris Johnson admits that he’s Turkish and uses his great grandmother’s surname. Boris Johnson’s actual name is Ali Kemal.

The comments to this video reveal that Boris Johnson’s grandfather, Ali Kemal, was a British spy propaganda journalist liar who was hung by the “folk” for betraying the Ottoman government.  That’s when the family moved to England. Boris admits to being born in New York. Then he admits to being a descendant of the Jewish usurper King George lineage.   Are these not pirates? Is Turkey not just another appendage of the illegitimate British Monarchy?
Comment posted by anonymous:
“Who would have thought that a turk called Ali Kamal will have a grandson who will be prime minister of the United kingdom 100 years later.”

Reply: The Freemasons would have thought it.


Among those who were forbidden from the Priesthood by Nehemiah was a man “called after the name of his wife”, which is suspicious. He “took of the daughters of Barzillai the Gileadite to wife and was called after their name.” This sounds like he enslaved the daughter of an enemy and then started a family with her who used the name of his enemy.  This would probably be part of the scheme to infiltrate and corrupt the government. Nehemiah prevents this scheme from further corrupting the Temple by casting out the corrupters.

Verse 73 appears to say that the Nethinim then lived in separate cities. Nethinim fathers are unknown: th=pha=father, ne=no, im=family, therefore “no father family” perfectly mirrors the reason they were cast out. The Nethinim lived separated from the Children of Israel “after the seventh month came”.

If we change the N to M, we get Methinim, for a modern prophecy which makes me think of how  nice things would be if we could choose. I would choose a walled city where all Meth Heads, hard drug dealers and the police/politicians who promote and protect the international trade in dangerous drugs, all lived separated from the rest of us.  In my imagined protected space, cannabis would be legal and neither taxed nor regulated. That’s what walls are good for: giving people a choice and a chance to work without being constantly robbed.  That’s how things were for a long time.

Catholic actually means castle-like=walled in, court. This can be found in Strong #2695 and all the related words around it. However, the Church now has no walls so Catholic no longer properly describes it. Refuge must be sought within the Orthodox Church, a name which identifies it as traditional. The rituals of the Orthodox Church are still authentic as far as I know.

The Russian Orthodox Church would do well to take steps to create an English language ministry in alliance with the Orthodox Church in English speaking countries, and others as well.  This could serve to overcome barriers created by Fake News. By encouraging and facilitating travel and study opportunities between Americans and Russians, people are enabled to communicate directly and report independently. Exposure to authentic, traditional Church doctrine in the process is to be expected.

In fact, the Church has traditionally been the backbone of fair trade practices and a return to this responsibility would benefit small communities and further strengthen both nations.  I would like to see an education campaign which emphasizes the basic unity of the traditional Church worldwide, whatever it’s come to be called in different places.  There’s a huge worldwide population who still value Christian tradition.  Whoever pays attention to them will have an instant following.

The Healing  Home plan for use of Charter Schools as a building block for private ownership, local responsibility and small community development is an example of the kind of project that could be sponsored by the Traditional Orthodox Church in conformity with God’s eternal plan.



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