Secret Agents of Queen Elizabeth I

Walsingham, if you remember, was Queen Elizabeth I’s main secret agent, and then he hired others.

England, and the world, has been under the dominion of these secret agents for a long time. Here’s a paragraph from a previously cited book about Queen Elizabeth I: the Pirate Queen. I also previously  laid down some evidence that she was literally a Drag Queen, the same person as Cardinal Richelieu. The tradition continues with present day royal highnesses. Vicious little sissy boys playing dress up and placing themselves at the head of everyone’s military. Until now, anyway.

The following short quote tells us how England and the world came to be dominated by Pirates, and it makes clear that their goal was to pretend to be Catholic. This enabled them to exterminate Catholics, thereby enabling the Pirates to operate out of Catholic Church property and commit crimes under that banner.  Meanwhile the Jews would be making people kiss their halos using total spectrum domination and mass mind control.

Of course the Pirate History books fail to point out that the “intelligence” provided by their secret agents resulted in the death of many Catholics and the destruction or hiding of many books filled with valuable information.

Take note that the same surnames are still used by prominent Pirates today. The name Berden seems to be the same as Borden and the Berd part seems to be Billard, Beard and maybe even Berard. The name is spelled Bearden also. And here’s the recurring name Nicolas.

The note from the book is:

“Nicolas Berden’s value to Walsingham lay in his credibility within Catholic circles. By Spring of 1585 he was filing reports every few days: dining with a Catholic Priest here, talking to Cardinal Allen’s agent there.

It was a rich harvest of intelligence from deep within the Catholic underground. Berden reported on the safe-houses and prisons of London, on the Catholic Priests and books stowed away on French coasters bound for New Castle, on the networks that supported seminary priests and Jesuits in England.  William Allen paid his secret agents within the priesthood with a suit of clothes and 6 or 7 pounds.”

Notice the effects on the personal relationships of the people in this movie. In real life, I doubt that the ending is so sweet, but it’s a study in dysfunctional spy society.


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