James Beard’s Farm

This has been identified as Jimmy Billard’s place between Loreauville and St. Martinville.
Certain FISA Court judge wearing the straw hat.


A friend of mine has confirmed the location of this photograph as “Jimmy Beard’s place”, on the highway between Loreauville and St. Martinville.

Beard is actually Billard, pronounced the same. This is the same family as the second husband of Trudy on the family tree of Trudy Broussard/Ghislaine Maxwell, whose family also lives nearby, in St. Martinville. Trudy’s father is actually named Antoine Preval, not Adolph Preval. The name Beard is spelled Bulliard here:

Michael Bulliard (pronounced Beard, generally spelled Billard) is the second husband of Trudy Broussard.

The James Beard Foundation Awards control the culinary scene from restaurants to publishers. This is the family that owns the Cajun Chef brand.

This year, Rahm Emmanuel earned Traitor Points for bashing President Trump in his speech at the posh James Beard Awards Ceremony this past year.


The New York Times thought that Rahm’s lame joke directed at President Trump was worth printing:

“Fast food does not belong at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Emanuel said. “And besides that you don’t belong at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

James Beard Awards Jan 18, 2020 at 12:15 PM


167 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011

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