Arlene’s Missing Lumber

I forgot to mention that this address is precisely where Arlene’s missing 2×6’s ended up. That’s why her deck floor was made of Plywood instead. The codes stamped on the lumber matched up with the year Arlene’s lumber went missing. This was checked by the person who had brought me there because I was interested in buying the lumber.


The house that was at this address when I met Charlie Olmstead while he was staying there, was a huge plywood rambling shanty.  It was clear he didn’t live there permanently and may not even own it, but he was busy trying to get some free government money for it at the time. This is money that someone else worked for of course, to do improvements on his house. He spoke as if he had inside connections to get this free grant money, but he had to abide by certain parameters.  In order to qualify, he was tearing down parts of the house to decrease the square footage. I purchased some of those 2×6’s from him.

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