Where’s All the Money, and Why Spy?

Everyone wants to know who has all the money and why is there so little of it circulating among the vast majority of people. Where’s all the money?  Who’s paying all the spies and why? Government policy has enabled and encouraged the aggregation of small investment money into mutual funds which have been again aggregated into mutual funds of mutual funds to create enormous pools … Continue reading Where’s All the Money, and Why Spy?


The verses in Nehemiah pictured above tell us that the children of Amon were Solomon’s servants and were judged to be not a tribe of Israel because they could not identify their father’s house, which is to say, they didn’t know who their fathers were. For this reason, the children of Amon were not eligible for the Priesthood and were cast out during Nehemiah’s purge. … Continue reading Hezekiah

Poisoning the Well

The ownership of aluminum manufacturing is directly related to the poisonous waste byproduct called ‘fluoride’ that is criminally poisoning the water of every American, and I suppose it’s happening worldwide.  In Costa Rica, the salt is poisoned with it. What flouride does is create calcification of soft body tissue, such as gums, arteries, and brain tissue. The calcification of gum tissue is called ‘gum disease”. … Continue reading Poisoning the Well

Military Response to Fake News Attack on America

I have decided to respond to a US Government Request for Information regarding the military need to fight back against social media lies and slander campaigns aimed at Americans and US troops. What US Special Ops Command is requesting is software. However, my proposal is to skip the software, and instead consider offering financial rewards to individuals who report and provide evidence of disinformation campaigns. … Continue reading Military Response to Fake News Attack on America


The corruption of all of our institutions has come about, not because the institutions themselves are flawed, but because we’ve allowed inbred criminals to run them.  Getting rid of these criminals would be “anti Semitic”. The question of who controls our media is super important. A school curriculum should always include a course of study in ownership of all major industries, not just media. Many … Continue reading Vekselberg