Genesis 6:9 “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations.”

Why does Trump use the word “perfect” to describe his conversation with Ukraine’s President Zelensky?

Perfect is given #8549 in Strong’s as TMyM from #8552 which is TMM meaning complete, accomplished, to be clean, to make an end of, to show oneself upright.  So #8549 TMyM means undefiled, without spot or blemish.  Another word with the same characters is TMyM #8550 “one of the epithets of the objects in the High Priest’s breastplate as an emblem of complete Truth.”

This is spelled Thummin, in English and it is the plural form of the word ‘perfection’.

The basic idea is found in #8535, TM, which means plain, undefiled, upright.  Interesting that this is also the word Thames, the river running through London.

Bible scholars have given DNA significance to the word ‘perfect’ as used in Genesis.  Perfect in his genealogy, Noah was the offspring of people who had followed God’s instructions regarding reproduction. His DNA wasn’t compromised. This is what creates the perfection that is God’s plan for the human race.

The rules are:  Have sex only with your spouse, don’t have children with relatives, marry within your own tribe.   It’s perfectly simple and easy to do.  Disobedience results in genetic degradation from both syphillis which results from adultery; and osteogenesis imperfecta which results from inbreeding, and both affect future generations.

What happens when people, in their pride, refuse to abide by these rules?  Congenital Diseases happen.  This is why the inbreeding and adulterous tribes demand public healthcare. In reality though, there isn’t enough money in the world to handle the enormous cost of dealing with rampant congenital diseases that increase exponentially with the free sex lifestyle and glorification of the inbred tribes.  The types of diseases that are the result of inbreeding and adultery include Huntington’s Disease which is one of many names for osteogenesis imperfecta.

Why does this matter?

The symptoms of osteogenesis imperfecta can actually be seen amongst our candidates for public office and leaders around the world. This matters because mental degeneration is listed as one of the observable symptoms of both congenital syphillis and osteogenesis imperfecta.

When attention is called to the small stature of Bloomberg and Ron Paul, I can tell you honestly that this is very important from a medical diagnostic standpoint. Mental illness is in the future for those afflicted, according to the published literature.

“OI is associated with a number of neurological abnormalities, usually involving the central nervous system, due to deformation of the skeletal structures enveloping it. Neurological complications may adversely affect life expectancy, and neurosurgical intervention may be needed to correct severe complications.[14] Reference is on Wikipedia,

A list of symptoms of OI, osteogenesis imperfecta, includes “small stature”. That’s what I meant when I once wrote about the “enaninity” of world leaders, which is a word I invented from the Spanish word “enano”, a very small person.  It’s their enaninity that makes them seek anonymity. They put  large puppets in their place.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is divided into 4 degrees of severity of the following indicators:

Bones fracture easily, sometimes even before birth
Bone deformity, often severe which results in a waddling walk.
Respiratory problems possible
Short stature, spinal curvature and sometimes barrel-shaped rib cage
Triangular face[23]
Loose joints (double-jointed)
Poor muscle tone in arms and legs
Discolouration of the sclera (the ‘whites’ of the eyes are blue)
Early loss of hearing possible

Bulging eyeballs

Spastic behavior is also an indication. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s spastic high fives and her hand gestures all wacky?

Notice that the name given to one of the genes that malfunctions in the most severe (Type VI) of OI is exactly the same as the Hebrew characters for the objects in the High Priests’ breastplate:  TMEM38B. “A family with recessive osteogenesis imperfecta has been reported to have a mutation in the TMEM38B gene on chromosome 9.[33] This gene encodes TRIC-B, a component of TRIC, a monovalent cation-specific channel involved in calcium release from intracellular stores.“

“The most powerful endogenous antiangiogenic factor” in mammals: PEDF

The causative gene for type VI OI is SERPINF1, which encodes Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF) (28, 29). PEDF is a ubiquitously expressed secreted protein best known as a potent anti-angiogenic factor that inhibits tumor growth and metastasis (30). PEDF binds to two distinct sites on txype I collagen, and this binding is critical to its anti-angiogenic function (31). A variety of recessive null mutations in SERPINF1 have been reported (28, 29, 32, 33). Serum PEDF is virtually absent in type VI OI patients, while normal PEDF values are reported in type V OI, as well as in OI caused by collagen defects (types I, III, and IV) (32).

Good luck trying to find information on exactly what PEDF actually is.  So let’s decipher the words;


Derived = To obtain or receive from a source:


Factor = one of the elements contributing to a particular result or situation

TRANSLATION OF PEDF:  Skin color is a factor in preventing diseases.

This is why we cannot find clear information about PEDF. Is this also why we mainly see white (actually beige) children abducted? Is it a coincidence that PEDF almost spells pedophile?

So skin color does matter, and when people race mix, they increase the potential population of mulatos who have little or no melanin and so have less defense against diseases.

This is very significant and certainly well known by researchers and yet, every behavior and cultural norm that could possibly increase the chances of passing on genetic defects to the next generation is actually encouraged and mandated by our already inbred and race-mixed “world leaders”.  This is extremely  irresponsible, if not criminal.

Also, if you look at a map that shows locations of highest incidence of syphillis, those are precisely the places where most immigrants to America, Canada, Australia and Europe are coming from, as mandated  In addition to the fact that sexually transmitted diseases in America among children and teenagers has been called pandemic since 1975, as a direct result of attacks against traditional, conservative cultural mores.


This photo is typical of the teeth of children born with congenital syphillis:


Anyone with an IQ above 80 can see that it is not possible to have any kind of tax funding for healthcare without overwhelming the system, unless we return to conservative values. Simply including the Ten Commandments in education would probably be sufficient, if only the media and entertainment industries would cooperate.

Why Beige is Best, Medically Speaking;

“…Melanin…[in animals] is a defense mechanism against predators. Melanins also protect microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, against stresses that involve cell damage such as UV radiation from the sun and reactive oxygen species [like perhaps an oxygen sucking corona virus?].

Melanin also protects against damage from high temperatures, chemical stresses (such as heavy metals and oxidizing agents), and biochemical threats (such as host defenses against invading microbes).[15]

Therefore, in many pathogenic microbes, melanins appear to play important roles in virulence and pathogenicity by protecting the microbe against immune responses of its host…Within minutes after infection, the microbe is encapsulated within melanin (melanization), and the generation of free radical byproducts during the formation of this capsule is thought to aid in killing them.[16] Some types of fungi, called radiotrophic fungi, appear to be able to use melanin as a photosynthetic pigment that enables them to capture gamma rays[17] and harness this energy for growth.[18]”  Referenced at Wikipedia article on “melanin”.

PEDF is controlled by chromosome 17.

PH mutation which inactivated either the EVER1 or EVER2 genes, which are located adjacent to one another on chromosome 17 causes Epidermodysplasia verruciformis, as shown in this photo:



Another genetic mutation: The Lying Dog-Face Pony with Weapon.








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