Sugartown Continued

The only company that commercially offers kenaf paper in America is Vision Paper Company of New Mexico, same place where Epstein has all that land. Their website says Vision Paper is owned by KP Products.

KP generally stands for Kaiser Permanente, and I haven’t determined if it’s the same, but I’ve been curious about Kaiser Permanente for awhile.  Is Epstein one of, or associated with, the owners of Kaiser Permanente or infiltrators who use KP for their own purposes. I know I’m skipping many dots here, but it wouldn’t  be a surprise, having read the company history. The information about their patients is contained in a huge database. The occasion to scam Americans through Medicare Fraud is wide open, thanks to Richard Nixon.

According to an article linked below, the  whole HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) system was put in place specifically for Kaiser Permanente by that crook Richard Nixon, which reminds me, Nixon’s wife looks to be the same one pictured here:

And maybe that’s Nixon with her. I noted previously that this family uses the name Allain, French pronunciation with a silent letter n. In fact, I have a PDF of this woman’s obituary under that surname. She died in Jeanerette, La. I’m looking forward to finding it some day in my files. :/


Mrs. Richard Nixon is that same woman. The son in law here surnamed Cox is definitely Paul Allain who owned Vidox video production company in Lafayette last time I dealt with him.

Understanding now that this is the Cox family, I get an idea of who sponsored “Spider-Man” Guidry and his fraudulent Dean Martin Concerts where this imposter showed up really drunk for concerts, etc., etc.

This is the location of Allain’s Jewelry Store in New Iberia which is owned by Paul Allain’s family.  Long ago it was the Ford Dealership. The building seen partially on the left is the law office that houses the Landry Watkins Law Firm of the family of Ben Landry/Adam Schiff.


The whole HMO operation appears to me to have been designed from the beginning with the goal of draining the US Treasury through fraudulent claims in the billions. The additional benefit of deciding who dies and who lives, well…and then add the private information of so many people.

I don’t want to blame the entire company, I’m referring to inside conspirators.

I wanted to understand why the Department of Justice under President Donald J. Trump, has been so focused on Medicare Fraud first and foremost among the countless crimes going on.  If you’ve been keeping up with you’ll realize, as I have, just how huge Medicare Fraud is. It could fund a nation.  And now I realize how huge Kaiser Permanente is, it’s larger than some nations.

If you look at this company, I hope you’ll see also how huge is the irony and hypocrisy of the recently deceased black man who was CEO of the Non-Profit holding company for Kaiser Permanente. From his exalted position as CEO, he whined about how  he and other black people suffer at the hands of their evil racist white neighbors here in America where black people supposedly lack opportunities.  I’m paraphrasing here. This is the ingratitude that white Americans have been experiencing since they elected Obama. Such are the joys of multiculturalism.

“Tyson, became Kaiser’s CEO in 2013 and was named chairman in 2014, leading the nonprofit foundation that operates integrated managed care, hospitals and regional medical groups in California, seven other states and Washington, D.C. In his six-year tenure, the company grew to 12.3 million members from 9.1 million, and employed more than 215,000 workers, up from 174,000 in the same period. The company’s annual revenue also grew to nearly $80 billion last year from $53 billion in 2013.”

Tyson died suddenly one night, just a couple of months ago in November of 2019 at the age of 60.

Read more here about Medicare Fraud:



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